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MIT Media Lab director and founder, Nicholas Negroponte, made a telling comment in a recent interview (interactive Age, 2-27-95). In a discussion about the pace of technological change, the reporter asked rhetorically "A lot of people are going to be left behind, aren't they?" Negroponte replied "Yes, but it's not the rich and poor. It's generational."

For educators, that carries dramatic implications.

First it means that they, both personally and collectively, form the turning point. How well they utilize current technologies will, in turn, be exponentially magnified by the lives of the students they teach or otherwise touch. Second, it means that today's students must be equipped with both the basics as well as new sets of skills, tuned for the emerging information-rich society. It's a great responsibility.

It is, however, a responsibility that educators see quite clearly. They know what they have to do, and they know how to do it. Their not-so-secret weapon is multimedia-slayer of boredom, seducer of the senses, arch nemesis of the "been there, done that" attitude.

Vested from the Start

Multimedia is the definitive Big Gun for teaching and learning. Countless studies have proved its effectiveness; common sense says it could not be otherwise.

Its true power, however, lies not in the gloss but the guts. While the audio and visuals are certainly vital, it is the ability to manipulate or navigate that multi-sensory content that clinches the deal. Comprehension is raised to some 80% when one sees, hears and interacts with instructional material, according to Computer Technology Research. Compare this to some 50% for audio/visual alone, or some 20% to 30% for just sight and just sound, respectively.

With such evidence, the academic community could not help but be motivated to exploit this technology. And indeed, far from being passive consumers, education has been involved right from the start. In university labs down to the kindergarten classroom, the concepts and application of multimedia have been developed, battle tested and refined.

Intelligent, intuitive structures frame the content. Links and pathways interweave the structure. Appropriate feedback and screen design guides users; teasers beckon them to explore further. Research on cognitive skills, learning modalities and the human-computer interface grounds a lot of this; application to instructional settings accounts for much of the rest. Thus, much of the credit for the resounding success of multimedia as a force for teaching and learning goes to educators themselves.

A Life of Its Own

Kudos accepted, now what? Multimedia is out of the lab and into America's homes-led there, in part, by children. Early learning programs, first on diskette and now on CD-ROM, are booming and perhaps the fastest growing category of software in terms of home PC purchasers. Multimedia encyclopedias, for youngsters and adults, are bestsellers as well.

Most PCs, including both Macintosh and Windows machines, are now sold with CD-ROM drives and the hardware to display video satisfactorily. Technical advances teamed with price wars continue to drive the costs of multimedia computing downward. And as the installed base grows, so does interest in software development. Simultaneously, new authoring tools are enlarging the pool of potential developers, even down to a five year old. In essence, multimedia has gained a momentum of its own as forces feed each other and spur advances.

Where this force is taking all of us, of course, is into the future. And its landscape will definitely be digital.

Look to the Web for Clues

Just how integrated will multimedia be in our future? Quite simply, it will be a part of everyone's basic lives. It will change the way we work, play and communicate.

Witness the recent and unprecedented rise in popularity of the Internet, and specifically the World Wide Web. With Mosaic and other WWW browsers now widely available, "home pages" are the latest rage. Using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), home pages can contain video clips, animations and still graphics, audio and text--all delivered to one's computer.

Further distinguishing Web documents are hot links, words or places that take the user to related materials when clicked upon. Usually, the new information resides on a Web server in a completely different geographic location, but users do not need to know or care about that fact. They can simply navigate the sea of content according to their personal style, needs and desires.

This is multimedia on a global scale. By embracing the Web, the Internet and commercial online services like Prodigy, America Online and CompuServe, people implicitly accept as valid the underlying structures of multimedia. And embracing online services they are, with a 28% increase in subscriber numbers in 1993 alone. Expect that number to jump again dramatically when 1994 is tallied up; last year saw the debut of Mosaic and Web fever.

In many respects, comfort with multimedia manipulation and navigation are part of what Negroponte is talking about when he uses the word "generational." For example, today's children, exposed to multimedia in their early learning experiences, will develop those skills naturally. Older students, offered opportunities at school and at home, are also integrating them into their basic knowledge base. The rest of us have to acquire them a bit more deliberately and multimedia online services are one way that a lot of adults are easing into it.

Better Video by MPEG

In video compression, MPEG headlines the news. Introduced in late 1992, this standard has gained fast, offering better fluidity to motion, fewer visual flaws (artifacts) and audio too.

A whole crop of MPEG-1 playback cards have debuted; most for PCs but some for Macs. Since MPEG works on the audio stream as well as the video, users get both motion video playback and CD-quality sound from one card. Some MPEG-1 encoding (authoring) cards are also newly available.

Some keys to keep in mind: MPEG-1 handles up to quarter-screen video while its much anticipated successor, MPEG-2, goes full screen at 30 fps. JPEG is for still images; M-JPEG (motion JPEG) does video but no audio. Onboard hardware compression is preterred; software compression is another option. Standards not mentioned above include DVI, Indeo, IBM RTV, MS Video 1 and proprietary YUV.

Currently, basic cards (under $1,000) can do full-motion video, 30 frames per second (fps), at quarter-screen size with 1 6-bit color depth, which translates to 32,000-64,000 colors; better boards offer a larger video windows. Even more expensive cards (over $2,000) can capture 24-bit color video (millions of colors) at a full screen size (640 x 480) at 60 fields per second, which is near-broadcast quality. For reference, most video clips on a CD-ROM play 30 fps in a window roughly quarter-screen size.

Of course, many cards boast extra features as well. Audio capture and video overlay are two common ones. Support for NTSC or PAL signals may be desired. And sporting an S-video input means that the incoming signal will be "cleaner," resulting in better quality of the digitized video.

Windows 95 Reflects the Future

From early experiences with Windows 95 (T.H.E. has an editor in the Beta program), this long-anticipated operating system promises to further move multimedia into the mainstream.

First and foremost, Windows 95 is designed for multimedia on a technical level. Eliminating Video for Windows as a separate extension, Windows 95 features a whole new 32-bit digital video engine built right into the OS. It handles the real stuff, full 32-bit, multi-threaded, multi-tasking multimedia. Thus, motion video capability becomes inherent to the (suitably equipped) computer, as well as seamless and transparent to the user. This is a telling design decision.

Another interesting note is the attention paid to CD-ROM. The Auto Play feature, for example, is a new standard. Particularly good for children, Auto Play takes an inserted CD, automatically installs it and then starts "play." In other words, CD-ROMs just run. Afterwards, the CD is uninstalled automatically as well, leaving a zero footprint behind. (Uninstall, by the way, will be mandatory for any software that aspires to the label "Windows 95 compatible." Auto Play is one more nod to the significance of multimedia.

Finally, in a strategic move with broad ramifications, Windows 95 deliberately teams multimedia with connectivity in the form of The Microsoft Network (MSN). Launching worldwide simultaneously with Windows 95, MSN is a whole new multimedia online service that will include a gateway to the Internet. Hooks for MSN are built into the OS, which, remember, is already primed to process multimedia content.

For users, simply logging on and doing any type of browsing stretches their navigation skills. If they create an e-mail message and append an audio or video clip, they are practicing multimedia creation skills. In fact, it would be tough to avoid using multimedia on MSN or on Windows 95, and that is, of course, the point.

Mainstreaming Multimedia

Microsoft--and Apple, IBM, DEC and a host of other technology firms, large and small--know what the future will look like; they are helping to shape it.

The mandate is clear: multimedia must melt into the background of daily, productive tasks. It must be a natural part of living, working, recreating and communicating.

Our journey towards the future on this path has just begun, but already the possible societal ramifications are being discussed. And rightly so, as it's a powerful force.

"The most strategic use of multimedia may be to help bring the general populace into the information age," comments Dr. Fred Hofstetter, professor and director of the Instructional Technology Center at the University of Delaware, and member of T.H.E.'s editorial advisory board. And just who will need to know about multimedia? "Anyone," says Hofstetter, "who plans to learn, teach, work, play, govern, serve, buy or sell in the information society."


Boomtown U.S.A.--that's the headline for multimedia software. Every day brings the release of more titles, both instructional programs as well as tools for graphics, authoring and presentations.

