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His rippling muscles leave young girls weak at the knees ...and most men green with envy. He has just signed a reputed pounds 300,000 deal to show off his assets in a new campaign for Calvin Klein designer underwear. And Hollywood beckons.

But Aussie pop hunk Peter Andre, whose latest hit Flava topped the charts, is far from perfect, his ex-girlfriend revealed last night. Former Home And Away actress Laura Vasquez, 20, who dated 23-year-old Andre for two years, says he is hooked on sex and has dated two girls at a time.

Laura said: ""Peter is not the sort of guy to be satisfied with one relationship.

"He is a real flirt and with his looks he has women falling over themselves to say'`yes'.

"He really cannot help himself when it comes to the girls. They just fall under his spell.

"I know that while Peter was with me he was seeing at least one other person.

""I used to get very upset. I was very young and in love, and it used to frustrate me that there was no real commitment from him.

"Peter will never commit himself to one person. When I found out he was involved with another girl I felt hurt at first.

"I soon realised I was never going to change him. Once I accepted this I knew the relationship was never going to go anywhere.""

Laura met Peter three years ago when he appeared on Australian TV.

She was in a next-door studio working on Home And Away and she talked a cameraman into letting her watch Andre's performance.

After the show the couple were introduced. She said: ""At the time I was more famous than him, but it was obvious he was going to be a huge star.

"I heard all the gossip about this guy with an amazing body, and I must admit when I first saw him I thought, '`Wow, he's incredible'.

"No one can deny he has a fantastic physique.

""From the moment we met I knew I'd fallen for him. We began dating and had a really wonderful time with each other.

"He was my first real love. But I always felt insecure about the relationship. He was such a good-looking guy and it was obvious that he would meet other people. This used to make me feel quite sad, but looking back on it now I think it's a good thing we didn't stay together.""

Laura said Peter was a "gym junkie" - hooked on exercise.

"When we were dating he would be in the gym every day without fail. He would put in several hours of vigorous exercise and was quite obsessed with staying trim.

""He wasn't a particularly vain person, but he was very fussy about his diet and would always be sure to eat very healthy food. He would often say, '`I can't eat this'' or '`I can't eat that'' because he was worried about his figure.""

Laura and Peter separated after a two-year on-off relationship.

She added: ""In a way we just drifted apart.

"Our respective careers meant we were often in different places, and the relationship became impossible.""

Despite their differences Peter and Laura remain good friends.

She left Home And Away nearly two years ago to launch a career in pop music.

Laura, who flew into Britain last week to cut demo tapes, is keen not to be labelled as another Jason Donovan or Kylie Minogue cashing in on Aussie soap fame.

She said: ""My music is very different to the early stuff Jason and Kylie brought out.

""I'm interested in making music with a much more modern rhythm and blues feel to it. My sound is best described as a cross between Janet Jackson and Madonna. These are the artists I really admire.

""I just want to be taken seriously.

"I've had great feed- back from the media here in England. I feel things are looking very promising.

""It's not as if I have just left Home And Away and I'm launching my career of the back of the show.

""I've been out of the series for some time and I've done quite a lot since.

""I was very keen to launch myself in England and Europe because I think my music is much more suited to this kind of market.

""I would like to make good original records and I'm sure I can do it."

Laura added: ""I still care for Peter a lot, and our families know each other and get on well.

""He is a talented guy and I'm sure he will go a long way."

""As for me, I don't even have a boyfriend now."
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Author:Hewett, Rick
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 22, 1996
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