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Murder, Mystery and Croquet.

Wicket People Wield Murderous Mallets

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Feb. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Murder, Mystery and Croquet


"Who would have dreamed this innocent appearing game of croquet has historical and global true stories with the suspense of fiction detective novels!" -- Ruth Stotter, author

In 1893 the United States courts established the croquet mallet as a deadly weapon. The book features over 80 true murders and mysteries based around croquet. It has been sprinkled with old time radio quotes. You will hear from Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Bob Hope.

This book clears up where women stood in sports. It points out that the wrong side on man has been the same for centuries. Those that think they know about croquet, really don't until they read this entertaining primer.

Do these people have anything in common?






They were all CROQUET enthusiasts!

And if that's not enough to get you can add to this list King Charles II of England, The Prince of Wales, President James Garfield and... Blackjack the cat!

Croquet mallets have the look of Indian war clubs for a reason; it is dangerous to underestimate their ability to be a deadly weapon. Famous murders connected to croquet have occurred around the world over centuries.

These true croquet murders and mysteries include insightful - and sometimes hilarious - commentary on how to cheat or detect a croquet cheat .

The Unexpected

The true account of children, playing with an exploding croquet ball, will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Bonnie and Clyde's gang was taken out by a female croquet heroine. Her story was passed over by a male-dominated press and Hollywood films.

Jacqueline Kennedy bashed a croquet opponent in the head with her mallet, leaving the player comatose all day.

A sparrow figured a way to kill a threatening snake with a croquet mallet.

You will meet Egg and Bea, two well behaved, small children who excelled in grade school. They used their father's head for a croquet ball and ended his life with perfect strokes and then turned on their mother.

The unconventional man, who burned his home down over a croquet rule argument, will leave you astonished.

Trained sparrows robbing unsuspecting croquet players may seem outlandish, but in England "sparrow thievery" was a top crime.

There were three croquet cliques in Washington D.C., London and Berlin. It may seem fanciful now, but they virtually ran World War II.

A croquet ghost lurks on a Scottish castle croquet lawn, where her murder was covered up.

A war between England and France was waged over croquet rules.

Presidents such as Lincoln, Grant and McKinley were croquet enthusiasts and spread the love of the game throughout America and the Olympic Games.

Susan B. Anthony defended "women's right to own a croquet mallet" as part of her platform.

Cardinal Richelieu in France effectively plotted the peculiar death of an insulting "ball and mallet" croquet opponent in 1618.

A bigamist countess played croquet out of two English castles to great success, before her strange games were found out.

You will read about the curious croquet deaths of a horse, a dog and Blackjack the cat.

Find out what would happen in a skirmish with one side armed with baseball bats and the other croquet mallets.

The chapter on "how to cheat at croquet" or "detect a croquet cheat" explores personal experiences of a variety of players. Their humorous stories reveal sinister activity.

Bright spots of croquet include the two croquet champions of the 20[] century, whom you know well.

To the author "Murder, Mystery and Croquet" is more than a book. Three years ago he was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer. As a result of treatments, many of his usual activities became difficult if not impossible. He focused on writing this book.

The doctors offered the usual medications and he turned them down. They were astounded when it was explained that his moral was up and he needed to be sharp to research croquet murders and had deadlines to meet.

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