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Muriel Topaz.

Not long before her death, April 28, 2003, Muriel Topaz had the pleasure of learning that Undimmed Lustre, her biography of Antony Tudor, was to be reprinted by Rowman and Littlefield Publishing She was also planning a biography of choreographer Sophie Maslow and was reconstructing Tudor's ballet The Planets.

Topaz was born May 7, 1932, in Philadelphia, but New York was the center of most of her prodigious activity. The poles of her professional life were The Juilliard School and the Dance Notation Bureau. Her notation skills saved many an important dance from extinction.

In 1966 she became rehearsal director of the Juilliard Dance Ensemble and in 1970 director of Labanotation, then executive director of the Dance Notation Bureau. She succeeded Martha Hill in 1985 as director of the Juilliard Dance Division, remaining until 1992. Topaz was also a contributor to Dance Magazine.

Her husband, composer Jacob Druckman, died in 1996, but Topaz continued her projects with undiminished discipline. Her work on the Tudor book was abetted by a John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. She also ajudicated festivals for Regional Dance America and wrote the text for its newsletter.

Topaz had two children and three grandchildren. Like many creative people, she was also a superb cook.
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