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My Kelly had breakdown after Ross's weight jibes; Ozzy's Sharon raps TV host.

Byline: BY ANUJI VARMA Showbiz writer

SHARON Osbourne has revealed how daughter Kelly had a 'complete mental meltdown' after being teased about her weight by chat show host Jonathan Ross.

The wife of Brummie rocker Ozzy said the young pop star finally 'lost it' after caustic comments on the Friday Night With Jonathan Ross TV programme.

Kelly was treated for painkiller addiction last year and recently took on a minder to keep her off the booze.

But Sharon said: 'This is not, repeat not, about drugs. I wish it were that simple. But it's not.

'Kelly had the breakdown because of her weight The 20 year-old, who has just released her new album Sleeping In The Nothing, is being treated at Las Encinas Hospital, in California, which specialises in treating young people with mental health and drug addiction problems.

Kelly has suffered a breakdown, a complete mental meltdown,' said Sharon.

'She was just starting to promote her CD but the only thing everyone wanted to talk about was her weight.

'They've always made fun of the way she looked. But this time around, it seemed worse than usual and she could no longer cope with that.'

Kelly became hysterical when Ross accused her of having her photos digitally manipulated to make her look thinner, her mum said.

'That was the straw that broke the camel's back,' said Sharon, who was speaking to a US magazine.

'We were all really frightened. We didn't know what she might do so we decided Kelly needed treatment.

'Kelly will be in hospital for a few more weeks.

'Then she will be well enough to continue promoting her new album..'

Two years ago, Kelly's younger brother Jack was in the same Pasadena hospital for his addiction to the painkiller OxyContin.

And last year, Kelly was in rehab at Promises, in Malibu, after becoming hooked on prescription painkiller Vicodin. Kelly, who is still due to perform at BRMB's Party In The Park on July 3, said recently: 'I think addiction is a genetic thing. You are born with it and people don't understand that


TREATMENT: Kelly Osbourne is in hospital in California; TEASE: Jonathan Ross
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jun 19, 2005

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