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Museum Crows.

Museum Crows

Ron Houchin

Salmon Poetry

c/o Dufour Editions

PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425

9781907056178, $21.95,

The crow has been quite the symbolic creature through much of its existence. "Museum Crows" is the work of Ron Houchin, using his poetry to explore the crow, and what it means to humanity and the human spirit. With intriguing ideas on the matter, "Museum Crows" is a fine volume that will give poetry fans much to enjoy. "The god of pepper": A checkered cloth/makes a table all the more/a surreal painting/wherein you are hunger personified/perching on sharp elbows//Or a stage where souffles/and soups, gravies and casseroles/struggle, Italian and French characters/sweating, steaming in their own dilemmas.//Shakers and mill make it church--/utensils of sacrifice and thurible. Beside/you, a seraph with a towel on his arm.

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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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