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Murder most foul ...

A postcard posted by a visitor on July 8 - the day of Dougal's execution - shows Moat Farm.

Wandering forlornly on the drive is Camille's dog Jacko who faithfully stayed at the farm and became a celebrity.

A second postcard has links to a notorious Rainhill murder case. Posted in 1906, it shows the parish church with a spire, removed many years ago.

The writer says: "This is the church where Deeming's family were buried."

Frederick Deeming, another womanising rogue, rented Dinham Villa in leafy Lawton Road. He murdered and buried his wife and four children under the floorboards. Deeming then married a local girl, moved to Australia and murdered her as well. He was hanged at Melbourne in 1892.

Crowds descended on Rainhill and wrecked Dinham Villa, which was later demolished. | Stephen Guy chairs the historic Lowlands West Derby Community Centre. Details at or 0151 226 5352.

Lawton Road, in Rainhill


Moat Farm - and Jacko - on the day of Samuel Dougal's execution

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 25, 2019
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