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Must See TV; All your Easter highlights with David Spedding.

Byline: David Spedding: The best on TV this week


GROUND FORCE GOES EAST Wednesday, BBC1, 9.10pm

The team head to New Delhi, India to create an adventure garden for a children's home in three days. It's hard to begrudge them the free trip when we get to share in so much of the local colour. But forget Charlie's bra (or lack of one), what on earth is going on with Tommy's horribly- tight shorts? Scary.

DOG EAT DOG NEW Saturday, BBC1, 6.55pm

In Ulrika Jonsson's (below) new game show six contestants compete in feats of physical and mental ability for a ten grand prize. They have to predict "The Weakest Link" before each stage and no one's feelings are spared. "He's getting on a bit and I just don't like him," is one example.


"If this is `Going into Europe', I'm all for it," says Matthew Kelly, as the first European version of the karaoke-addict's platform is presented in all its cheesy glory. Flying the flag for the UK is Gary Mullen as Freddie Mercury (below) Great fun, impressive performances (the Hungarian Tom Jones is a riot) and, yes, of course there's a Celine Dion.


THE WHISTLE BLOWER NEW Saturday, BBC1, 9.05pm & Easter Sunday, 8.40pm

Another juicy role for Amanda Burton (pictured above) as the not-so-silent witness who blows a money-laundering operation, and puts her family's life at risk. Neil Pearson excels as her husband, and overall it's hard to tell the good guys from the baddies. A long haul at three hours (over two nights), but worth it for the unpredictable ending.

THE BOMBMAKER Easter Sunday, Sky One, 9pm

The concluding part of this harsh but involving thriller, and Dervla Kirwan's compelling performance continues to astonish. Being forced to make a bomb for the IRA, who are holding her daughter hostage, she brings new meaning to the expression of being caught between a rock and a hard place. The politics quickly become irrelevant, and it'll make uncomfortable viewing for any parent. Superb stuff.

HOLBY CITY Tuesday, BBC1, 8pm No, your eyes aren't playing tricks, that really is David Soul (right) of Starsky And Hutch fame in surgical scrubs. As professor Alan Fletcher, he's a brilliant academic, but rather less impressive when it comes to the practical side of things. Meanwhile, Victoria catches her seemingly-perfect boyfriend necking drugs in her bathroom.


THE MILES DAVIS STORY NEW Saturday, C4, 8.05pm & Easter Sunday, 7.10pm

Marking the ten-year anniversary of trumpeter Miles Davis' (below) death, this documentary charts the highs and lows (and there were many of each) in the life of the jazz legend. His family talk on film for the first time, and the picture of an unpredictable genius that emerges is fascinating, even to those with no interest in jazz.

BALL BREAKERS ON THE BOX NEW Easter Monday, C4, 8.45pm

It's supposed to be a look at the role and perception of female characters over the decades, but this is simply an excuse to wallow in nostalgia, with clips from The Liver Birds, Cagney And Lacey, Thirtysomething, Dynasty and (don't laugh) Triangle. A real treat.

FAKING IT NEW Tuesday, C4, 10pm

Positively bursting with charm, this modern-day Pygmalion tale sees a sweet classical cellist being trained to become a club DJ in just four weeks. Sian Evans will impress the pants off you, and it's just heartwarming to see her becoming a more confident person. It'll leave a smile on your face, guaranteed. See feature, page 7.

THE REAL CRACKER Thursday, C4, 9pm

The psychological profiling series bows out with a particularly horrid case. Female airport staff start to receive graphic, obscene mail, telling them that their fate is to be decided by the throw of a dice. A six, the man reveals, will mean an acid-bomb attack. Scary as hell, especially when you see the man behind the threats.


TRIGGER HAPPY TV NEW Friday, C4, 9.30pm The wacky wind-up merchant with the huge mobile phone is back in an hilarious new series. And if you thought his last outing bordered on the absurd, just wait until you see Dom Joly (right) dressed as a snail taking forever to walk over a zebra crossing, or as the rubbish Morris Dancer who hits himself over the head with a stick then demands money from bewildered tourists... In short, Mr Joly having more laughs at an unsuspecting public's expense. Naughty, but fun.

FRASIER Friday, C4, 10pm

The father/son relationship between Marty and Niles has thrown up some of the series' funniest and most oddly moving moments, and tonight is no exception. Meanwhile, Frasier and Roz do what they do best. That means him being impossibly pompous and her taking the greatest of pleasure in deflating him. Another classic episode.


Prankster Dom Joly is on the prowl
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Date:Apr 14, 2001
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