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My big mac meal is the real deal; RIGHT AT HOME.


Some things in life just shouldn't work, particularly when it comes to food, but they actually do.

Today's recipe is one of those things, it sounds weird but is actually pretty tasty.

I have to admit I had seen this dish a while back, I think it was on one of those American food TV shows like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives but I had forgotten all about it until recently.

My good friend Dave Ross had something similar in his pub, The Admiral, when I popped in the other day, which made me think of it again. His was a vegetarian version made with mushrooms and other delights, but here is something more suitable for the carnivores - my indulgent, slightly trashy mac 'n' cheese burger, a delicious beef burger with deep-fried macaroni cheese on top and below. Or you can have one slice on your burger, inside a bun.

If you don't want to make your own burgers, you could simply buy some good quality ones and use them instead, but you should definitely make your own macaroni cheese.

In fact, I've given you a recipe for more macaroni cheese than you need for the burgers, meaning you can tip the rest into an oven dish, top with some cheese and breadcrumbs and pop into the oven another night for dinner.

Lastly, some of you might be wondering how you deep-fry macaroni cheese. Well, it's pretty straightforward, you make the mac 'n' cheese, allow it to cool and set and then cut it into the required shape before breadcrumbing and frying in hot oil. In my top tip below, I tell you how to make a fantastic sauce to go with your burger.

mac 'n' cheese BUrGer INGREDIENTS For the mac 'n' cheese 400g macaroni 70g butter 50g plain flour 800ml whole milk 100ml double cream Pinch of nutmeg 1/2tsp English mustard powder 1/2tsp Dijon mustard 50g mature cheddar 50g Gruyere cheese, grated 4 slices bacon, diced Breadcrumbs, plain flour and beaten eggs for coating the mac 'n' cheese.

Oil for frying mac 'n' cheese METHOD 1 Cook the macaroni in plenty of salted boiling water until tender. Meanwhile, melt 50g of the butter in a pan, then fry the bacon in it for 5 mins until crispy, and stir in the flour. Cook, stirring, for a couple of minutes, then gradually whisk in the milk until you have a smooth sauce then add the cream. Cook, stirring, for a few minutes until it thickens, then add a grating of nutmeg and the mustard and stir in the cheddar and Gruyere until smooth. Take off the heat, and season to taste.

2 Cook the pasta in boiling salted water until just cooked and tender, drain well and add to the sauce mixing well. Pour on to a greased tray or dish and allow to cool completely.

3 Cut into eight circles the size of your burgers, dip each one in flour then egg then crumbs and fry for about 4-5 mins in hot oil at 180C.

For the burgers 720g beef mince 1/2 onion grated 1tbsp ketchup 1tbsp Dijon mustard 2 cloves garlic crushed 3 large gherkins, finely chopped Splash Worcestershire sauce Handful fresh chopped parsley 1 egg yolk Small handful breadcrumbs Salt and pepper to taste METHOD 1 Mix all together well, then shape into burgers and fry or grill for 5 mins each side.

2 Place each burger in a bun along with your garnishes of choice such as gherkins, lettuce, onion, bacon, cheese and my classic burger sauce.


How did your mac 'n' cheese burger go? Let us know. Feedback, questions or favourite tips? Get in touch @michaelkilkie
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