Even better news is that quality of these offerings continues to rise, on average. Developers have now had enough time and experience to generally put out a better product than in the early years. In addition, users' expectations have also risen, which puts the pressure on developers to meet those standards.

User expectation is actually a very powerful force in software development. Microsoft, for example, expects the debut of Windows 95 to set new criteria for multimedia computing, and they are undoubtedly right. Since the new OS handles full 32-bit data and integrates a digital video engine, multimedia applications that do not take advantage of its new technology will stand out.

Multimedia Tools

Since multimedia is, by definition, multi faceted, the range of available software tools is similarly divided. At best, one can lump them into broad categories like authoring, graphics or presentation, though this can also be misleading as many packages have functions that cross categories.

We focus, in this directory, on the software of most use to educators and students. In terms of graphics, 2D and 3D animation packages are included; a different category holds other graphics applications, including image-editing programs.

Authoring packages are well represented. Some are full-blown systems that require a decent commitment of time and money, but are capable of creating stand-alone commercial applications. Others are more "casual," and can be utilized by users at many proficiency levels. In both cases, however, authoring software creates programs with which users interact, not just view.

For the latter, one would turn to a dedicated presentation program. Previously just glorified "slide show" makers, even old stand-bys like Harvard Graphics now boast new powers to include sound, video and animation as well.

Finally, we include media organizer packages, handy programs that enable one to collect, sort, view and otherwise manage all the bits and clips of audio, video, art, text, etc.

Specialized functions are required for manipulating digital video and audio files, so we have separated out these two categories as well.

Instructional Titles

In this section we list all types of instructional software that incorporates multimedia--whether it is on CD-ROM, diskette, videodisc or offered online.

Some interesting points have emerged. First, while the focus of the mainstream press is on CD-ROM, other areas remain quite active. Videodisc titles targeted just at education, for example, rose from 1,768 in 1992 to 2,357 in 1994, as cataloged by Emerging Technology Consultants in their "Compendium." This runs counter to the belief that videodisc technology has run its course; obviously, it remains a very viable arena, especially for specialized training such as in health care or electronics.

Second, many titles cross the artificial boundaries of academia to serve interdisciplinary purposes. Even programs specifically oriented at say, science, will cover more than one type. The pedagogy behind this is simple: life is not made of discrete units, so learning must likewise cross disciplines.

Also, educational programs are increasingly being correlated to various curriculum standards, such as those from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Correlation to standards not only is a teacher's "seal of approval" in terms of quality, it also generally means that supplemental materials are included to help them integrate its use into their classroom.

Extra, supportive materials for teachers are a component of many packages. This ranges from a thin booklet with suggested classroom activities to three-ring binders full of lesson plans, blackline masters, suggestions for student activities, reference and background information, and more. In addition to higher expectations for software quality, teachers have come to expect solid support materials as well.

Animation Software

Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Dimensions, 3D M

Alias Research, Inc. Upfront, 3D modeling, rendering & animation MW

AT&T Multimedia Solutions RIO Animator DW

Autodesk, Inc. Animator Pro D 3D Studio, Release 3 D Multimedia Explorer D

Crystal Graphics, Inc. Crystal 3D Designer D Crystal 3D Desktop Animator D

Gold Disk, Inc. Animation Works Interactive 2.0, authoring W Animation Works MW

Looking Glass Software Cheetah 3D, full-featured 3D graphics, animation & rendering tool W o

Macromedia Swivel 3D Professional, modeling, rendering & animation M MacroModel 1.5, intuitively create 3D models from 2D reference objects MW Life Forms, animates human motion

Motion Works, Inc. ADDmotion 11, adds color, audio & interactivity to HyperCard stacks M PROmotion 1.0.2, stand-alone product M

Virtual Reality Labs, Inc. VISTAPRO, 3D landscapes MW o Other CD titles

Virtus Corp. WalkThrough Pro 2.0, 3D modeling, rendering & navigation MW

Visual Software, Inc. Simply 3D, full set of 3D graphics tools plus tutorials for rendering, animations, etc. W o Simply Scenes series, each CD has a collection of 3D virtual worlds W o Textures for Professionals W o Visual Reality, a suite of 3 programs & 2 CDs of clip art & textures W SGI WinNT AXP

Authoring Software

Adventures for Gifted & Talented Click D Mouse - HyperCard Construction Set M

AimTech Corp. IconAuthor MWU

Alchemedia, Inc. Multimedia Scrapbook, to build student projects & presentations (grades 1-12) W SuperLink, tools for student projects & presentations (grades 5-12) W Allen Communication, Inc. Quest 5.0 Multimedia Authoring System, create interactive multimedia courses for education training o[]

AltaVista Technology, Inc. MediaWrangler, multimedia catalog design tool (grades 3+) Wo

Apple Computer, Inc. Apple Media Tool M

Ask Me Multimedia Center, Inc. Ask Me 2000 W SST (Super Show & Tell) W Asymetrix Corp. Toolbook 3.0 (grades 9+) W Multimedia Toolbook 3.0 (grades 9+) W

Computer Teaching Corp. TenCORE Language Authoring System DW TenCORE Producer TenCORE Computer Managed Instruction

Digital Equipment Corp. DEC MediaImpact U

Digital Video Arts, Ltd. Newworld Developer Kit, optional linkable libraries tools for developing DVI-based applications DW

Discovery Systems Int'l, Inc. Course Builder, point-and-click development of interactive apps M

Eastman Kodak Co. Kodak Create-It, Photo CD presentations M Kodak Arrange-It, Photo CD Portfolio layout M Kodak Build-It, Photo CD Portfolio Production Disc U

Emerging Technology Consultants, Inc. CBE Multimedia Sequencer M

Global Information Systems Technology, Inc. TIE version 4.02 (Training Icon Environment), CBT authoring & delivery OWU

Goal Systems International, Inc. PHOENIX Authoring System

(Goedecke, formerly) Spirit of Saint Louis Software Co. Authorsoft, to create electronic multimedia books more DW

Gold Disk, Inc. Animation Works Interactive 2.0 W

Horizons Technology, Inc. Open! Info Manager 2.0 W o

IBM Corp. Ultimedia Builder/2 OS/2 Audio Visual Connection Storyboard Live! LinkWay Live! PhotoMotion

Interactive Solutions, Inc. MovieWorks

Intersystem Concepts, Inc, Summit Authoring System for DOS Everest Authoring System for Windows

Laser Learning Technologies Report Generator, for indexing & creating slideshows from videodiscs M

Lenel Systems International, Inc. MediaDeveloper W MultiMedia Works for Windows MultiMedia Works Developer's Toolkit W

Looking Glass Software Mediaverse, cross-platform authoring presentation tool o

Macromedia Authorware 3.0, for interactive learning computer-based training MW o Authorware Academic Macromedia Director 4.0, powerful authoring tool MW

Major Educational Resources Corp. PEAK (Personal Educational Authoring Kit), create customized lessons (grades 3+) M Various image databases on CD-ROM: Volume 1: The Birds of Hugh Brandenburg Volume II: Mollusks, Seashells & Paleontology Volume III: General Biology Volume IV: Cell Biology Volume V: Appalachian Flora

Microsoft Corp. Multimedia Viewer

Modern MPG (Multimedia Presentation Generator) D

Multimedia Design Corp. mPOWER, unique interface for quick & easy mixing of media clips & bits to create presentations (grades 4-12) M

Multi-Media Technologies PictureLink Authoring System for Bravado DW

Network Technology Corp. MEDIAscript 2.0, object scripting D Ntergaid, Inc. HyperWriter! for Training DW

OEC Systems Computer Magic DW

OptImage CD-iT! ALL, CD-R pre-mastering for all optical formats M Video CD Toolkit, turns MPEG-encoded audio video into Video CD disc images MW MediaMogul, authoring for Cd-i & interactive TV; OS-9 based tool for Mac, PC or Sun

Passport Designs, Inc. Passport Producer M Passport Producer Pro M

Paul Mace Software Visual GRASP GRASP 4.01 Multimedia GRASP

Performance Software, Inc. ACTIII Multimedia Authoring System, pkg for royalty-free creation of stand-alone apps D

