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Mum-of-8's wasted every opportunity.

Byline: Straight talking MAUREEN MESSENT

B ORIS Johnson, London's mayor whom Tory insiders tip to follow Cameron as leader, had chums distancing themselves from him this week after he observed that some are simply born too thick to compete in the modern world.

He's right. Although our lives are all of equal worth, we're not all mentally equal.

Is Marie Buchan, that single mother-of eight-who bemoans her benefits being capped to PS500 a week, the mental of other 31-year-old women who've pressed ahead with careers and children? She's reviled by all while, in fact, she's a pathetic throw-back to harem concubines or slave plantation workers bought to breed.

Far from living in happy leisure, she's squandered every opportunity Britain offers.

This woman's as hapless as Dylan Thomas' sad Polly Garter, who mourns that nothing grows in her garden except babies.

Not a scrounger, just another liberated product of the welfare state.

PERHAPS that Streetley mother who complains that the museum trust has disappointed her children in cancelling this year's civic Father Christmas in a cost-cutting exercise might console her son and daughter by explaining the old chap has the more needy of youngsters in mind this time round - he's off to bring cheer to little Syrians who'll be shivering in Turkish refugee camps this winter.

Our nation of little me-ers certainly verges on the parochial at times.

he'Far from living in happy leisure, she's squandered every opportunity Britain offers...'


Mother-of eight Marie Buchan, from Selly Oak, has complained at a benefits cut
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Dec 6, 2013
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