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Mum found hanged after house flooded 40 times in 13 years Catherine's death sparks; Catherine's death sparks anger at 'council failure'.


A TORMENTED resident whose home was repeatedly flooded with sewage has been found hanged - sparking outrage against her local authority.

Housproud Catherine McColl-Sutherland's council flat was hit by deluges 40 times in 13 years due to drainage problems.

Last week the property was flooded for the second time this year, pouring filthy, foul-smelling water into her rooms. She was found dead two days later.

Catherine's devastated sister, who did not want to be named, said the latest incident pushed the 46-year-old mum-of-one over the edge.

She added: "If it had not happened, I don't think she would have done what she did.

"She could not cope. She was always house proud. She had to keep going through the same thing over and over again."

Catherine was placed in temporary accommodation in May when her home in Sheerwater, Surrey, was hit.

She returned four weeks later when Woking council said it had sorted the drains, only for it to happen again last Thursday.

Catherine, who is under stood to have a son in his 20s, was pictured wading through the deluge. She said: "When it happened I thought, 'God, not this again.' I have had enough of it. Yesterday we had a council inspector round to look at the flat but I still do not know what they are going to do. I thought the problem was fixed."

Catherine, who had emph ysema and depression, claimed the damp worsened her health.

Woking borough council faced outrage last night.

Peta Malthouse wrote on Face book: "Woking borough council are a disgrace. They should not have returned such a vulnerable and beautiful lady to this repeated nightmare."

Catherine's sister wrote: "WBC have a lot to answer to. Rest in piece big sis."

Christopher Royle, who used to live on the street, said: "The sewage was up six inches in the house. The council gave us another place temporarily. They said they'd do something about but I don't think they did a lot."

Catherine's flat was managed by New Vision Homes. Woking council said a probe has been launched into the nightmare.

Housing chief Colin Kemp added: "It is important we gather the facts to understand what led to the tragic events."

Thames Water is also investi gating drainage in the area.

She had to keep going through the same thing. She could not cope SISTER ON DEATH OF TRAGIC CATHERINE


ANGUISH Submerged back yard

TORMENT Outside flat

TRAGIC Smiling Catherine tends roses

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 23, 2016
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