PICS, Project for International Communication Studies Dasher Authoring System, create exercises with text, audio & video in English & 7 foreign languages MW

Pierian Spring Software The Digital Chisel, creates projects without scripting (grades 3-12+) M The Discovery Toolkit, monthly theme-based kits of sounds, movies, pictures & text (grades K-12) MWD

Prentice Hall Multimedia Group Authorware Academic

Quality Computers, Inc. How To Multimedia M

Q*Media Software Corp. Q*Media for Windows 2.0, powerful, entry-level tool works seamlessly with other apps W

Ridgewood Software Ridgewood Authoring 2.0

Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc. HyperStudio, multimedia writing tool for teachers & students (grades K-12) MWA o[]

Script Media Designers Work Bench, CD-i authoring DM CD Cinema, Video CD Bridge titles CD Motion, MPEG-1 video CD Media, interactive cross-platform development & CD-R

Software Mart, Inc. CD-ROM Developer's Lab MW

Sparrowhawk Solutions, Ltd. Troubadour D

Spinnaker Software Corp. Spinnaker Plus 2.51 WM

StrayLight Corp. PhotoVR, photorealistic vidual reality engine D & DVI

Sunburst/WINGS for Learning MediaText M

Technology Applications Group, Inc. SAM System for Authoring Multimedia D

The Voyager Co. Expanded Book Toolkit, creates "electronic mm books" M VideoStack, for HyperCard authoring with any videodisc M CD AudioStack, for HyperCard authoring with any audio CD or CD-ROM M

Total MultiMedia TMM Producer

Videodiscovery, Inc. Mediamax, authoring software for Level Ill videodisc interaction WM

Vision Imaging Media Master

Vision River Prostar Multicat, creates electronic publications (grades 10-12) W o diskette & download

Warren-Forthought, Inc. LINX Test Factory 4.1 MW

Ztek Co. VideoJuggler, authoring for videodisc-based lessons & presentations M

Graphics & Image-editing Packages

Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Photoshop 3.0, image editing MW Adobe Photoshop 3.0 classroom in A Box MW Adobe Gallery Effects series MW Adobe Illustrator MW Adobe Illustrator Classroom In A Box (10 users) MW Adobe IntelliDraw MW

Adobe Systems/CoSA CoSA After Effects, digital post-production for compositing, motion graphics & special effects on video M CoSA Effects Pack M After Effects Rendering Engine M Alias Research, Inc. Sketch!, 3D modeler/renderer M

Asymetrix Corp. Asymetrix 3D F/X (grades 9+) W

auto*des*sys form*Z, 3D modeling & design M

Autodesk, Inc. AutoCAD LT W AutoSketch, Release 2 W

AXA Corp. Pencil Test, w/ sound, ink & paint, multi-plane camera effects; broadcast quality

Bruce Jones Design, Inc. Maps! Maps! Maps!: collections for multimedia developers MW

Caligari Corp. Caligari trueSpace, 3D modeling, rendering W

Computer Associates, Inc. Cricket Paint Cricket Image

Corel Corp. CorelDRAW 5 CorelDRAW 5 Academic Version Ventura 5 Photo-Paint 5 Plus Corel GALLERY series, media clips o Corel Professional Photo, stock photos o

CPI / Image-In, Inc. Image-In Color, 24-bit color photo-retouching Image-In Color Professional

Crystal Graphics, Inc. Crystal Topas Professional, 3D D

Davidson & Associates, Inc. The Multimedia Workshop M

Digital Equipment Corp. Decimage Editor

Eastman Kodak Co. Renaissance, design/layout

Fauve Software Fauve Matisse, "real media" paint/imaging sw W Fauve xRES, for 20MB-LGB files MW

Fractal Design Corp. Painter Version 2.0, "real media" painting MW Painter X2, add-on for Painter Sketch, pencil sketching MW ColorStudio, high-end image editing

Gold Disk, Inc. Professional Draw W Add IMPACT! W Gryphon Software Corp. Morph 2.5, for morphing & special effects (grades 8+) MW Gryphon Dynamic Effects, filters for Adobe Premiere (grades 12+) M Gryphon Batch It!, batch processor for graphics files (grades 12+) M

HSC Software Kai's Power Tools, Photoshop plug-ins MW SGI HSC Digital Morph W KPT Bryce, fractal landcsapes WM Convolver, image manipulation via unique interface WM Kai's Suite Imaging: includes Tools, Morph Interactive WM

ImageWare Software, Inc. ImageWizard W MorphWizard, morphing W

Looking Glass Software, Inc. Cheetah 3D, modeler/renderer W

Lotus Development Corp. Freelance Graphics for Windows

Macromedia Free Hand 5.0 for Macintosh, for design & illustration Free Hand 4.0 for Windows

Media Cybernetics, Inc. HALO Desktop Imager W o Photo CD

Robert McNeel & Associates Accurender, ray-trace renderer runs inside AutoCAD DW

Virtus Corp. WalkThrough Pro 2.0, 3D modeling, rendering navigation MW Virtus VR, entry-level 3D world builder MW Alien Skin Textureshop, generates 2D & 3D textures that tile seamlessly MW

Media Organizer Programs

Adobe Systems Adobe Fetch, image mgt. M

Eastman Kodak Co. Photo CD Access Plus, simple import & access Photo CD Photoedge, simple image correction Shoebox, large-volume image mgt. Browser, basic image database

Interactive Media Corp. Media Cataloger M

Lenel Systems Int'l, Inc. MediaOrganizer for Windows W MpcOrganizer for Windows, mm database W Lotus Development Corp. Approach, mm database W

Multi-Ad Services, Inc. Multi-Ad Search, image database & retrieve M

OptImage MediaStockroom, mm database & conversion W

Xing Technology Picture Prowler, compresses w/ JPEG & organizes images W Picture Prowler Access Kit, displays JPEG images inside C, C++, Visual Basic or MCI apps W

Music-Editing Software

AB-CD ROM Inc Music-editing CD-ROMs

Animotion Development Corp. MCS CD Master W MCS Sound Savers MOS SoundRevue MCS Sound Trak MCS Stereo

Ars Nova Software Songworks, songwriter's composition tools produces melody, chords & lyrics (grades 9+) M Asystem Sound Impression for Windows

Avid Technology, Inc. AudioVision Release 2.5, multi-track digital audio workstation

Be Bop Systems LimeLight, graphical MIDI sequencer D MiniMelodies, song player for young children D

Five Pin Press 200 Instant Drum Patterns MD 260 Instant Drum Patterns 101 Instant Standards

Intermetrics, Inc. MWave Developers Toolkit

Macromedia SoundEdit 16, sound-editing tool for multimedia production MW MacRecorder with Soundedit, hw/sw bundle M

Midisoft Corp Studio, enables musicians to compose, record, edit & print music W

Opcode Systems, Inc. Vision, professional sequencing software MO Studio Vision Pro, pro-level integrated MIDI digital audio recording sw M Sludio Vision AV, pro-level MIDI sequencing with digital audio M MAX, real-time object-oriented programming environment for pro-level music & multimedia apps M CUE, pro-level sw for film scoring M Studio 3, Studio 4 and Studio 5LX MIDI interfaces & synchronizers M EZ Vision, entry-level MIDI seqmncer M AudioShop, play, edit & record Mac audio M

Optical Media International, Inc Disc-To-Disk, sound capture utility for CD-ROM-to-hard disk in 5 file formats WM

Passport Designs, Inc. MusicTime, authoring MW AudioTrax M TurboTrax MW Master Tracks Pro, MIDI sequencer MW Encore MW Score Alchemy, sample editing/sound design M

Roland Corp Roland Audio Toolworks W

Tandberg Educational, Inc. GapCart, ChoiceCart, VoiceCart, LexCart audio editing software Tudle Beach Systems WAVE For Windows, WAV editing software with digital effects works w/ any sound card Turtle Tools D Wave 2.0, wavetable utility D Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk 4.0 for DOS Cakewalk Professional for Windows 2.0, MIDI Sequencer

