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My Daughters.

My Daughters

   My daughters
   I made you
   Or did I?
   I only helped bring you
   into this
   not-so-perfect world
   let me tell you
   it' a good enough
   world to
   let you shine
   Be how you want to be
   you will make it.

   My babes
   Do not let this
   imperfect, prejudice-tainted world
   get in your way

   If you will
   stand up for yourself
   in every situation
   The world will know
   how to treat you.

   inspire yourself
   strengthen yourself
   And let no one
   not even me
   your mother
   give you anything
   less than your due
   You define
   the standards
   this world should have
   for you
   I did not make you
   don't let me tell you that!
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Title Annotation:Poetry Corner
Author:Puri, Bindia
Publication:Manavi Newsletter
Article Type:Poem
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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