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Multipurpose Vrieco Nauta Vacuum Dryer.

Recent developments of the Vrieco Nauta Vacuum Dryer, available from Hosokawa Micron, have lead to the creation of a truly multipurpose piece of equipment capable of performing many more tasks than just drying at low temperatures.

Various chemical and crystallisation reactions as well as thermal and/or pressure treatments such as steam stripping and vacuum sterilisation are now being performed in Hosokawa Micron's Vrieco Nauta Vacuum Dryers. Mechanical dewatering prior to drying can also be performed by installing a filter directly on top of the dryer or even inside the vessel.


The latest multipurpose vacuum drying system combines many different processes such as filtration, chemical treatments, sterilisation at high temperature and pressure, and vacuum drying making it suitable for a broad spectrum of products. Using smart process engineering methods the original multi process sequences have been rearranged resulting in a 50% reduction in processing time to deliver potentially significant energy savings. The system offers maximum production flexibility with minimal operator intervention.

Process time is reduced not only by mechanical dewatering prior to drying but by then heating the extracted water which is then recirculated back into the dryer which reduces the process heating time. Alternatively the heated water is available to other processes.

Crystalisation can also be done in the vacuum dryer where the reactants can be first dissolved and reacted. The efficient mixing within the dryer accelerates dissolution and temperature control. Cooling of the liquid then initiates the crystalisation process. The crystals formed can be dried under vacuum, all in the one machine.

Chemical reactions including those where solids react with gases or liquids, can be handled very effectively with the high efficiency of the mixer ensuring an homogenous result in product conversion, while the reaction energy is efficiently removed or supplied by the good heat transfer within the dryer unit.

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