Xing Technology Xingsound, real-time MPEG-1 audio compression software

Presentation Programs

Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Persuasion 3.0 MW

AimTech Corp. CATS MEOW U

Ask Me Multimedia Center, Inc. SST (Super Show & Tell) W

Asymetrix Corp. Compel W

Davidson & Associates, Inc. The Multimedia Workshop, for students (grades 5+) MW o

Gold Disk, Inc. Astound! MW

HSC Software HSC InterActive W

Meyer Software On The Air, animated presentations M On The Road, playback-only M

Microsoft Corp. PowerPoint 3.0 MW

Multimedia Design Corp. mPOWER, unique interface makes it quick & easy to combine media clips & bits (grades 4-12) M

Vision River Prostar Multicat, creates electronic publications (grades 10-1 2) W o[] download The Multimedia Pack, for presentations (grades 10-12) W o[] download

WordPerfect Corp. WordPerfect Presentations 2.0

Video-Editing Software

Abbate Video, Inc. VideoToolkit 2.0, videotape cataloging, editing Quicktime moviemaking M VTK Plug In Pack, camcoder/VCR controller for Adobe Premiere

AB-CD ROM Inc. Video-editing CD-ROMs

Adobe Systems, Inc. Premiere Version 4.0, digital movie-making production MW Adobe Premiere 4.0 Classroom In A Box MW

Adobe/CoSA COSA After Effects 2.0 Professional Version, digital post-production for compositing, motion graphics special effects M

Apple Computer, Inc. QuickTime 2.0 QuickTime for Windows

ATI Technologies, Inc. MediaMerge W

Avid Technology, Inc. VideoShop 2.0, easy-to-use with audio synchronization M

Computer Prompting + Captioning Co. CPC-600 Caption Maker, adds closed captioning & subtitling to videos CPC-700 Caption Maker Plus, works w/ SMPT

Digital Media International SPLICE 2.0, a DV-l editor W OS/2

FAST Electronics US, Inc. VM-studio, video-editing sw & library of digital effects & transitions for Video Machine card

Gold Disk, Inc. Video Director W Amiga

Heifner Communications, Inc, PEGGER, automated JPEG compression Amiga

HSC Software LivePicture MW

IEV International, Inc. Revolution 1.0

in:sync Corp. Razor Professional, non-linear digital editing software edit & composite D2-quality (film) images on a computer W

Lenel Systems International, Inc. MediaRecorder for Windows

Media Cybernetics, Inc. HALO Desktop Video W

Microsoft Corp. Video for Windows 1.5, last version as will be integrated into Windows 95

Optibase, Inc. Image Workshop JPEG OptiTools SDK

Passport Designs, Inc. Passport Producer Pro M

Touchvision Systems, Inc. D/Vision, non-linear video editing: DW D/Vision Basic CineWorks D/Vision Pro

VideoFusion, Inc. VideoFusion M QuickFLIX! M

Videomedia, Inc. OZ, V-LAN compatible WM AUTO-PICT QT M

Xing Technology Xingcd, full-screen MPEG-1 compression sw, trom TGA, AVI or BMP formats

Other Software Tools

AC&E, Ltd. VC Wizard, videoconferencing scheduling & control sw

Aris Multimedia Entertainment MPC Wizard 2.0, test & tune-up your MPC

Aristo-Soft Talking Icons 2.0

Autodesk, Inc. Cyberspace Developer Kit, tor interactive visualization apps

Ballard Synergy [d-time.sup.10], CD-ROM accelerator utility D

Creative Digital Research CDR Publisher, desktop CD-ROM pre-mastering sw WMU

Digital Equipment Corp. DECtalk Software for OSF/1 & NT DECvoice for OpenVMS

Eastman Kodak Co. Photo CD Acquire Module for Adobe Photoshop 2.0

Elektroson USA GEAR 2.5 Plus for Macintosh, CD-R pre-mastering software GEAR 3.2 for Silicon Graphics (SGI) systems GEAR 3.2 for Windows

Empress Software, Inc. Empress, a 4GL multimedia database OU

Lenel Systems Int'l, Inc. Lenel MCI Multimedia Drivers Kit for Windows, tor videodisc players, VCRS & cameras W Looking Glass Software ViperWrite, hypertext word processing pkg W o Lotus Development Corp. Approach, mm database W

Microsoft Corp. Microsoft Works, Multimedia Edition

Motion Works, Inc. ADDmotion 11, adds color, audio & interactivity to HyperCard stacks M PROmotion 1.0.2, stand-alone pkg does same as above M

Random House Reference & Electronic Publishing Macromedia Lingo Studio (book/CD-ROM pkg) (grades 12+) WM Multimedia Power Tools (book/CD-ROM pkg) (grades 12+) WM Multimedia Sound & Music Studio, for learning digital audio production BOOK/CD-ROM pkg) (grades 12+) WM

Starlight Networks, Inc. StarWorks, networks multimedia information to up to 40 simultaneous users of Windows, Mac, DOS or Solaris PCs over existing LANs StarWare, Netware NLM that converts a Novell fileserver into a multimedia (video/data) server for sharing multimedia information by PC & Mac computers StarWorks TV, multi-casts live & stored video to hundreds of users on an existing network

Vividus Corp. Cinemation M

Instructional Titles


ABC/EA Home Software EA Art Center M Video Jam

Artbeats Marble & Granite, texture maps MD o Other Cds of texture maps for 3D models animation

AXA Corp. Pencil Test, w/ sound, ink & paint, multi-plane camera effects; broadcast quality

Aztech New Media Corp The World Bank Personal Stock Image Library o

Corbis Corp, A Passion for Art... explore world' greatest most controversial & long-hidden private collection of post-impressionist paintings WM o Corel Corp. Corel GALLERY series, media clips MW o Corel Professional Photos, stock photography MW o Davidson & Associates Flying Colors (grades 3+) MW o

Don Johnston, Inc. Blocks In Motion, for learning disabilities all grades) M

Eden Interactive American Visions: 20th Century Art from the Roy R. Neuberger Collection M o

Educational Renaissance, Inc. OD-LINK, Volume 1: Sounds & Effects for Multi Media W o EDUCORP Dozens of CD-ROM titles for Mac o

Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp. The Smithsonian Collection V * The Fine Arts Collection V *

Films for the Humanities & Sciences Videodiscs, videotapes & films

Fractal Design Corp. Dabbler, learn-to-draw MW o

Fife and Drum Software Revolutionary War. Gallery of images o Powers of Persuasion o Archival public domain historical images

Form and Function Wraptures, texture maps M o

Gryphon Software Corp. Colorforms[R] Computer Fun Set series, combines graphics objects, sounds & words (pre-K-4) MW

Harcourt Brace Publishing The Digital Archives Collection: World War II, Volumes 1-3 o Phato CD, Cd-i

IBM/Multimedia Studio Magic Canvas, paint & play program helps youngsters get familiar with computer (pre-K-3) W o


ImageCELs, 1,150 photoreal seamless textures & images; royalty-free all platforms do ImageCELs Botanicals, realistic, hi-rez trees & shrubs all platforms o download ImageCELs VGA CD-ROM, 240 real-world seamless textures & images; 8-bit color; royalty-free all platforms

Laser Learning Technologies National Gallery Tour Guide, for National Gallery of Art V *

Major Educational Resources Corp. Image databases for PEAK authoring sw M o Volume I: The Birds of Hugh Brandenburg Volume II: Mollusks, Seashells & Paleontology Volume III: General Biology Volume IV: Cell Biology Volume V: Appalachian Flora

Micrografx Crayola Art Studio (grades K-6) W Crayola Amazing Art Adventure (Pre-K-2) W

Microsoft Corp. Fine Artist MW o

Multi-Ad Services, Inc. ProArt Portfolio, 3,000 EPS images M o Multimedia Library The Multimedia Library CD-ROM Royalty Free Series M

Philips Interactive Media Treasures of the Smithsonian (grades 8-12) CD-i Harvest of Sun: Vincent Van Gogh (8-12) CD-i The Great Art Series, six titles (grades 8-12) CD-i

Pixar Pixar 128, texture maps W o

Pyramid Film & Video Why Man Creates (grades 5+) * Mona Lisa Descending A Staircase (grades 9+) Other videodiscs & films

