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My Secret Folder.

My Secret Folder is an app launched by Bright Artificial Intelligence that protects the user's private data stored in an iPhone. This may include photos and videos, bookmarks and notes and contacts that a user either creates from within the folder or imports from other apps on an iPhone.

The folder is password-protected and takes photos of anyone trying to enter it. It takes a snapshot of anyone who successfully enters the right code as well as those who enter the wrong one. If you let the app use location services, it will also record the iPhone's location.

The app offers the smart feature of email notification. For example, if someone tries to intrude into the app, My Secret Folder will immediately send an email along with a photo informing the owner of the iPhone about the intruder and the location from which he made the login attempt. The feature is useful when someone tries to steal an iPhone.

The device allows users to take photos and videos from within the app thus saving them from the hassle of shifting photos between folders. If the user imports pictures and videos from other apps to My Secret Folder then he has to personally delete them from the original location because the app doesn't delete the data while performing the import function.

My Secret Folder is called My folder, which means it appears like any other common folder stored on an iPhone. The next layer of security is the password, which is a PIN number. Only the correct password will open the folder containing private data of the user. The only negative point of the app is that it does not offer a password recovery mechanis

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Date:Dec 31, 2011
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