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My Last Round/Mi Ultimo Round.


An Umana Films production in co-production with Basica Cine. (International sales: M-Appeal. Berlin.) Produced by Eduardo Castro. Executive producers, Jorge Malatesta, Rodolfo Pagliere, Francisco Javier Rojas, Eduard Castro.

Directed, written by Julio Jorquera. Reviewed at NewFest, New York, July 24, 2011. Running time: 87 MIN.

With: Roberto Farias, Hector Morales, Manuela Martelli, Alejandro Trejo.

Beginning and ending with a funeral, tyro Chilean helmer Julio Jorquera's moody feature "My Last Round" concerns the love affair between a middle-aged boxer and a morose young restaurant worker. Jorquera gets the hard things right: the punishing yet exhilarating boxing matches, the warmth and ease of the older man vs. the social awkwardness of the younger, the tenderly impassioned sex between the two. But simple exposition eludes him: Characters' relationships remain obscure, and it is often unclear whether days, weeks or years have passed between scenes. Nevertheless, convincing perfs and strong atmospherics should ensure the pic's welcome on the gay fest circuit.

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Author:Scheib, Ronnie
Article Type:Movie review
Date:Aug 29, 2011
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