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Multimode tester addresses boundary scan. (Product Briefing).

The SCANTURY(R) Prober, a multifunction test and diagnosis system for boundary scan boards, combines an automatically positioned probe with new boundary scan ATPG tools and AOI functions. This enhanced version of the Virtual Boundary Scan Pin [TM] process is designed to accommodate nets suffering from poor boundary scan access.

The placement precision of the probe is better than 40 [micro]m. The system features up to 12 additional fixed probes. All probe signals can be accessed via an internal coaxial matrix so the system can be used in combination with external test instruments such as oscilloscopes and DMMs. The software includes graphical layout and visualization tools to support these interactive processes.

Mixed-signal SCANPLUS [R] Modules are used within the prober as boundary scan instruments. A PC running under Windows XP controls the system. Contact company for price. GOEPEL electronic GmbH,

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Publication:EE-Evaluation Engineering
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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