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Mums with a magic touch; MAGIC MUMS Time for readers to choose the Daily Post Magic Mum from these ten heartwarming stories.


IS your mum magic?

That's the question we asked our readers in a bid to find North Wales' best mum. We then whittled your amazing entries down to a shortlist of just 10. Now we're asking you to vote for your favourite.

The woman crowned Daily Post Magic Mum will win pounds 1,000 worth of Thomas Cook vouchers.

And for the two runners-up there's pounds 250 of Asda vouchers.

The competition is sponsored by family bakers Warburtons.

They agreed to team up with the Daily Post to celebrate mums and everything they do for us.

A Warburtons spokeswoman said: "Family is such an integral part of the Warburtons story that we're delighted to be helping reward the person for whom family is all-important - mum - and what makes her magic to those closest to her."

01 Ann Burns, of Broughton, Flintshire

Sarah Burns told how her magic mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in April 2005.

Ann, 57, underwent chemotherapy at Clatterbridge Hospital and was given two years to live.

Sarah, 34, said: "When told about her illness mum was only worried about her family and how they would cope.

"At the same time her own Mum, Lucy, my nana, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

"Mum cooks all nana's meals for carers to reheat and does all nana's laundry and ironing."

Sarah said her mum, a self-employed hairdresser, carried on cleaning and cooking meals even when she was undergoing chemotherapy.

Sarah, of Higher Kinnerton, added: "Her hairdressing clients are mainly elderly women. She always cares for them - more than doing their hair.

"She never bakes one cake or one jar of chutney, always 12 to 18."

Grateful Sarah said her mum was also her best friend helping her through "a messy divorce".

02 Sue Cunningham, of Holyhead, Anglesey

Daughter Julie Cunningham, 14, said her magic mum is also "one in a million".

She said: "She looks after me and my two sisters but also our four little foster brothers, aged nine, eight, five and three.

"Mum's life is very hectic and she works non-stop every day from 7am till 10pm.

"And after my grandma had a bad stroke two years ago, which left her badly disabled, my mum has done absolutely everything for her as well."

When Grandma moved house three months ago Sue worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly. Even now she is decorating grandma's house.

Julie added: "My Mum has had a bad couple of years but never shows it.

"My grandad died last year and, though my Mum was very upset, she still carried on looking after us all.

"She never thinks of herself and always puts us kids first. We love her so much. She is the bestest Mum ever."

Damian, eight, said: "I think my foster mum should get the Magic Mum award because she is really nice. She takes care of me and my brothers. We love her very much."

03 May Williams, of Cemaes Bay, Anglesey

Daughter Ruth Williams explained why her mum May is magic.

She said: "She started the job of mother/jack of all trades in 1956 when I was born. She is still employed doing this full time work."

Ruth, of Valley, added: "She has given me a treasure trove of goodies. These 'goodies' are not things she buys in shops but these gems:

"GOLDen moments which made happy childhood and adult memories.

"PEARLS of wisdom which I always need to be taught.

"DIAMONDS which make me strong, unbreakable and shine.

"SILVER linings when things didn't always go right in my life.

"RUBIES, the right to be my own person, being proud, and supporting the person I have become.

"HONEY to sweeten me. When there is so much bitterness. Ensuring my cup is always half full never half empty."

04 Ann Orritt, of Caernarfon, Gwynedd

Daughter Sharon Orritt nominated her magic mum.

She said: "Not only is she a mum, she is a best friend - always there for advice, encouragement or just a friendly chat."

"Her five grandchildren, aged five months to nine years, dote on her. They look forward to their weekend holidays at nain's house."

Sharon, also of Caernarfon, said Ann has battled to overcome health problems.

She said: "In summer 2004, after months of illness, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. This was successfully removed.

"Now she has fought back, stronger than ever, even caring for her own Mum who has Parkinson's disease."

Sharon added: "We realise how lucky we are, that mum is still with us to enjoy the companionship and love of her children and grandchildren. That's why I think my mum is magic."

05 Megan Cook, of Bodedern, Anglesey

Daughter Beryl Siddall said her magic mum overcame breast cancer.

An only child she sadly lost her Dad in 1969 making Megan a young widow.

Mrs Siddall, of Newborough, said: "She worked hard for me to have the same as other children.

"She went out to work to give me a college education and never left me short of anything."

Then in 1989, Megan developed breast cancer.

But true to form she beat it and returned to work as OR Jones Coaches' secretary in Llanfaethlu.

She arranged many trips to matches for Liverpool FC fans and only retired last year, after a stroke, aged an incredible 83.

Mrs Siddall added: "Mum was highly thought of by everyone who travelled on the coach and had lots of visitors and cards in hospital."

Understandably her mum, who also works hard for the local chapel, is adored by her family who look up to her as their "Queen Mother".

Mrs Siddall said: "Now she has recovered well after the stroke, she has moved to a little bungalow and is living as independently as one would expect.

"She appreciates everything and everyone."

06 Eileen Iles, of Oswestry, Shropshire

Daughter Amanda Iles said her magic mum is "always there" for the family offering help and advice.

