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Mushroom Council Review of Programs: know your customer: quality lead motivator in buying mushrooms.

Recent studies indicate product quality is the leading factor that entices consumers to purchase more mushrooms. In a 2008 Rose Research survey, 43 percent of respondents indicated that they would be more likely to purchase mushrooms "if they didn't spoil so fast." There is good news with these findings--with proper cold chain management of fresh mushrooms, produce managers can extend the life of fresh mushrooms both in-store and after purchase.

Demand for mushrooms improved by 18 percent in stores that incorporated best practice education in care and culling, according to a 2008 Willard Bishop study. Another interesting finding of the Rose Research study--24 percent of respondents indicated that they would be enticed to buy more mushrooms if they "knew more about their health benefits." Through the recent partnership with Weight Watchers, the Mushroom Council helped consumers understand the significant health benefits of eating fresh mushrooms. For more information about these partnership programs, visit
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Title Annotation:produce marketing
Publication:Mushroom News
Date:Dec 1, 2008
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