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Mum: I feared for Daniel's wedding to Majella, she'd been married before and already had two children.. DANIEL O'DONNELL EXCLUSIVE WEEK TWO.


HE'S Ireland's biggest singing superstar, but even Daniel O'Donnell has trouble keeping MUM.

Today his outspoken mother Julia reveals how she:

ATTACKED country legend Loretta Lynn's husband for cheating on her

CAUSED a commotion at Buckingham palace as worried Daniel feared she would lash out at Prince Charles for betraying her hero, Princess Diana, with Camilla

FEARED for Daniel's marriage because bride-to-be Majella had been wed before.

Feisty Julia is not afraid of saying what she thinks, and admits she was NOT pleased with her famous son's choice of wife.

She said: "For many years, one of my prayers was for Daniel to find someone nice who would love him and look after him as I'd always done.

"I always said I would die contented when I saw him happily married.

"As Daniel's 40th birthday loomed, I thought he would remain married to the stage for the rest of his life.

"Little did I know he'd already cast his eye on someone in Tenerife. Daniel had met Majella, whose father and mother ran a bar on the island.

"It was a while before I was told about this big romance because he was worried how I would react.

"Majella had been married previously, and was the mother of two teenage children.

"Daniel knew that didn't sit well with my religion.

"But the first time I met Majella, during a trip to Tenerife, I found her to be a warm human being and I could see she and Daniel were happy. He looked very relaxed in her company, and they shared the same sense of humour.

"There was a lot of laughter in the room when they were there.

"I have to admit that while I was happy he was happy, when they announced they were to wed I still had a lot of misgivings because Majella had been married before.

"The wedding was set for 1pm on November 4, 2002, in our little parish church in Kincasslagh.

"I was in a very emotional state. There were so many memories for me in that church. It was there that Francie and myself had married. The tap was on and the tears were flowing. As the wedding music struck up, the floodgates opened again.

"Hearing Daniel and Majella take their vows was a moment I had prayed for, but I'd never considered it would be such a wrench for me."

Luckily Majella and Julia are now the best of friends.

Julia said: "Today I am the happiest mother and mother-in-law alive. Any concerns I had about Majella in the beginning have been put to rest."

The straight-talking granny also gave a piece of her mind to Loretta Lynn's playboy husband Doolitle at her Irish show.

She said: "He'd been a bit of a jack-the-lad who'd been carousing with other women behind her back.

"Someone pointed out Doolittle to me, and I sidled up to him and gave him a piece of my mind. Daniel was mortified."

And she almost took on Prince Charles when Daniel went to Buckingham Palace to receive his MBE.

Julia said: "Daniel had warned me to be on my best behaviour, he didn't want a repeat of the Doolittle incident.

"You see, Daniel knew I worshipped Princess Diana and was on tenterhooks in case I'd have a go at Charles about his relationship with Camilla."

But luckily for the singing star Julia just asked the Prince how his gran - the Queen Mum - was feeling.

She said: "Prince Charles thanked me, and then he kissed my hand before moving on. I was charmed, and I'm sure my son Daniel O'Donnell, MBE,


Marriage vows...Daniel and wife Majella
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 24, 2007
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