Amanda said: "She suffers from arthritis. Some days it's quite painful but she never complains.

"If anyone calls at her house unexpectedly she always puts the kettle on and gets the biscuits or cakes out."

Eileen, 69, also visits her own Mum in a nearby nursing home.

And she is a member of Oswestry U3A (University of the Third Age) social club - and helps fellow members.

Amanda, of Stansty, Wrexham, added: "If anyone has problems with flowers or plants, they usually phone Mum.

"They ask if she can pop round to have a look at them. She seems to have green fingers and is able to revive them."

At 60 Eileen wanted to prove she could learn new skills and studied for a European Computer Driving Licence.

She regularly encourages her family to enter competitions and now they've entered one for her.

07 Gwen Moynihan, of Llandudno, Conwy

Daughter Carol Moynihan is full of praise for her magical mum.

She said: "Please would you pick my lovely mum as the winner? It would make her day.

"She is so kind and always cares for our big family. She looked after my sick gran for years until she sadly passed away."

It hasn't always been easy for Gwen who celebrates her 70th birthday on November 28.

Carol, of Llandudno, added: " She's been so brave. Mum has had two big hip operations within a few months.

"She has been so ill because she has a rare blood condition which can make her sick for most of the time."

08 Joy Thomas, of Deiniolen, Caernarfon

Daughter Mandy Owen describes Joy as "the Mum of her dreams" supporting her through thick and thin.

Mandy said: "I'd love mum to win so the world can see what a magic mum she is. I have had two failed marriages.

"There was even a time when I wanted to end my life. But my Mum was always there to pick me up."

Mum-of-four Mandy gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in 1998 - but tragically he died after only two days.

Mandy, who lives with her mum, added: "I was in a world of my own with grief. But mum looked after the other four children. She got them up for school, washed and fed them.

"She was a second mum to them while I lay in bed with depression. She never judged me. Never told me to 'pull myself together'.

But in 1999 Mandy was blessed with another baby boy.

"He was healthy - exactly as Mum said he would be.

"Mum is the best. I don't know where she gets her strength from."

09 Mary Bowes, of Connah's Quay, Flintshire

Jennifer Coppack claims her 62-yearold mum is a definite winner.

She said: "I would like to nominate my mum to win magic mums.

"She's been through so much over the years and remains positive when most people would have gone the other way."

Jennifer, of Buckley, described how Mary suffered a terrible blow with the disappearance of eldest son Mark, who was suffering from depression, in 1998.

Then in summer 2000 Mary's husband was diagnosed with skin cancer.

He had major surgery and Mary dressed and cared for him until he recovered. Eighteen months later, the cancer returned. More surgery followed.

Jennifer added: "It was unsuccessful and dad went downhill fast. Mum cared for him and became ill herself. She lost weight but put off going to the GP as she didn't want to worry him."

Further setbacks followed when hospital tests revealed Mary had an inoperable stomach tumour.

Doctors at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital have stabilised her condition and she visits a hospice weekly.

Jennifer added: "She is still a brilliant gran to my kids Ryan, six, Owen, three and Aimee, four months. I truly hope you consider my Mum. If anyone deserves a treat and a surprise, she does."

10 Sarah Elvin, of Kinmel Bay, Conwy

Sarah was nominated by her own mum Eileen Harrison.

While pregnant with son Simon Joseph the 31-year-old regularly visited her terminally-ill sister Amy in Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

And despite 29-year-old Amy's premature death from organ failure on June 4 2006, Sarah battled to keep the family strong.

Mrs Harrison, of The Ponsonby Arms, in Llangollen, said: "I would like to nominate my daughter Sarah as a very special mum.

"In May this year Amy was admitted to hospital. It became clear she was seriously ill.

"Sarah, despite her pregnancy and having a husband Simon, and two children Shona and Sam to look after, spent every available minute with Amy. It was over an hour's trip from Kinmel Bay to Wrexham and back."

"When Amy died Sarah was 'a tower of strength to all of us," said Mrs Harrison.

Then, four weeks after Amy's funeral, little Simon Joseph was born 12 weeks prematurely.

He is "well and happy and now at home".

Mrs Harrison added: "I am sure the reason is his Mum is so dedicated. She makes time for her family and is a super friend to many."

Sarah, Simon, Shona, Sam and other relatives and friends have helped raise pounds 4,600 for Wrexham Maelor's Intensive Care Unit

Mrs Harrison said: "I'm very proud of all my children and grandchildren.

"But I take my hat off to Sarah. She is unique, strong and the best mum ever."

How to vote for your favourite mum

Call 0901 383 4466 and key in the TWO digit number of the mum you want to vote for (Eg 01 or 02 or 03 etc).

Alternatively you can text your answer: you simply key in WDVOTE50 followed by a space and then the TWO digit number of the mum you wish to vote for before sending your text to 84080.

Terms and Conditions

Calls will cost 25p although network charges may vary. Text messages are charged at 25p plus the standard message rate. Usual competition rules apply. Voting will finish at 12 midnight on Saturday, November 25, 2006.


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