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My Child, My Gift.

My Child, My Gift

Madeline P. Nugent

New City Press

202 Cardinal Rd., Hyde Park, NY 12538

9781565482913, $14.95,

Medical science is an amazing thing. Mothers can often find out the gender of their child before it is born, but they can also find out terrible news before the baby comes into their life. "My Child, My Gift: A Positive Response to Serious Prenatal Diagnosis" is a look at these unfortunate parents who are faced with a troubling forecast for their children. Seeking to give practical advice to mothers who are considering abortion, "My Child, My Gift" is also a spiritual guide, intended to bring comfort as well as straight talk to expectant mothers who find themselves in this difficult situation. "My Child, My Gift: A Positive Response to Serious Prenatal Diagnosis" is highly recommended for community library parenting collections.
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Title Annotation:My Child, My Gift: A Positive Response to Serious Prenatal Diagnosis
Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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My Child, My Gift.

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