Sense Interactive Earth Air Fire Water, ecology photos MW o America, photos MW o

The Voyager Co. Images, Sounds, Emotions series M The Criterion Collection, 150+ important contemporary & classic films on videodisc Plus 40 CD-ROMs for Mac & Windows

Wayzata Technology, Inc. Spacetime and Art MW o Other CD-ROM titles for education


Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) Workplace Readiness (videodiscs & sw) Attributes for Successful Employability (videodiscs & sw) Other videodisc/sw bundles

Cinemar Corp. Presentation World, a virtual seminar on creating delivering mm presentations (adults) W o

Course Technology Managing International Business, organizational managerial implications of a global strategy (grades 12+) o Other CD-ROMs for higher education, business courses focus

Digital Directory Assistance PhoneDisc, telephone directory MWD o

Davidson & Associates, Inc. The Cruncher, how to use spreadsheets (grades 5+) MW o

Glencoe Publishing, Inc. Glencoe Foundations for Success (adult basic education) *

Harcourt Brace Publishing Principles of Management * Organizational Behavior * International Business: CBS Year-in-Review *

Harper Collins, College Division The Manager's Workshop, develops skills by role-playing with "virtual employees" (grades 12+) MW o

Info Business Government Giveaways for Entrepreneurs 3.0, contains 12,000 sources of info to help start or expand a business (grades 12+) DW o Information USA 3.0, contains 100% of every Federal Domestic Assistance program & 101 gov't freebies (grades 12+) DW o

Maryland Interactive Technologies (MITEC) The Business Disc: How To Start & Run a Small Business, teaches entrepreneurship & includes year's simulation *[]

Osborne/McGraw-Hill The Business Week Guide to Multimedia Presentations (grades 12+) MW book/CD Multimedia: Making It Work (grades 12+) MW book/CD

PERC Interactive Learning People Who Lead People, "management boot camp" MW

Shipley Associates Effective Business Writing *

Wilson Learning Corp. Business-oriented training titles WM o Sales Effectiveness and Business Development series o Supervisory and Management Skills series

Career Guidance

Bytes of Learning, Inc. Insight, career exploration MDA

CollegeView CollegeView, helps high school students find right college & then apply online (grades 9-12) MW o

Comap SETQuest Interactive Career Discovery, explores careers that use science, engineering & technology; with simulations, career-match database, etc. (grades 7-12) MW CD/videodisc pkge

D.C. Heath & Co. School Division Interactions - Real Math, Real Careers MW *

Info Business Job - Power Source, covers resumes, letters interviewing skills (grades 12+) DW o

InterMedia Interactive Software, Inc. Lovejoy's College Counselor o

Macmillan/McGraw Hill BEACON - College & Career Planning W o The College Handbook W o Public Media Education Enter Here, set of videos showing entry-level career opportunities

Simon & Schuster Interactive Firefighter! (grades 1-5) MW o

Techware Job City, MD videodisc & sw TT2D, Inc. Employability Skills Series (10 programs)

Wilson Learning Corp. Create Your Dream Job MW o Repacking Your Bags MW o Other titles for career decisions

Computer Training

Cedrus, Inc. Windows Basics *

ComputerPREP CD-PREP Interactive, various titles for learning software applications o

Course Technology Interactive Microsoft Windows 95, a course to master basics of Win95 (grades 12+) o

Glencoe Publishing, Inc. Understanding Computers Through Applications D videodisc/sw pkg

Individual Software, Inc. Multimedia Typing Instructor, teaches touch typing via travel theme (grades 6+) WD o Professor Multimedia, 8-10 hours of hands-on instruction covering concepts & technology (grades 7+) WM o

Lawrenceville Press, Inc. An Introduction to Desktop Publishing Using Pagemaker, book/sw combo with Teacher's Resource Package (grades 10-12) MW An Introduction to Computing Using Microsoft Works (grades 10-12) MDW An Introduction to Computing Using ClarisWorks (grades 8-12) M

Que Education and Training Computers In Your Future, general computer literacy course (grades 6-12) MW CD-ROM & sw

Random House Electronic Publishing Multimedia Power Tools M book/CD pkg Publish Yourself on CD-ROM MW book/CD pkg Multimedia Toolkit W book/CD pkg

ViaGrafix Corp. Learning Access 2.0, Introduction, interactive tutorial simulates actual sw (grades 10-12+) W o tape Learning Word for Windows 6.0, Introduction (grades 10-12+) W o tape Learning Excel for Windows 5.0, Introduction (grades 10-12+) W o tape

Vision River Guide to Electronic Publishing & Marketing (grades 11 -12+) W o[] download

Waite Group Press Multimedia Creations book/CD The Vidual Playhouse book/CD Microsoft Multimedia Viewer How-To Other disk/book or book/CD combinations

Foreign Language & ESL

Foreign Language

BayWare, Inc. Power Japanese, basic foundation W o[] Kanji Moments, intro to idiographic characters w/ writing & sentence drills W Power Spanish, tutorial that includes Spanish Assistant translation program W o[]

Cedrus, Inc. Understanding Written Japanese M EXITO, basic Spanish, CD-ROM & videodisc pkg

D.C. Heath & Co. School Division Discovering French Interactive M o iDime! Interactive, for level 1 Spanish MW o Exploring French & Exploring Spanish series (grades 4-8) *

Fairfield Language Technologies The Rosetta Stone Language Library: French, Spanish, German, Russian & English; no reading or prior lang. skills nec. MW o

Harcourt Brace Publishing Carousel, intro to French * Dimelo Tu!, intro to Spanish *

HRB Systems Cine Interactive, foreign movies for language training (grades 9+) DM o*

HyperGlot Software Co. Learn to Speak Series W o LinguaROM II M o Other CD-ROMs for foreign language & ESL

Intechnica International, Inc. Yo Hablo Espanol Series (Beginner Intermediate) (grades 8-12+) D o

Jostens Learning Corp. Spanish Language Arts, literature-based curriculum draws content from Hispanic folk tales fables (K-3) M

Open World Interactive EXITO, total immersion Spanish language course developed by CIA (grades 8+) MW o PICS, Project for International Communication Studies Authentic foreign language videodiscs in French, German & Spanish with PICS Listening Tool Software D Dasher, foreign language authoring system MW

ScoftForesman Encuentres A lo Vivi * Pris Sur le Vif *

Syracuse Language Systems Playing with Language Series: Introductory Games (Spanish, French, German, Japanese, English) o Goldilocks & The Three Bears (Spanish, English) for second language education Triple Play!, 3 languages on one CD o

Tandberg Educational, Inc. Tandberg Expressions, 3 languages (for use w/ language lab) o

CALI, Inc. ELLIS Senior Mastery, for advanced learners (grades 13+) ELLIS Middle Mastery, for intermediate learners ELLIS Master Pronunciation, accent reduction for all levels

Davidson & Associates, Inc. English Express, for ESL instruction o MW

Educational Activities, Inc. Sound Sentences, voice-interactive approach to communication & language (adults & ESL) MD o

Edustar America, Inc. English Discoveries, for ESL, EFL, LEP W o

HRB Systems ESL-2000, a 600-hour course to teach English (grades 9+) DW *o

HyperGlot Software Co. English as a Second Language Series o

Intechnica International, Inc. I Speak English Beginner Series (Low & High) (grades 4-12+) D o I Speak English Intermediate Series D o I Speak English Advanced Series, prepares students for TOEFL (grades 4-12+) D o

Jostens Learning Corp. Steps to English Language Development, complete language-acquisition curriculum (grades 4-12) MW

Jostens Home Learning Community Exploration, discover & explore 500 people, places & objects (grades K-3 & ESL) MW o

Merit Audio Visual ESL Demons, helps with troublesome points of English grammar, usage & spelling (grades 4-8) DA

Philips Professional Publishing International Free Time! M CD-i Hello, U.S.A. CD-i

Health & Awareness

Medical Tools & Care

Actronics, Inc. American Head Association CPR/Advanced Cardiac, Life Support self-study courseware * Other healthcare videodiscs

A.D.A.M. Software, Inc. A.D.A.M. Comprehensive, anatomical study presentation (graduate or professional) MW o

