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Muse Targets Urban Consumers with Viral Campaign.

Honda Civic Encourages Consumers to Show Their "Swagger"

LOS ANGELES -- Muse Communications has launched a viral campaign on behalf of client American Honda Motor, Co. that connects the Honda Civic with urban consumers. The agency's "Swagger" campaign features trendsetting directors and African American comedians in both commercial and web-based content. Muse Communications is Honda's 17-year African American agency of record.

"We understand that the best way to create a successful campaign is to develop creative that resonates with consumers at a cultural level," said Jo Muse, chairman and Chief Creative Director of Muse Communications. "The 30-second TV spot and webisodes produced by Muse Communications tap into authentic cultural experiences our urban audience recognizes as 'swagger.' They are fun and worth sharing with their friends."

To engage urban consumers, Muse developed a concept that provides a platform for consumers to connect naturally with the Civic. The target is confident and likes to do things differently, therefore, Muse Communications focused on "swagger," a self confidence that defines who the consumer is and how they present themselves. Topics addressed include rules to be cool in your Civic ("Etiquette" TV spot), how to meet women after a night at the clubs in the parking lot ("Parking Lot" webisode) and how to lean and look cool in your Civic ("Lean" webisode). The underlying message in the campaign is "The Civic doesn't give you swagger, it puts it in motion."

Muse Communications enlisted well-known urban directors Benny Boom and Coodie & Chike to direct the campaign. The agency also worked with youth culture expert Bee Nguyen to bring in relevant popular music and fashion pieces to the project. Well-known African American comedians Jackie Long ("ATL," "Idelwild") and DeRay Davis ("Scary Movie 4," "Reno 911!") were featured in the content.

The television spot, "Etiquette," airs on national cable, local spot in select markets and national radio, as well as targeted print media. The webisodes are available on beginning March 19, 2007.

About Muse Communications

Muse Communication's multicultural heritage adds a unique dimension to their client's marketing intelligence. Muse Communications has received the Agency of the Year award from the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the Mercury Award for Best Radio Spot, the AAAA O'Toole Award for Multicultural Advertising, a CLIO Award, The Advertising Club of New York Andy Award of Excellence, Creative Show Silver Award, Gold Effie Award, Art Directors Club Award, Belding Award and the Hispanic Agency of the Year award from the American Association of Advertising Agencies. For more information, call (323) 960-4080 or visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 19, 2007
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