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Music: On The Beat: Rob Nichols.

Byline: Rob Nichol

HAPPY New Year everyone ... what did you get up to over the festive period?

Did you manage to catch the IDIOT SAVANT Christmas gig at Stockton's Georgian Theatre? It was a goodie - a big crowd, full house near enough in the newly revamped venue.

TOWN OF 1770 kicked off the show. Clever name this, I googled it and found that it is a picturesque seaside village famed as the second Australian landfall of one James Cook. They should try for a gig at the Captain Cook pub!

Town Of 1770 cast a spell with the nursery rhythm melodies of Lauren cast against an insistent backbeat from a couple of soon to be Oxfam glamsters.

A psychedelic whirlwind of a set that seemed to contain an album's worth of songs but only lasted a dozen or so minutes. Time bendingly good.

Idiot Savant have been hosting Christmas gigs for a couple of years and they've really built them up into events.

It was a warm-up for them before embarking on a national Club NME tour, a warm-up playing their takes on traditional and not so traditional festive fayre.

There was a touch of the Elvis pelvic action from singer Dan to accompany B-B-Blue Christmas. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen sounded sombrely spiritual.

Intermingled with the Christmas specials were Idiot Savant's own quality offerings like the soaraway Emilione.

The whole set climaxed with a bit of wassailing from the one and only Ben Folk Daddy.

OXFAM GLAMOUR MODELS chose this Christmas special to bring their whole shooting match to an end.

It's been an incredible journey for this Tasmania Devil of a band from first on at the Studio 64 stage at Middlesbrough Music Live to single of the week and cover stars in NME. All achieved within the blink of an eye or no more than the width of singer Paul Emmett's drainpipe kecks.

They came, they raged, and then they imploded.

The voice of the new sonic youth went out in phenomenal style at the Georgian.

I suppose everyone would dream of going out at the top and this was certainly the best I've ever seen them.

In fact, one of the most memorable performances ever at the Georgian.

It's a raging inferno of angular, mutating, psychedelic feedback that Emmett sings across. Guitarists weaving and roaring across the stage, drummer hammering away. In the crowd people dancing, gyrating and also singing along.

Jamie Sample was down the front mouthing every single word. A second drummer dives on stage to drive the beat on. Broken walls of sound come tumbling down as Peachy smashes his guitar to a pulp on the dance floor.

Mr Paul plays on as Emmett carves his way through the mayhem. Guitars give way to piercing feedback.

Andy from Das Wanderlust is seen diving onto the stage as Mr Paul stage dives off and is carried aloft to the bar.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jan 11, 2008
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