AMT Software (Advanced Multimedia Training) Interactive Guide to Fusion Devices, CBT series to train medical/nursing students W

Cleveland State University Skeletal Explorer W * Other videdodiscs available

Health Sciences Consodium Medical Terminology Made Easy W * Assessment of the Respiratory System D * Spanish for Medical Professionals D *o The Psychiatric Interview series * Nursing Care of the Cancer Patient * Videodiscs & CD-ROMs for health sciences

Interactive Health Network, Inc. U.S.' largest publisher of interactive health instruction on CD-ROM

Miami-Dade Community College Art of Bedside Care: ABC's of Nursing * Basic Nursing Skills series *

Personal Health

A.D.A.M. Software, Inc. A.D.A.M. Essentials, fundamentals of human anatomy & the body's functions (K-12) MW o A.D.A.M.: THE Inside Story, interactive exploration of secrets of human body (K-12) MW o

Churchill Media Healthy 2000, 6-disc series on human reproduction, nutrition, growth & development, AIDS/HIV & STDS, tobacco, alcohol & other drugs, with barcoded guides (grades 6-8) *

Creative Multimedia Corp. The Family Doctor WM o

IBM/Multimedia Studio Emergency Room, ER doctor role playing to learn anatomy, disease & accident prevention (grades 7+) W o

IntoPro Technologies Personal MEDLINEs o

Intellimation Bodymapper M o Other ed titles for Mac

IVI Publishing The Virtual Body (grades 4+) W o Welcome to Bodyland (grades K-5) MW o What Is a Bellybutton? (pre-K-3) MW o

Jostens Home Learning Me, Myself and I, friends introduce the five senses parts of the body (grades K-2) MW o Animal Antics, Zoey Zebra helps children feel good about being themselves (grades K-2) MW o

Lindy Enterprises, Inc. HeartBeeps, early learning []o

Pyramid Film & Video I Am Joe's Heart (grades 5+) * Secondhand Smoke (grades 5+) * Other videodiscs & films

Rainbow Educational Media, Inc. Breath of Life: Respiratory System * Food Into Fuel: Digestive System * Other videodiscs on health

StarPress Multimedia Dr. Health'nstein's Body Fun (grades 3-9)

Texas Caviar Vital Signs: The Good Health Resource (grades 7+) WM o

Virtual Entertainment Body Park, anatomy, health & safety W o

Teen-Issues & Life Skills

Computer Curriculum Corp. Choosing Success, life and decision making skills relating to teen issues (grades 8+) MW videodisc, CD-ROM & sw pkg

IBM/Multimedia Studio Consumer Survival Kit, make the right choices on daily activities & items like leases & contracts (grades 9+) W o

IVI Publishing Safety Monkey (grades pre-K-3) W o

Media Resources T.J. Finds a Friend, personal safety habits MW

Wilson Learning Corp. Keep Your Cool: Manage Your Emotions MW o Other CDs for personal development

ZeenoMotion Multimedia, Inc. Earthquake Zeeno- Prepared & Survivor, teaches preparedness & survival skills (grades 1-5) o[]


ABC/EA Home Software Ping & Kooky's Cuckoo Zoo, early learning MD Scooter's Magic Castle, early learning MD

Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) Interactions in Science and Society * Computer Curriculum Corp. Busytown, (pre-K) MW SuccessMaker, comprehensive courseware for math, science, language arts, reading & life skills (K-12) MW videodisc & sw pkg

Davidson & Associates, Inc./Addison Wesley Vital Links, project-based, multi-cultural curriculum that includes CD-ROM, videodiscs, videotapes, newspapers & teacher guides; co-developed by CA, FL & TX Depts. of Ed (grades 5-12) MW The Multimedia Workshop, for students (grades 5+) MW o

Discovery Communications Professor Iris: Animal Satari, an African adventure covering foreign languages, environmental issues & technology (grades K-6) MW o

Educational Activities, Inc. The Math Map Trip, integrated math, science, geometry & language (grades 5-8) M o

GemMedia Chugalong Goes to Playland, join animated train in adventures (pre-k-6) W o 3001: A Reading & Math Odyssey, adventure game integrates Greek mythology with arithmetic thru pre-algebra (grades 4+) W o

Glencoe Publishing, Inc. Glencoe Foundations for Success series (adult basic education) *

Hartley Courseware, Inc. First Connections: The Golden Book Encyclopedia (grades K-5) MW o

Humongous Entertainment Putt-Putt series, early learning MD o[] Fatty Bear series, early learning MD o[]

Ideal Learning, Inc. Learning Expedition, network-based interactive curriculum covering math, reading & language arts with full mngt. (grades K-8) MW

Image Smith, Inc. Yearn-2-Learn MDW Yearn-2-Learn Snoopy MW

InterMedia Interactive Software, Inc. Reader's Digest Multimedia Crosswords, with video picture clues from history, literature, etc. o

Jostens Learning Corp. Learning First - New Edition, comprehensive cur riculum of interactive lessons (K-12) MDW o Jostens Learning Research Center with Compton's Multimedia Encyclopedia (grades 4-12) MD o Tapestry Early Childhood, develops literacy skills (pre-K & K) MDA o Tapestry Emerging Literacy, develops initial skill in math & language (grades K-2) MDA o

Jostens Home Learning Community Exploration, kids discover & explore 500+ people, places & objects (grades K-3 ESL) MW o Home, Sweet Home, experience moving to a new home & learn along the way (grades K-2) MW

Laser Learning Technologies, Inc. How God Makes God, interactive book about probability, game theory, genetic algorithms entrepreneurial strategy

Major Educational Resources Corp. PEAK (Personal Educational Authoring Kit), allows teachers & students to create customized lessons (grades 3+) M Five volumes of image databases on CD-ROM for Macintosh

MECC The Oregon Trail II MW o[] Other titles available for K-12

MOBIUS Corp. KIDWARE2 Learning Center, (pre-K to K) Opcode Interactive Allie's Playhouse, exploration & early learning (Pre-K-3) MW o Allie's Activity Kit, grow a garden, count, animals, etc. (Pre-K-3) W o

Optical Data Corp./School Media KinderVentures, covers science, social studies, math & more (pre-K to K) *

Simon & Schuster Interactive My Favorite Monster, early childhood development (grades pre-K-4) MW o

StarPress Multimedia Why Do We Have To?, early learners

SOLEIL Software, Inc. Zurk's Learning Satari, math, reading & science concepts in a discovery environment (grades pre-K & 1) DM Zurk's Rainforest Lab, math, life science & critical thinking skills (grades K-3) WM


AB-CD ROM Inc. Climbing with Phonics (pre-K to adult) D o Reading, Writing, Spelling Interactive o V. A. K. T. Multisensory Gillingham instruction o

ABC/EA Home Software Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, 3rd in Creative Reader series (grades K-3) MW Sesame & Street: Let's Make A Word; Letters, etc. (pre-K to 1) MD o Eagle Eye Mysteries, a series MD o Other CD titles for education

Active Imagination The Kidstory Series, interactive storybooks w/ a focus on reading, spelling & phonetics (grades K-3) MW o

Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) Storylords - Reading Comprehension (1-4)

AIMS Multimedia Reading With Peter Cottontail: The Chase, fully animated cartoon teaches reading English or Spanish audio (two levels: K-1 & 2-3) Other CD & videodisc titles, w/ HyperStax interface for Macs & PCs

Autoskill Int'l, Inc. Academy of Reading, comprehensive software system, with management & testing components, to build literacy skills in children, teens & adults MD o

Broderbund Software, Inc. Just Grandma & Me, one of the Living Books Series MW o CD-i

Bytes of Learning, Inc. UltraWriter, integrated word processing & writing skills development SW that talks MW

Cedrus, Inc. Beyond Words-Reading * Beyond Words-Writing *

Computer Curriculum Corp. Bravo! Books, 17+ titles (grades K-2) MW

Creative Multimedia Corp. Sherlock Holmes on Disc MW o Shakespeare MW o Davidson & Associates, Inc. Davidson's Story Club, learn languages via multicultural folktales (grades pre-K-6) M Davidson's Kid Phonics, early reading skills with whole language activities and sound, speech song (pre-K-2) MW o Davidson's Kid Works 2, to create & illustrate own stories & have PC read them back (pre-K-2) MW o

