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Musings at the End of Modernity.

Musings at the End of Modernity

Conor O'Brian Barnes

Counterbalance Books

PO Box 876, Duvall, WA 98019

9780979959288, $10.95,

One doesn't need a lot of words to get their message across. "Musings at the End of Modernity: An Aphoristic Essay" is a collection of aphorisms, or short, to the point paragraphs speaking author Conor O'Brian Barnes' opinion on many things about life. His direct language doesn't consume much space nor does take much time to read, but he attempts to leave his readers better off from having read it. "Musings of the End of Modernity" is a fine and brief piece, well worth the time.

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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Brief article
Date:May 1, 2009
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