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Must see TV; The best on TV this week with Tess Lamacraft.

Byline: Tess Lamacraft


PARKINSON Saturday, BBC1, 9.05pm Ten years ago he was a Hollywood heartthrob with so many Oscars that his mantelpiece probably needed re-enforcing. Since then... well... things have been ominously quiet for Kevin Costner. Parky finds out why. Fellow guests Martin Clunes and Lee Evans should be able to inject some humour into proceedings if Kevin gets too earnest, while Sharleen Spiteri from Texas adds the glamour.

SO YOU WANT TO BE ON TV? Tuesday, C4, 9pm Tempted to get yourself on the small screen? Watch and learn. This one- off special tracks the progress of those people who grabbed their 15 minutes of fame (in some cases considerably more), but lived to regret it. From Lakesiders (tearful Emma Boundy) and Airline (taunted Aaron Smith) casualties from Castaway 2000, Blind Date and Changing Rooms give their personal accounts of TV hell.

RAW SPICE Wednesday, ITV, 8pm A one-off special featuring unseen footage of the Spice Girls before they hit the big time. It's 1994 and the girls are living in a semi in Maidenhead dreaming of their first record deal. They're hungry for fame, Victoria has a crush on Ryan Giggs and tensions are already mounting between Geri and Mel B. A fascinating insight into the raw article that was to become the biggest-selling girl band in history.


BAD GIRLS NEW Tuesday, ITV, 9pm Those Larkhall Prison hard nuts (right) are back with a vengeance. In the first of 16 episodes we pick up the pieces from last year's cliff- hanger. Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson) was on the verge of stabbing corrupt officer Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) and Nikki (Mandana Jones) had just made a dramatic escape. Will there be more bloodshed behind the bars?

THE HUNT NEW Wednesday, ITV, 9pm Amanda Holden and Adrian Lukis (above) star in a love story of class divisions - he's posh, she's not - set against the backdrop of a thriving hunt. Expect lots of unbridled passion in oak-panelled rooms. A slice of countryside to keep us going in the wake of foot and mouth.

THE COPS NEW Wednesday, BBC2, 9pm The double BAFTA-winning drama that lifts the lid on the thin blue line returns with more pacey action. It's the morning after Stanton nick has celebrated Natalie's promotion to sergeant.

TEACHERS NEW Wednesday, C4, 10pm Forget the petulant pupils of Grange Hill, this eight-part series shows teachers can be far more troublesome than the scowling kids in the playground. Andrew "This Life" Lincoln stars as one of Summerdown Comprehensive's teachers, where the staffroom brims with conflict and crackles with lusty goings-on.


PLANET FOR THE APES - GORILLAS NEW Sunday, BBC2, 5.30pm Primatologist Charlotte Uhlenbroek (above) dons her boots and combats once again and heads for the hills. This time the location is Africa and the subject the mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda. Expect lots of Gorillas In The Mist moments as Charlotte gets close to the amazing animals and reveals why they are under threat.

VICE NEW Tuesday, ITV, 10.35pm The first of three programmes which lift the lid on the secretive world of the UK's pounds 7 billion-a-year sex industry. From pounds 1,000-a-night male escorts to students who supplement their grants in less than traditional ways, to swingers' clubs and amateur porn stars, it's all going on (and coming off) here. Featured in tonight's episode are Adam, a 31-year-old father whose fiancee approves of his male escort work and the 2,000-member Sheffield swingers' club.

THE REAL CRACKER NEW Thursday, C4, 9pm You've seen Robbie Coltrane's Fitz in action, now meet the men who do it for real. Richard Badcock and Julian Boon are two of Britain's most successful criminal profilers. This five-part series follows the pair over a four-year period as they work with police forces around the country to unravel some of the most gruesome and baffling murder cases.


HAPPINESS NEW Tuesday, BBC2, 10pm

The Fast Show's talented Paul Whitehouse heads the cast in this series which centres around mid-life crises (lots of them) and endless boozy sessions with his close mates. Paul plays Danny Spencer, creator and the voice behind an animated Plasticene bear called Dexter... you get the idea.


HAPPY DAYS: Paul Whitehouse (centre) and mates
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Date:Mar 17, 2001
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