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My fingers did the clicking far too soon for a bargain; Carl Gillespie.

I BOUGHT my girlfriend a fidget cube for her birthday as a throwaway gift, after we had seen an online article about it and she said in passing she seemed interested by the idea of them. Terrible with gift ideas, I instantly took note.

If you haven't seen a fidget cube, it's like a "bop it" for your finger tips, and if you have never seen a bop it, God bless you, your Christmas mornings must have been the most peaceful thing in the world. A fidget cube is a tiny plastic cube covered in things to occupy the attention o f even the most habitual of finger tappers - although admittedly they obviously didn't pull an allnighter coming up with the name. One side has five little pen-top clickers, another a ball bearing to roll about and another a flip switch. Honestly , it's better than it sounds.

It's ideal for anyone who tends to fidget: be it clicking their pen annoying everyone in the office, or someone pulls labels off bottles when bored.

Me being unable to handle more than one present idea at a time, I decided I would buy it the first chance I got. Almost as if by fate (and obviously 'not' Facebook using your data to mine for things you've shown an interest in to then suggest adverts), I saw a link to buy it.

It was a "bargain" at a mere PS25 including postage and packaging, albeit a cheaper knock-off than the official Kickstarter one. Content in my purchase, and realising I'd already got one of my presents from my 'gifts to buy' list sorted, I decided to read the comments section so I could see how others had enjoyed their purchases too.

Instantly I regreted my decision. There were rows and rows of comments from people complaining about delivery time, non-delivery and price.

One comment even read: "LOL! I got 1 on ebay for PS4.99 All in. B-)" He was right. After a quick search, I realised you could buy them on ebay for less than a quarter of the price I'd paid. So like anyone else would, I cut my nose off to spite my face and now we have matching fidget cubes. I did it because I wanted to feel like I hadn't missed out on a bargain, and although in hindsight, it's terrible logic, at the time, I felt like this was the only way to "break even" from over paying in the first place.

So now we have his and hers impulse buys. Still boxed. It could be worse, we could be one of those couples that has colourmatching outfits, his and hers cups or worse, a shared Facebook profile.

At least I won't fall for that again. Although since our anniversary has already been, if anyone is interested, I can do a 2-4-1 deal in matching fidget spinners. | |Carl's next gig is for "Cake show comedy" at music lounge, Stockton on June 1. Free entry, 7pm doors, start 8pm.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:May 26, 2017
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