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Museum That Features Male Sex Organs In Search of 'The Final Member' 6 from a Human [VIDEO].

(Video Credit: YouTube/Bill Kleinsorge)

The little town of Reykjavik in Iceland offers a wide range of amazing views, plus not to mention a museum full of male sex organs.

The Sigur[eth]ur "Siggi" Hjartarson's ( Phallological Museum started in 1997 and is home to 280 male organs from a total of 93 species. However, it misses one important specimen, and that is of the human male sex organ.

"The Final Member" Documentary

In relation to the search for male sex organ to be featured in the Iceland museum, a documentary entitled 'The Final Member' was made. Made by Zach Math and Jonah Bekhor, the ( story follows Pall Arason and Tom Mitchell who are vying for the highly controversial spot. Mr Arason is Icelandic, while Tom Mitchell is a U.S. patriot.

The Icelandic contestant is to give his five-inch penis after he passes away, while Mr Mitchell is ready to beat the finish line with a 7-incher. He even named his organ as 'Elmo' and even tattooed it with stripes and some stars to resemble that of the American flag.

The founder of the museum recalled that the male sex organ of a 95-year-old guy was already donated in the past, but he was not able to preserve it well. It was with the ( Lonely Planet where he revealed that it was a mistake not to have placed it in vinegar with some salt so as to have made the preservation more successful.

Requirements for the Male Sex Organ Donation

For those who are planning to donate their male sex organ, there are two requirements to come up with. The first one is a legal document with three witnesses' signature. The other is that the male sex organ is at least 5 inches in measure, ( The Daily Beast stated.

Based on a Folk Tale

It was noted that the minimum measure requirement was based on an Icelandic legend which is titled 'A Legal Length.' The story involves a woman who wanted a divorce since her hubby only had a three-inch shlong.

There may be a bigger chance for the Icelandic guy to land the privilege, but the American dude is not giving up that easy.

'The Final Member' documentary is set to hit the big screen this coming spring. As for now, the ( battle is on!

(Video Credit: YouTube/VICE)
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