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My lips felt like cement filler was for jawlines.

When Jen Walker had lip fillers in April 2016, she was injected with a substance usually used to sculpt jawlines or cheeks.

Although it was classed as a medical filler, it was too thick for the area where it was used.

Jen said: "It felt like cement in my lip, it was so heavy.

"I was crying all night. My lips were black and blue in the morning, it felt like they were going to explode."

Writer Jen, 32, had wanted filler in her top lip to match the fullness of her lower one.

She said: "The clinic was half the price of Harley Street ones.

"I checked their Facebook and found hundreds of five-star reviews. Their Instagram was full of celebrities they'd done there." Jen, from Essex, said she arrived at the rented beauty room and the reception was "like a cattle market" full of girls waiting for fillers.

As soon as her lip was injected she knew it was wrong and asked how they would fix it - and claims she was


BOTCHED Jen after fillers and inset, before procedure

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 14, 2019
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