D.C. Heath & Co. School Division Discoveries, a series of theme-based CDs to investigate the world (grades 3-6) M o

Digital Theater, Inc. The Reading Carnival DW

Discis Knowledge Research Kids Can Read series, Classroom Editions w/ curriculum support materials, 12 titles including classic contemporary children's literature WM o Kids Basics series, 4 titles in the My Silly CD titles (pre-K to K) WM o Discis Books Multimedia series, The Telltale Heart, etc. (grades 7-12) WM o

Don Johnston, Inc. CircleTime Tales Deluxe series, in English Spanish (grades Pre-K-1) M

Educational Activities, Inc. CORE, for older students who are beginning readers at pre-K to grade 3 levels MDA Descriptive Reading, diagnoses & develops reading skills from level 1.5 to 11.5 MDA You Be The Reporter!, a complete writing workshop (grades 6-1 2) o

Educational Techniques + Technology (E.T.+T.) Laser Learning Language Arts, uses high-interest, interdisciplinary themes to develop critical-thinking strategy (grades 4-10) *

GemMedia Chugalong's Adventure in Phonics (pre-K-6) W o

GeoWorks/ DPI Services, Inc. Write-At-Home, freeware word processor in IBM'S Schoolview D o download

Harper Collins Interactive George Shrinks, Interactive storybook (pre-K to 3) MW o If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (pre-K to 3) MW All About Me, family tree SW W o Great Wave Software Reading Maze (grades 3-7) MW o[]

Hartley Courseware, Inc. Dr. Peet's Talk/Writer Write This Way (grades K-8) MDA Other titles for many disciplines

Houghton Mifflin On Assignment, investigations in speaking, listening, writing, viewing & problem-solving (grades 6-8) *

Humanities Software Just Grandma And Me, a WRITE ON! Multimedia Study Bundle w/ network/site-licensed SW Charlotte's Web WRITE ON! Multimedia Study Bundle SW & videotape (grades 3-6) D Writing Along the Oregon Trail WRITE ON! Multimedia Study Bundle M Other writing/language arts packages with videodisc, videotape or CD-based content and SW for K-12 MD

IBM/Multimedia Studio The Book of Shadowboxes, teaches skills in vocabulary, object-word association & reading via rhymes & 3D animations (pre-K-3) MW o Peter and the Wolf, (pre-K-3) W o

Jostens Learning Corp. Integrated Language Arts - Primary Level, lessons introduce stories, repetitive language the sounds of English (K-3) MW

Jostens Home Learning Storybook Maker, story & picture publishing tool (grades K-3) MW o School Days, attend 1st day of school with special friends (pre-K & K) MW o The Time Shop: Our Friends the Seasons (grades K-2) MW o Reading - Grade Level Collection, full series of grade-level appropriate instruction (1-8) M o Rhyme Time, classic nursery rhymes (pre-K-2) MW o

KnowWare Chadwick and the Sneaky Egg Thief, coloring book activities integrated with "living storybook" (pre-K-3) W o

Lawrence Productions McGee School Days, kindergarten readiness skills in phonics, "learning directional" words, math (Pre-K-1) DWM o[]

Lindy Enterprises, Inc. Adventures Unlimited o[] Higley's Schoolhouse o[] Mouse Tales o[]

Merit Audio Visual Paragraph Punch, teaches how to write an effective paragraph (grades 6-10) D Writing Demons, helps with troublesome points of writing mechanics (grades 5-8) DA Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading, critical thinking & inference skills (grades 6-12) DA Diagnostic Prescriptive Reading, tests students skills then directs to appropriate lessons (grades 3-8) DA

Microsoft Corp. Creative Writer MW

Midisoft Corp. Multimedia Express, theme-based series to stimulate young writers (grades K-5) MW o

Mind Training Systems, Inc. Applied English & Composition (54 lessons) Essential Skills I & II (640 lessons) (no audio)

Orange Cherry New Media Schoolhouse Beauty & The Beast MW o Talking Classic Tales MW o 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea MW o Other CD titles available for K-6

Philips interactive Media Crayon Factory, animated story & activity book (grades 2-6) CD-i Sticky Bear Reading, etc. (grades pre-K-2) CD-i Berenstein Bears series (grades pre-K-2) CD-i Other CD-i storybooks for early learning

Randolph Educational Services World of Words, boosts SAT scores & comprehension by teaching vocabulary in context (grades 7-12) M

Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc. HyperStudio, multimedia writing tool for teachers students (grades K-12) MWA o[]

Roth Publishing, Inc. POEM FINDER 95, indexed database of 500,000+ poems DW o World's Best Poetry on CD, full-text of poems criticism, fully searchable (K-2, 8-12+) D o

Sanctuary Woods Word City, integrates spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension & alphabetization (2-12) MW o

Simon & Schuster Interactive Alistair & the Alien Invasion, intergalactic scavenger hunt (grades K-4) MW o

Smartek Software WordSmart Vocabulary Builder (grades 5+) DMW o[]

Tesco Research, Inc. GOcabulary, in a game format (grades 5-12) WDM

Texas Caviar Annabel's Dream of Ancient Egypt (grades 1-6) WM Whale Of A Tale (grades 1-6) WM o Annabel's Dream of Medieval England (1-8) WM o

The Voyager Co. Expanded Books, 60+ unabridged books on diskette for notebooks Macbeth, part of a series on Shakespeare MW o Plus 40 CD-ROMs for Mac & Windows TT2D, Inc. Fiction Analysis Series (5 programs)

Warner New Media Creation Stories, stories about how humans came to be from around the world WM o Other CD-ROM titles

Westwind Media Heroic Tales: Theseus Caught in the Maze of Minos WM o Tales of the Wild Zeep WM o

WordPerfect Main Street Read with Me series, with a video, early learning W o[] Write with Me series W o[]

World Library, Inc. The Shakespeare Study Guide DW o Barron's Complete Book Notes DW o Great Mystery Classics, Great Poetry Classics, etc, DW o


ABC/EA Home Software Counting On Frank, real-life math problems games (grades 3-7) WM o

Addison-Wesley Interactive Various titles for math & statistics

AIMS Media Children's Encyclopedia of Mathematics: Fractions Series, 6 titles (grades 3-8) MW o Other CD & videodisc titles, w/ HyoerStax interface for Macs & PCs

Cedrus, Inc. Modumath: the Right Answer, videodisc & SW Beyond Words-Mathematics

Comap SETQuest Interactive math package

Davidson & Associates, Inc. Math Blaster: Episode 1 (grades 1-6) DWM o Math Blaster, Episode 2 (grades 3-8) W o Math Blaster Mystery (grades 5+) W o Alge-Blaster 3 (grades 7+) W o

D.C. Heath & Co. School Division Interactive Calculus (grades 10-12) W o Interactions: Real Math - Real Careers, students meet professionals to see real-life applications of math (grades 6-10) *

Educational Activities, Inc. Basic Math Competency Skill Building, wide range of skills from tables to measuring area (grades 3-7) MDA

Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp. Diez Temas Interactivos, Developing Mathematical Power2 *

Future Graph, Inc. f(g) Scholar, combo of graphing calculator spreadsheet (grades 7+) MDW o[]

Great Wave Software Number Maze (K-7) MW o[] Decimal & Fraction Maze (grades 3+) MW o[] KidsMath (pre-k-3) MW o[]

John Wiley * Sons, Inc. CD Calculus for Windows (grades 10+) o

Jostens Learning Corp. Jostens ActionMATH, compelling instruction meets NCTM standards & uses full-screen digital video (K-3) W o Algebra 1, problem-solving is focus (grades 7-12) MW o

Jostens Home Learning World of Numbers (grades K-2) MW 0 Math - Grade Level Collection, grade-level appropriate instruction (grades 1-8) M o

L3 Interactive Mathemagics, how-to learning cube on math featuring Dr. Arthur Benjamin (grades 12+) MDW o300 & MPEG

Lawrence Productions Mystery Math Island, (grades 3-6) DM o[]

