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<i>Visible nature is all plasticity and indifference</i>, <i>a multiverse, as one might call it, and not a universe</i>.

--Henry James

In the alternate universe
everything turned out differently.
The other you has another career,
a house full of loving or bratty kids,
a more or less beautiful spouse.

You exercise every day
and never fail to floss.
You should see your witty self
at parties. Ah, those jokes you tell.
The possibilities, not to mention the realities,
are endless in that parallel life borne
of some quantum physicist's theory.

Do you wonder what it would be like
if you'd married your first love,
become a cartographer in Luxembourg,
and told the boss to kiss your ass good-bye?
There's good news.
You did.
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Author:Talmadge, Jeffrey
Publication:Atlanta Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2010
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