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Murder City Devils.

SINCE 1997, MURDER CITY DEVILS have traversed the continent in foul weather, with broken gear, no sleep, and a 12-pack. All seven of them--their gear shoved in a van and a trailer with a busted axle--eight months a year. The shows are hot, everyone's drunk, and by the end of the second song, you can't see the band through the kids.

What's new, any news?

Spencer: We were happy to hear about that asshole from REM getting arrested. He was on an airplane and he hit a stewardess.

Coady: He took a sleeping pill and woke up all disoriented.

There was a rumor you were doing the Warped Tour.

S: Umm, we don't know. They asked at the same time as they put us on the flier. Then we said no, and we were already on the fliers.

What plans do you have for touring?

S: Leslie needs surgery and we need to write the next record. So we're sort of on a hiatus.

Leslie: In August we're going to Europe.

What records do you have in the van?

Derek: Everybody listens to walkmans in the van. There's usually seven or eight walkmans going at once.

S: The only thing we listen to, as a band, is hip hop and sometimes we listen to the "Feel the Heat" song from Boogie Nights.

You guys seem to follow themes of sea faring, hard drinking, and truckers. Will you ever do a song about steel workers?

S: It's less about work and more about jobs where people are away a lot. So steel workers get to stay at home and work.

Worst injury sustained on stage?

D: I broke my leg in Scotland and had to have surgery. It got repaired with a six-inch steel bar. The place we played had really low ceilings and I jumped up, hit my head and knocked myself unconscious. My body weight crushed my leg.

Are any of you superstitious?

D: I actually used to be really superstitious. On that Europe trip I gave everyone shit about walking under ladders. Then I was the one that got hurt, so I don't really think about it any more.

What do you recommend on the road?

S: Bring Valium. If you're feeling stressed out, or you wish you weren't on tour, just drink until you black out.
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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