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Muscle and Meat Biochemistry.

Muscle and Meat Biochemistry

by A M Pearson and R B Young This book is another in their informative Food Science and Technology series and it has been written as a text for teaching the subject. Having said that, it is also a useful reference book.

The thirteen titles carry fully descriptive titles; Composition and structure; Muscle cell differentiation and growth; Proteins of thick filament; Proteins of the thin filament - actin, tropomyosin and troponin; Cytoskeletal and other proteins of the myofibrils; Sacroplasmic reticulum; Contraction and rigor mortis; Skeletal muscle growth and protein metabolism; Skeletal muscle fibre types; Cardiac and smooth muscle; Sacroplasmic proteins; The connective tissues - collagen, elastin and ground substance; and Postmortem changes during conversion of muscle to meat.

This highly specialist scientific text is set out as two columns to the page which makes for rapid reading.

The book is well illustrated with electronmicrographs to show some of the latest work in understanding muscle fibres and their mode of contraction. Other illustrations demonstrate the difficulty of identifying some of the chemical substances involved and the protein sequences that are possible. Numerous stereoisomers are identified as well as possible bundling arrangements for the various types of muscle fibres. At the very end of the text the authors briefly consider the origins of meat flavour when muscle is converted to meat.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
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Date:Dec 1, 1989
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