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My DISCOM is gone--dude, where's my support?

Soldiers in modular units are beginning to realize the old division and corps support commands have disappeared.

Theater sustainment commands overseas will continue to perform many of the old DISCOM and COSCOM functions, but with a new partner: Army Sustainment Command (ASC). In CONUS, the new command will take up the endless battle for better soldier support.

While the Army is increasing the number of loggies in division and corps G4 shops as it eliminates DISCOMICOSCOMs, ASC--a part of Army Materiel Command--will be providing services in the areas of materiel management and distribution.

The ASC will be the Army's primary sustainment organization at the operational level in CONUS. ASC's new Distribution Management Center, its Army field support brigades (AFSBs) and battalions, and partners such as the Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA), will work together to meet materiel and supply management, materiel readiness reporting, and Class VII visibility and management.

The new command won't simply be a copy of corps or division materiel management centers. ASC, LOGSA, the Installation Management Agency, and other partners will cut obsolete and inefficient processes. That's a step that will reduce logistics burdens on company and battalion-level personnel.

ASC will also support deployed forces by providing logistics capabilities through contracted services (LOGCAP) and establishing logistics support elements or deploying AFSBs.

The result will be focused logistics that enable maneuver commanders to focus on warfighting while ASC provides a single source for answers and expertise for maintenance, supply and other logistical support.
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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