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Musical instruction.

* The Jukebox Journey Series: Jukebox with Vibes, video, 2003, 3 min., CRM Learning (800-421-0833,, $349; $899 for series of three. Discussion guide, participant CD card handouts, CD with 19 golden oldies including "Good Vibrations."

The effort to make popular music relevant to subjects other than, say, heartbreak and alienation, continues. You can observe the latest and most public fruits of the effort on television, where many bands are used to pitch a variety of products, including SUVs and insurance.

Corporate education is not on the cutting edge of assimilation like television advertising, but it is not immune to the trend of taking culture artifacts and turning them to a company-sanctioned purpose.

So it is with the Jukebox Journey Series, which takes songs from the sixties and seventies and makes them into anthems for company-sanctioned good habits. One of the first programs in the series takes the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" and makes it a song of customer service:
Value Differences
Initiate Service
Be Sincere
Exceed Expectations

I readily admit I am a Baby Boomer who does not like to have the songs of his youth commandeered for any purpose other than listening to them. Others with far less attachment to the songs may not feel that way. They do not have the same loyalty to personal memory because they don't have the memories.

The program proceeds with the Beach Boys in the audio background and text in the video foreground. This CRM video is made with the cooperation of JukeBox Journey, Inc., a company that associates business lessons with memorable music.

Each JukeBox Journey program includes a 3-minute video provided on both VHS video and DVD, a discussion guide, and 10 participant CD card handouts. Participant CD card handouts contain the learning acronym and a music CD featuring the songs used in the training plus 18 other "golden oldies."


If you think that the Rolling Stones are good front men for General Motors, you will like the JukeBox series of videos. They use classic rock and roll songs to sell business skills such as good customer service. Reactions will vary according to generation and the degree of possessiveness one feels toward the songs. I for one would like to keep the Beach Boys as musicians, not training consultants.
Jukebox with Vibes product rating

Holds viewer interest Average
Acting/Presenting Average
Diversity Above average
Production quality Above average
Value of content Average
Instructional value Average
Value for the money Average
Overall rating Average

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