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Spontaneous Progressive Muscle Weakness with Persistent Leukocytosis. Hirji, Sameer A.; Karamchandani, Manish M.; Scott, Jonathan W.; Menard, Matthew T. Jul 31, 2019 1881
Sporadic late onset nemaline myopathy (SLONM) in an adult presenting with progressive muscle weakness. Paramalingam, Shereen; Dyke, Jason M.; Nossent, Johannes C. Clinical report Apr 23, 2019 2100
Exploring Road of Classification Criteria for Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy. Li, Yu-Hui; Wang, Guo-Chun; Li, Zhan-Guo Report Dec 5, 2018 1427
A 16-Year-Old African-American Female With Sudden Onset of Bilateral Leg Weakness and Nystagmus. Harris, Yolanda; Smith, Tedra S. Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 2392
Muscle weakness as a presenting symptom in ANCA-associated vasculitis. Oiwa, Hiroshi; Kurashige, Takashi Jun 1, 2018 1691
Strength Decline in Sedentary Males and Females of Different Ages. Smolarek, Andre de Camargo; McAnulty, Steven R.; Schoenfeld, Brad J.; Cordeiro, Charllynson W.; Hono Report Apr 1, 2018 3833
Diaphragm Muscle Weakness Following Acute Sustained Hypoxic Stress in the Mouse Is Prevented by Pretreatment with N-Acetyl Cysteine. O'Leary, Andrew J.; Drummond, Sarah E.; Edge, Deirdre; O'Halloran, Ken D. Jan 1, 2018 11479
A Case of a 34-Year-Old Female with Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure and Proximal Muscle Weakness. Diaz, Alex; Sharma, Surit Jan 1, 2018 1828
NMO-IgG and AQP4 Peptide Can Induce Aggravation of EAMG and Immune-Mediated Muscle Weakness. Mizrachi, Tehila; Brill, Livnat; Rabie, Malcolm; Nevo, Yoram; Fellig, Yakov; Zur, Mayan; Karussis, D Jan 1, 2018 6703
Smoking May Increase Frailty. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 300
Palpitations and Asthenia Associated with Venlafaxine in a CYP2D6 Poor Metabolizer and CYP2C19 Intermediate Metabolizer. Garcia, Sofia; Schuh, Michael; Cheema, Anvir; Atwal, Herjot; Atwal, Paldeep S. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 3216
The isokinetic and electromyographic assessment of knee muscles strength in the short- and long-term type 2 diabetes. Askary-Ashtiani, Ahmadreza; Ghanjal, Ali; Motaqi, Monireh; Meftahi, Gholam Hossein; Hatef, Boshra; N Report Dec 1, 2016 4980
The effects of respiratory muscle weakness and pulmonary involvement on functional status, fatigue and health related quality of life in patients with systemic sclerosis. Kesikburun, Bilge; Koseoglu, Belma Fusun; Sahin, Ali; Turgay, Murat; Dogan, Asuman; Ayhan Oken, Oznu Jun 1, 2015 4530
Factors associated with inspiratory muscle weakness in patients with HIV-1. Jeronimo, Fabiana S.; Alves, Giovanni N.; Cipriano, Gerson, Jr.; Vieira, Paulo J.C.; Chiappa, Adrian Report Jan 1, 2015 4611
A 63-year-old woman with rash and proximal muscle weakness. Washco, Vaughan; McCarron, Ross; Engel, Lee S.; Kamboj, Sanjay; Lopez, Fred A. Nov 1, 2014 1667
CDC watching link between EV-D68, limb weakness. Miller, Naseem S. Oct 1, 2014 551
A rare complication of external dacryocystorhinostomy: transient orbicularis muscle weakness/Eksternal dakriyosistorinostominin nadir bir komplikasyonu: gecici orbikularis kas gucsuzlugu. Serin, Didem; Karslioglu, Safak; Buttanri, Ibrahim Bulent; Akbaba, Muslime Clinical report Sep 1, 2014 920
