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My fight to death with a 12ft shark.


THIS is the nail-biting moment spearfisherman Craig Clasen plunged a blade into a 12ft tiger shark after a life-or-death grapple with the predator.

American Craig, 32, had already shot the shark seven times with a speargun to save his diving companion, film-maker Ryan McInnis, from certain death.

The shark was circling Ryan who got stranded underwater during a hunt for yellow-finned tuna in the Gulf of Mexico last June.

"The shark looked like it was going to charge us," said Craig. "I wasn't there to hunt it but we had to protect ourselves." Snapper D.J. Struntz, who was among the party, caught it all on camera.

Hell's teeth

The tiger is the second largest predatory shark after the great white


TERRIFYING Grappling underwater with the shark; FINAL BLOW Craig plunges blade into the tiger shark Pictures: BARCROFT MEDIA; VICTOR Craig Clasen
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 12, 2009
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