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Muslims Upset by Jewish Land Purchases in Jerusalem.


"We have to start a worldwide Islamic-Arab fund with the purpose of saving Jerusalem before it is lost to us." So said Sheikh Raad Salah, head of the Islamic Movement in Israel and a Hamas supporter.

The sheikh, a long-time enemy of Israel, called upon Arabs this week to continue their efforts to conquer Jerusalem. "The battle for Jerusalem does not involve tanks or artillery," Salah said. "Instead, the various Zionist institutions have employed a low and detestable style, with the support of American forces and other Western forces. These institutions work to collect billions of dollars, trying to put their hands, like pirates, on every cubit of the exalted land of Jerusalem, and on every home and every store and every market and every neighborhood and every holy part. This is, most unfortunately, what is happening night and day."

Salah often incited openly in favor of the liquidation of the State of Israel, was long in close contact with the Hamas leadership, and played a leading role in the Israeli-Arab riots of October 2000. Those riots included major highway-blockings, bank and post office-burnings, and attempted murder of Jewish motorists. Among his crimes were membership in a terrorist organization and transmitting information to the enemy.

Almost nine years ago, Dr. Irving Moscowitz, one of the leaders in reclaiming Jerusalem for Jews, warned that the Arabs were already responding. He noted, for instance, that the King of Morocco was managing a huge Islamic fund directed at Jerusalem, that a $70 million Jerusalem estate pool had been accumulated by businessmen in the Palestinian "diaspora," that a $50 million Jordanian-Saudi investment company was spearheading construction of Arab housing in eastern Jerusalem, and more.

A small number of Jewish organizations, such as the Jerusalem Capital Development Fund, Ateret Cohanim, Beit Orot and Elad are dedicated to purchasing lands - usually Jewish-owned but, of late, Arab-occupied - from Arabs in Jerusalem.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Jun 9, 2006
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