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Music of Damase, Reinecke and Rose. The Mirabelle Trio: Jared Hauser, oboe; Leslie Norton, horn; Melissa Rose, piano.

Music of Damase, Reinecke and Rose. The Mirabelle Trio: Jared Hauser, oboe; Leslie Norton, horn; Melissa Rose, piano. Blue Griffin Recording, Inc. BGR 249

Jean-Michel Damase: Trio for Oboe, Horn and Piano; Carl Reinecke: Trio for Piano, Oboe and Horn, Op. 188; Michael Alec Rose: Seven for Three.

Leslie Norton, Blair School of Music (Vanderbilt University) faculty and principal horn of the Nashville Symphony, is a fantastic hornist. This collection of music for horn, oboe, and piano is a wonderful showcase for both her talent and some of the greatest repertoire for this chamber combination.

French composer Jean-Michel Damase, born in 1928, wrote his three-movement trio in 1990 as a commission project for hornist Martin Webster of the Hancock Trio. His composition style has similar opulence to other great twentieth century French chamber composers such as Poulenc, Ibert, Bozza, or Francaix.

The Mirabelle trio beautifully plays Reinecke's trio, a mainstay of the horn chamber music repertoire. Norton brings a light fluidity and direction to the horn lines. Hauser's effervescent oboe sound beautifully complements the horn's smooth, rich beauty, and Rose is a collaborator of the highest order. The ensemble playing remains expressive and unencumbered throughout.

The Hancock Chamber Players of Philadelphia commissioned Seven for Three in 1991. American composer Michael Rose writes about his composition that he was inspired by the range, individuality, and sensuousness of the unusual combination of timbres of oboe, horn, and piano. At the time of writing the piece, he was "chided by my mentor Christopher Rouse, for dwelling in the past in Seven for Three. Two decades on, what Chris said seems ironically affirmative, less like an accusation than a self-inclusive comment on all original and potentially enduring music of the late 20th century." Part of the fun of listening to this piece is identifying Rose's "friendly ghosts" that came to his aid in writing the piece. LVD

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Author:Van Dreel, Lydia
Publication:The Horn Call
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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