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Murder suspect took knife from kitchen.

The documents released yesterday also gave more information on the telephone conversation police in Massachusetts had with Entwistle three days after the murders, when he was in Worksop.

Entwistle allegedly told State Trooper Robert Manning that on the day his wife and daughter died he woke up at about 7am and fed his daughter, before leaving the house to do some errands.

When he returned around 11am, he said he checked the baby's room and when he could not find her went into the master bedroom, where he found his wife partially covered with a comforter, or duvet.

"Neil said that he pulled down the comforter, saw his wife was pale, saw blood on the baby and that the baby had been shot, and they were dead," the officer is quoted as saying.

"Neil said he pulled the covers back over his wife and daughter, went downstairs, grabbed (a) knife from the kitchen and considered killing himself, but then put it down because it would hurt too much, and then decided to drive to Carver and tell his in-laws what had happened."

Entwistle also told Manning he drove to Carver to get one of his father-in-law Joseph Matterazzo's guns to kill himself, but that when he got there no one was in.

Entwistle told Manning that after leaving Carver he drove to the airport, then left to start driving back to Hopkinton, before changing his mind and returning to the airport. He is then said to have boarded a flight for England.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Feb 14, 2006
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