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Music in nineteenth century Sydney.

Some time ago I wrote asking if there was any music composed and performed in Australia in the nineteenth century. One of our readers has drawn my attention to a recent book called Colonial City. Global City. Sydney's International Exhibition, 1879. It was edited by Peter Proudfoot, Roslyn Maguire and Robert Freestone and published by the Crossing Press in 2000. It is a fabulous book. It contains quite an extensive section on local music which was performed during the time that the exhibition was open to the public. The chapter was headed 'Paolo Giorza. Director of Music. The most accessible art'. and was written by Roslyn Macguire.

The article commences with the following reference:

'Daily recitals, twice weekly orchestral concerts and monthly oratorios presented during the Exhibition helped fix and entertainment calendar and ritualise its festivities.'

I plan to include an article on the man responsible for the music over the seven month period at the Garden Palace in Sydney in 1879-1880 His name was Signor Paolo Giorza who composed and conducted the opening cantata with the words written by Australian poet Henry Kendall. Signor Giorza spent eleven years in Australia.
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Title Annotation:NOTES; Sydney's International Exhibition, 1879
Publication:M A R G I N: life & letters in early Australia
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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