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My Date From Hell.

My Date From Hell

Tellulah Darling Te Da Media

9780988054066 $12.99

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(Also available through Ingram's as of October 31)

My Date From Hell publishes Volume 2 of the 'Blooming Goddess' trilogy (begun in My Ex From Hell): while it's recommended that readers begin with the first book for smooth transition, there is no absolute requirement to do so in order to enjoy My Date From Hell, which revolves around a teen girl who has discovered she's actually the immortal goddess Persephone living in the body of a mortal.

Book One set the scene; My Date From Hell continues the saucy, lively saga as Persephone (a.k.a. Sophie) continues her stormy relationship with the god Kai, fights to regain memories of her immortal past life, and must tackle the usual teen challenge of learning to differentiate a jerk from a romantic interest.

Teens who appreciate humor and spicy romance in their reading will find My Date From Hell is packed with fun interplays between gods, goddesses, mortals, and personal agendas. Chapters move beyond the usual scenario of a boarding school whose directors have gone bad to enter the realm of fantasy where conflict is centered as much upon competing immortals as upon Sophie's conflicted emotions between her mortal and supernatural impulses.

Add a gay best friend, the wrath of Aphrodite over this turn of affairs, and an unholy alliance between Zeus and Hades (who want Sophie dead and Kai tortured) and you have a plot loosely based on the Greek Gods, but with many modern twists and turns.

It's satisfying to note that YA readers need not be familiar with Greek legends nor even with the prior book: My Date From Hell neatly fills in any gaps with a smooth-flowing, lively ease perfect for readers looking for something different.

And by the way - the audience shouldn't be limited to young adults: many an adult fantasy reader will find these sassy romance and encounters refreshingly different and fun.

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