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My injury looks like a shark bite but I'll race back.


COURAGEOUS Kozza Smith says his left leg now looks like it's suffered a shark attack after a horrific highspeed crash ruled him out for the season.

The popular Glasgow Tigers star ploughed into the air fence at Ashfield last Sunday sustaining a broken left leg, three cracked ribs, a broken thumb and burned back.

It's a huge blow for the Australian, 27, who had battled back to form after visa complications delayed his return to the UK in March which affected his preparation along with bike problems.

It's also the second time Smith has broken his femur in the same leg and he's also suffered a broken wrist, shoulder blade and punctured lung over the past few years.

But in his first interview since the crash, and in his hospital bed, Smith insists he'll race on.

He said: "My left leg now will now have a second huge scar, it will look like I've been attacked by a shark.

"I remember everything about the crash, I wasn't knocked out. I just went into the corner and I think the guy in front slightly overlocked up, killing his speed just a little.

"But I was right behind and clipped him. I tried to get off the bike and get rid of it to limit the potential damage to me.

"I didn't have a lot of room and most of the injuries I've sustained are on my left side. Most of that came from Richard Hall's bike when he slid off and his bike followed me into the airfence.

"I knew immediately I had done my femur bone again in my left leg but I tried to get up to get away from Hall's bike because it was burning my back.

"When the medics reached me I said straight away, 'I've broken my leg, give me something for the pain now!' "The docs managed to use the same place to pin my femur in the op as before. We've had a few complications with breathing and a fear I may have punctured my lung - but I'm getting there.

"It's obviously a huge blow. I had long-term goals to re-establish myself and getting a long-term injury wasn't one of them.

"But I'll get myself out of hospital first and then get back on the road to fitness. I want to race on, that's what I do and I want to be back for Glasgow next March.

"My wife Ashleigh has been through this before with me - she knows what she signed up to!

We'd like to say a huge thanks to Glasgow co-owners Gerry and Michael Facenna for their support. I'd also like to thank all the fans for their messages - it means a lot to us."

Smith's boredom is being broken by watching team-mate Nick Morris on TV racing in the World Cup for Australia. And he'll follow the Tigers' fortunes in vital Scottish derbies at Edinburgh tonight and at home to the Monarchs on Sunday.

He added: "It would be amazing if they can win the World Cup. That would cheer me up."

." ? Fans can cheer on Morris in the World Cup Final tomorrow night in the club's new Tigers Den restaurant at Ashfield. Tickets PS10, to book email


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Jun 12, 2015
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