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Multiple biodiesel samples at 100 scans/sec.


The MultiComponent 2750 EP-NIR analyzer monitors methanol, water, and total glycerin in biodiesel; measures water content in ethanol; determines biodiesel blends; and analyzes ethanol/gasoline blends. The highly flexible unit provides pass/fail information on multiple biofuel contaminants before samples are sent for ASTM certification. A single analyzer can process multiple biodiesel and ethanol samples at 100 scans/sec, generating ultra-fast, real-time results in just a few seconds. The design makes the unit easy to integrate into online process environments or package for field deployment in harsh biofuel production facilities.

Each carries a factory repair guarantee for three years while the motor assembly carries a guarantee for factory replacement for 10 years.

Aspectrics, Inc.

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Title Annotation:Tools of the Trade; MultiComponent 2750 EP-NIR
Comment:Multiple biodiesel samples at 100 scans/sec.(Tools of the Trade)(MultiComponent 2750 EP-NIR )
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Date:Oct 1, 2007
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