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My Dearest Patcy.

My Dearest Patcy

Barbara Vest

Elton-Wolf Publishing

2505 Second Avenue, Suite 515, Seattle WA 98121

1586191004 $17.00 1-888-281-5965

My Dearest Patcy: The Early Years Of Martha Washington is a unique and superbly written historical novel about Martha (Patcy) Dandridge, the woman who would met and marry George Washington as her second husband and become the First Lady of the newly formed United States of America. Author Barbara Vest has created a remarkable and erudite novel of history and romance with meticulous attention to historical background and detail including the story of her first marriage, a match made of love between herself and the aristocratic-blood Daniel Parke Custis, against the will of Custis' father--only her first husband's untimely death could cut short their bond. Yet as a twenty-eight year old wealthy widow with two surviving children, she would persevere past grief, and one day make her contribution to history. A rapturously told portrait of a strong and truly remarkable woman.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2004
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