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My kennel vision.


FIND VIV AT THE PET BEHAVIOUR CENTRE +44 (0)141 646 5858 WWW.LIVEWITH YOURDOG.CO.UK. TELL US ABOUT YOUR PETS. WRITE TO PETS, SEVEN DAYS, SUNDAY MAIL, ONE CENTRAL QUAY,GLASGOW, G3 8DA (SORRY BUT VIVIAN CAN'T REPLY TO EVERYONE) We are going on holiday this year and will be using kennels for the first time. Do you have any tips? Kennels often cause apprehension. We tend to feel our dogs will be upset at not seeing us and unhappy at their unfamiliar surroundings.

But dogs are amazingly good at adapting to change and most will be quite happy in a kennel situation.

For peace of mind, why not visit the chosen kennel or allow your dog to have a few day sessions to see how he does? There are also many registered boarders that welcome dogs to live with them in their own house with their own dogs. And there are even dog hotels that provide luxury conditions. I have acquired a cockatoo and wondered what the best diet would be for him. A balanced diet of seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables is what these birds thrive on. You can also get a complete food in pellet form which provides all the vitamins and nourishment they need but can be a bit boring.

A good diet would consist of 25 per cent vitamin-enriched seed mix (or 50 per cent without pellets); 25 per cent pellets; five per cent veg, dark leafy greens and fruit; 15 per cent cooked rice, corn and bean mixture; 10 per cent table food, cereal, bread, cheese etc.

My own cockatoo Percy has a weakness for deep-fried potato.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 23, 2013
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