Leukocytosis, muscle damage and increased lymphocyte proliferative response after an adventure sprint race. Tossige-Gomes, R.; Ottone, V.O.; Oliveira, P.N.; Viana, D.J.S.; Araujo, T.L.; Gripp, F.J.; Rocha-Vie Report Jun 1, 2014 4941
What leads to muscle weakness in long-time alcoholics. Apr 22, 2014 362
Diagnosis and rehabilitation of gastrocnemius muscle tear: a case report. Nsitem, Virginia Report Oct 1, 2013 4092
Primary cerebral echinococcosis presenting as long-standing generalized weakness. Madeo, Jennifer; Zheng, Xi; Ahmed, Shadab; De Oleo, Radhames Ramos Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 2235
HIV, rods, and the muscles--a discussion about HIV-associated Nemaline Rod Myopathy. Madonia, Phillip; Wilson, Jon; Bican, Orhan; Willis, Megan; Bass, Pat Clinical report Nov 1, 2012 2000
Antibacterial agent weakens muscle strength in mice. Raloff, Janet Brief article Oct 6, 2012 124
Left lower extremity weakness, difficulty voiding, and a past medical history of uterine leiomyosarcoma in a 51-year-old. Faust, Katherine C.; Serou, Michael; Porter, Chad; Neitzschman, Harold R. Case study Mar 1, 2012 945
The infant with hypotonia. Bingham, Peter M. Report Dec 1, 2011 699
The role of drugs or surgery: what's the doctor got to keep people moving should mobility decline? Wojcik, Emily Sep 13, 2011 878
Multiple skeletal lesions and pleural effusion owing to histoplasma capsulatum infection in an immunocompetent patient from a non-endemic region. Suleman, F.E.; Scheepers, P.A. Case study Sep 1, 2011 963
Bad for bones? The latest on food and fractures. Dawson-Hughes, Bess Cover story Nov 1, 2010 4075
A 48-year-old man with right lower extremity weakness and pain. Melancon, Jeffrey M.; Davis, Carter; Ehsan, Kian; Deranger, Robyn; Helmcke, Frederick R.; Lopez, Fre Case study Sep 1, 2010 5409
A 68-year-old man with chest pain and left-sided weakness. Ramirez, Juan D.; Chaudhry, Asad; Litner, David; Alwood, Shannon; Glancy, D. Luke; Heck, Herman A.; Case study Jul 1, 2010 1717
Don't fall victim to frailty: evidenced-based strategies for lifelong power in aging individuals. Davis, William Report Mar 1, 2010 3633
Skeletal Muscle Contractile Protein Function is Preserved in Human Heart Failure. Swisher, Anne Report Sep 1, 2008 328
Weight lifting offsets muscle wasting during dialysis. Report Jul 1, 2007 125
Muscle damage from Cimicifuga. Brief article Sep 22, 2006 202
Principle and design of a mobile arm support for people with muscular weakness. Herder, Just L.; Vrijlandt, Niels; Antonides, Tonko; Cloosterman, Marijn; Mastenbroek, Peter L. Aug 1, 2006 7530
Weight training prevents muscle decline, eases pain in elderly patients. Sullivan, Michele G. Sep 1, 2005 669
Diabetes accelerates the decline of muscle strength in older adults. Brunk, Doug Sep 1, 2005 340
Myelo-mystery lays novice surfers low in Hawaiian isles. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Jul 1, 2005 556
Novice surfers washing up with mysterious muscle weakness. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Jun 15, 2005 526
Sarcopenia: a common, often preventable, disorder of aging. Liew, Andrew; Bagchi, Debasis; Preuss, Harry G. Dec 1, 2003 3693
Polio-like paralysis reported in some cases of West Nile infection. (Autopsy Results). Finn, Robert Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 287
Correcting muscular imbalances to improve running economy. Holes, David J. Jan 1, 2003 999

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