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My Irish rugby fan went to Wales and all I got was this...

1. Get snap-dragon happy with this patriotic camera pounds 4 2. Stay sweet with Brays confectionery pounds 3 3. A Welsh wallet will remind you of your trip every time you buy a coffee pounds 2 4. Daffodil Christmas decoration - out of season but who cares? pounds 4.99 5. Cuddly and white but not sheep-related. Teddy bear pounds 1.50 6. Choco-lolly, sweeter than Bread of Heaven pounds 1 7. Taking notes? Try this Wales notebook at pounds 1.25 8. Chocolate lovespoon, cheaper than the wooden version and tastier pounds 3.50 9. Welsh words egg cup pounds 2.50 10. Clean up with soap pounds 2.95 11. This could be the key to the perfect gift pounds 4.50 12. Who could leave Wales without a Welsh doll? pounds 7.50 13. Scribble postcards home with this stylised dragon pen pounds 2.25 14. More money matters - round tin purse pounds 2 15. Drink to good health with a daffodil goblet pounds 16.50 16. Stay focused with glasses case pounds 2.25 17. Scribble away with this sheep notebook pounds 2.75 18. Wales mug, for red hot beverages pounds 3 19. Cwtch up to your cash with this sheep purse pounds 2.50 20. Don't slate this coaster set pounds 4.95 21. Car sticker pounds 1.50 (All these items can be found at St Fagans: National History Museum).
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 31, 2007
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