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Multinutrient supplementation reduces body fat and lipids in obese women.

An article published in the International Journal of Obesity reports a positive effect on fat loss and lipid lowering in obese women who consumed a daily multinutrient supplement. *

C. H. Sun and associates at Harbin Medical University randomized 96 women to receive a daily placebo, a calcium tablet, or a multivitamin and mineral supplement. After 26 weeks, women who received the multinutrient supplement had significantly lower body weight, body mass index, fat mass, respiratory quotient, and total and LDL cholesterol; and higher resting energy expenditure and HDL levels compared with placebo and baseline levels. Participants who received calcium alone had lower LDL and higher HDL levels than the placebo group at the trial's conclusion.

"The findings of this study support the notion that besides calcium, obese individuals need other vitamins and minerals for balancing energy metabolism, controlling body weight and for improving lipid profiles," the authors note.


* Int J Obes. 2010 Feb 9.

Editor's note: A multinutrient supplement not only ensures adequate vitamin and mineral intake while dieting, but, according to this study, may assist in weight loss.

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