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My Growler was stuck up tree for FIVE days; Laura has missing moggie back after series of rescue bids fail.


A CAT lover spent days trying to lure her pet from the top of a tree after the moggie got stuck.

Growler 2's owners couldn't get to him on the inaccessible branch.

And despite all their attempts, the puss was trapped up the tree for five days.

Owner Laura Wallace and her husband Roddy found Growler stuck up the tree on a nature trail three days after he went missing from their home in Hamilton.

The tree was surrounded by thick undergrowth that confounded all their attempts to free him.

They tried neighbours' and friends' ladders and a nimble pal even attempted to climb the tree.

But there was just no getting to Growler.

Roddy said: "Because it was within the nature trail, we couldn't get a cherry picker in.

We telescopic ladders they "We tried telescopic ladders but they were nowhere near big enough.

"We called the Scottish SPCA but they couldn't help.

nowhere near enough RODDY "We spoke to the fire brigade but they would only help if he had been missing a week.

"I contacted one of our friends who was a gas engineer and he had ladders that went right up to 30 feet.

"But even standing on those, we couldn't reach the last branch."

The couple had to return home for two nights, leaving Growler mewling in the tree.

Roddy said: "Then we contacted a tree surgeon and they used ropes and harnesses and eventually brought him down."

Growler - a large Maine Coon breed - was distressed, cold and hungry but otherwise unharmed by his ordeal.

but were He ended up in the nature trail by crossing over a few back gardens from his home.

big WALLACE Growler has only been allowed outside for the last 18 months. Before that, he was a house cat.

Roddy and Laura hope he has now learned his lesson.

The couple wanted to thank Treetop Tree Surgeons for their work, and all their friends who helped out with ladders.

We tried telescopic ladders but they were nowhere near big enough RODDY WALLACE


ADVENTURE Growler got himself stuck when he went wandering to nature trail

REUNITED Laura gives Glower a hug after ordeal ends. Picture: Norman Inglis

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 27, 2015
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