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Multiphase Homogeneous Catalysis.


Multiphase homogeneous catalysis.

Ed. by B. Cornils et al.



871 pages




Thanks to recent progress, researchers can now introduce separate phases in the context of "homogeneous" catalysis, an apparent contradiction which has far-reaching consequences in terms of processes with organic/organic, Organic/aqueous or fluorous solvent pairs, noaqueous ionic solvents, supercritical fluids, and systems with soluble polymers. This collection of papers linked into a coherent handbook format concentrate on modifying and handling of such homogeneous catalysts, particularly the processes of removing and recycling the catalyst. Topics include aqueous-phase catalysis, organic/organic biphase catalysis, fluorous catalysis, catalysis in nonaqueous ionic liquids, catalysis using supercritical solvents, soluble polymer-bound catalysts and multiphase processes as the future of homogeneous catalysis.

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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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