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My best friend married my dad ...but I won't call her mum!

WO teenage girls who grew up together as best friends are now coming to terms with a bizarre twist in their relationship - they have become stepmother and stepdaughter.

For 18-year-old Lynsey Bloomfield has married her friend Karen Marshall's dad, even though he is 22 years older than her.

Karen, speaking for the first time about the set-up, said: "Lynsey is still my friend - but I hope she doesn't expect me to call her mum."

The girls still chat and giggle together - but, unlike most close friends, they do not compare notes about their sex lives.

Karen, 17, said: "If Lynsey wasn't married to my dad we would probably have a laugh about boyfriends.

"But, to be honest, as it's my dad, I really don't want to know about it.

"It was weird enough watching them kiss and cuddle in the beginning. I certainly don't want to know any more."

Brunette Lynsey first fell for Karen's dad Vic when he sat for hours and listened to her problems. She said: "At first he was just Karen's dad. But he always had the time to listen to me and be a shoulder to cry on.

"I could talk to him about anything. I couldn't talk to my own parents like that. I suppose over the months he became a bit of a knight in shining armour because he rescued me from so many appalling situations.

"I used to run away a lot and Vic was always the one that found me and persuaded me to go back home."

Lynsey, who is just two months older than Karen, was a schoolgirl mum and had her first child, Sam, in 1994 when she was only 15.

The baby girl was born after a holiday fling with a boy she has not seen since.

Lynsey, who has appeared on ITV's Vanessa show, said: "I didn't tell my mum I was pregnant until I was six months gone and that was only because the doctor said if I didn't tell my parents he would. But Vic and Karen knew all about it.

"Of course, my parents went up the wall but Vic was calm and understanding. He said not to worry and that everything would be OK.

"When everyone wanted me to give the baby up, he said he would help me keep Sam if that's what I wanted."

IC, 40, of Chester, did not realise he had fallen for Lynsey until six months after Sam was born.

The warehouseman said: "At first Lynsey was one of Karen's schoolfriends who had huge problems.

"I felt she needed an adult to talk to and whenever she came round she talked to me about what was worrying her.

"I don't think she saw me as a father figure - more a grown-up who was willing to give her some time. On the surface she was very tough and had built a wall around herself. But I could see there was a frightened girl behind it. I just wanted to be a friend."

The couple, who married at Chester Register Office last month, have two children of their own, 18-month-old Jolene and Vic, seven months.

Vic has four children from his previous marriage. Single mum Karen is the eldest.

She went to the same nursery as Lynsey in the market town of Frodsham, near Chester. But they forged their friendship as 11-year-olds when they attended the town's Manor House School.

Recalling the day she became aware of the romance, Karen said: "One day we had come back from an outing in Rhyl and I was in the kitchen.

"Dad and Lynsey were in the front room and suddenly she came running out screaming, 'Karen, Karen, I've just kissed your dad!'

"I was a bit shocked but I knew in my heart they would end up together. It just seemed natural that they would.

"I wasn't jealous or upset when they got married. But I have warned her not to tell me what time to come in or who to go out with."
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Author:Sayid, Ruki
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Apr 20, 1997
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