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My Spa adventure at We Are Vertigo..

I FIRST heard talk of a "brilliant" new place to bring the kids from some of my work colleagues. It is called We Are Vertigo and apparently it was "great for tiring them out" where they had an "unbelievably fun time" and they, and their little ones, "can't wait to go back".

I have to admit, it sounded pretty fantastic...if you have kids.

Since I don't I didn't really think any more about it, until a couple of days later an email dropped in my inbox asking if I wanted to come and try out the new spa facilities... at We Are Vertigo! Eh, huh? Obviously there was some confusion and I had to be reassured by the PR firm that, yes, We Are Vertigo is the huge new adventure centre in Newtownbreda where kids can play on giant trampolines, high ropes, climbing walls and ski slopes.

But it is also the site of a recent PS100,000 investment to open a luxurious spa where mums (and dads) can drop their kids off to tire themselves out on all of the above and then go off and get pampered.

Now I don't have kids, but even I can appreciate this is a pretty genius idea for busy parents. So I agreed to go (for future reference and also out of morbid curiousity).

For some reason I had it in my head that the We Are Vertigo spa is located in the same building as all the mayhem. It isn't. It is separate from the arena so the minute you close the door on the laughing and screaming kids you enter a world of peace, tranquility and relaxation (i.e. a kids-free zone).

After jotting down a few details I was brought upstairs to one of the five opulent treatment rooms.

The spa is beautifully decorated and I was eager for my treatment to begin. Having told my lovely masseuse I had quite a busy and stressful week (something I'm sure she hears a lot) she went to work and carried out an Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience massage (PS55). It was really lovely, just what I needed, with a beautiful blend of Aromatherapy Associates herbs and just the right amount of pressure.

Afterwards I was led into the relaxation room and offered a herbal tea. Here I could stay for as long as I pleased. Around 30minutes for me, but others have no doubt stayed until the kids come looking for them.

And do they spell the end of your relaxation? Not necessarily as they will definitely be more tired-out versions of themselves... meaning the peace and tranquility can continue at home.

For more info and for a list of treatments available call 02895609866 or visit Relaxing area to unwind after treatment be it a manicure, above, or a massage, below We Are Vertigo arena in Newtownbreda where kids can tire themselves out

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 26, 2016
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