Math Made Easy Over 1 00 video tutorials offered (grades pre-K to advanced calculus)

MathSoft, Inc. Mathcad 5.0 Mathcad PLUS 5.0

Merit Audio Visual Word Problem Work Up, solve problems involving whole numbers, fractions & percents (grades 4-9) DA

Mind Training Systems, Inc. Applied Mathematics (68 lessons) (DigiSpeech adapter)

Optical Data Corp./School Media Windows on Math, media-enhanced featuring videodiscs, CD-ROMs & manipulatives (K-5) The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury, a videodisc-based problem-solving series (grades 6-9) Math Around Us, featuring CD-ROM, Videodiscs, Song & music videos, activities, etc. (K)

Philips Interactive Media Sesame Street: Numbers, (grades pre-K-2) CD-i Sticky Bear Math, (grades pre-K-2) CD-i Other CD-i titles Sanctuary Woods Math Ace D o

The Learning Team Mathfinder, 1,100 lessons from 30 curriculum prokects organized around NCTM stds, (grades K-12) MW o

Videadiscovery, Inc. Math Sleuths *o Other educational videodiscs & CD-ROMs

WordPerfect Main Street Mental Math, (grades pre-K-5) DW o[] Memphis Math, with an Egyptian theme (grades 3-9) W ON


Ars Nova Software Practica Musica 3, music ear training/theory tutor (grades 9+) M Songworks, songwriter's composition tools (grades 9+) M

Dr. T's Music Software Composer Quest W Sing-A-Long W o

Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp. The Music Collection

Future Vision Beethoven's 5th - Multimedia Symphony W o Other titles available

IBM/Multimedia Studio KidRiffs, explore music rooms stocked with 100+ instruments & musical effects (grades K-5) W o

Midisoft Corp. Multimedia Songbook, explore 7 music libraries (grades K-12) MW o Music Mentor Maestro, meet composers of past hear their instruments (grades 8-12) W o Studio, musicians can compose, record, edit print music (grades 8-12) W o

Microsoft Corp. Multimedia Beethoven: Ninth Symphony W o Musical Instruments W o

Musicware Musicware Piano, comprehensive piano instruction teaches sight reading, ear training, rhythm theory W

Opcode Systems, Inc. Claire - The Personal Music Coach, ear training, sight reading & music theory M o Composer Quest, learn history of music & works of great composers from 1600 to now (grades 5+) W o The Musical World of Protessor Piccolo, full music theory course (grades 3+) MW o

Osborne/McGraw-Hill The Desktop Musician: Creating Music With Your Computer Week (grades 12+) MW book/CD

Philips Interactive Media The Private Lessons series, interactive guitar lessons (grades 8-12) o

The Voyager Co. CD Companions, music ed series M o


AIMS Media Animal Life in a Tidepool MD o CD-1 Insects: Reproduction & Metamorphosis MD o CD-i How We Classify Animals MD oCD-i CD-i titles feature CD-Instructor interface teacher-support materials Other CO-ROM, CD-i & videodisc titles, w/ HyperStax interface for Macs & PCs

Aris Multimedia Entertainment Tropical Raintorest o

Arnowitz Studios San Diego Zoo Presents ... The Animals WM o Coral Reef! Vanishing Undersea World MW 0 Other CD titles

Bright Star Technology, Inc. Sierra Discovery series W o EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus DW The Lost Secret of the Rainforest

Bullfrog Films, Inc. The Mount St. Helens Volcano: Fire & Life, with HyperCard sw Other environmental videos, videodiscs & films

Computer Curriculum Corp. Amazonia, rainforest & the Amazon MW videodisc & CD-ROM pkg

Creative Multimedia Corp. Multimedia Audubon's Birds MW Multimedia Audubon's Mammals MW Other CD titles

Discovery Communications/Multimedia In The Company of Whales (grades 4-10) W o Sharks! An Interactive Journey (grades 4-10) MW o

Emerging Technology Consultants, Inc. Explore Antarctica! M []

Laser Learning Technologies Multimedia Guides, a series of DOS & Mac sw for use with The Smithsonian Laserdisc Series (sw only or videodisc bundle) W First-Ladies; Insects; Gems & Minerals; Dinosaurs; National Zoo; Flying Machines, etc. []

McGraw-Hill, Inc. Multimedia Encyclopedia of Mammalian Biology W o

Medio Multimedia Safari, go to Masai Mara National Reserve & the Serengeti National Park MW o

National Geographic Society Mammals: A Multimedia Encyclopedia (grades 4-12+) MDW o Wonders of Learning Library (pre-K-2) MDW o Other CD titles

Optilearn, Inc. Our Environment, with sw for HyperCard, Hyperstudio & IBM LinkWay []

Sanctuary Woods Ecology Treks MW o Earth Treks MW o

Steck-Vaughn Co. World of Dinosaurs MW o Other CD titles

Sumeria OceanLife II: Micronesia Vols 1 & 2 MW o Explore the Maya MW Other CD photo sets of nature & places

Videodiscovery, Inc. Understanding Earth, works with MediaMAX authoring sw for Level Ill interaction [] Other educational videodiscs

Walnut Creek Welcome to Africa, role-playing game (grades 7+) W o Other CD titles

Warner New Media Lifemap series: Organic Diversity, Animals With Backbones, Animals MW o Other CD titles

Wayzata Technology, Inc. Ocean in Motion M o Other CD-ROM titles for education

Westwind Media DinoSource WM o Other CD titles



Compton's NewMedia Compton's Multimedia Encyclopedia WM oCD-i Publishes CD-ROM & CD-i educational titles

Dorling Kindersley Multimedia Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Nature MW o Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science MW o

Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp. Geopedia, encylopedia of geopgraphy WM o

Future Vision Infopedia, a gigantic reterence MW o

Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc. The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, based on the Hugo Award-winning book (grades 6-12) MW o 1995 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (grades 6-12) MW o Grolier Encyclopedia Americana, all 30 volumes of 1995 version (grades 7+) MW o

Hartley Caumeware, Inc. First Connections: The Golden Book Encyclopedia (grades K-5) MW Other CD titles for education

Jostens Learning Corp. First Connections: The Golden Book Encyclopedia (grades K-5) MW o

Macmillan/McGraw Hill The Macmillan Dictionary for Children - Multimedia Edition MW Other CD titles for education

Microsoft Corp. Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia MW o Other CD encyclopedias

Random House Reference & Electronic Publishing Random House Electronic Unabridged Dictionary on CD-ROM (grades 8+) W o

World Book Educational Products The World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia (grades 3+) MW o The World Book Information Finder, DOS text-only version (grades 3+) o

Other Reference

ABC-CLIO, Inc. EXEGY: The Source for Current World Information W o

ABC/EA Home Software 3D Atlas, 16 globes offer multi-dimensional view of world & its people (grades 3+) MW o

Arnowitz Studios Daring to Fly! From Icarus to the Red Baron, history of flight MW o

Bytes of Learning, Inc. Complete World Atlas MW o

Cambrix Publishing The Anglo-Saxons MW o Other CD titles for education

DeLorme Mapping Street Atlas USA MW o Global Explorer W MapExpert W

Dorling Kindersley Multimedia Eyewitness History of the World MW o Incredible Cross-Sections STOWAWAY! MW o Dorling Kindersley World Reference Atlas MW o The Ultimate Human Body MW o The Way Things Work, based on Macauley's best-selling book MW o

Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp. TIME Almanac MW o CNN Newsroom Global View MD o Britannica Instant Research System MW o

Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc. Guinness Multimedia Disc of Records MW o

Humongous Entertainment The Farm, interactive field trip (pre-K-3) W o

IBM/Multimedia Studio The Playboy Interview: Three Decades, full-text, original interviews from 1962-1992 in hypertext design (grades 12+) W o

McGraw-Hill, Inc. McGraw-Hill Science & Technical Reference Set, Release 2.0 W o McGraw-Hill Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Technology W o

Medio Multimedia Exploring Ancient Architecture, 3D animated virtual tours of 7 marvels NW o Medio Magazine, a monthly general-interest magazine on CD-ROM (all ages)

Microsoff Corp. Bookshelf Multimedia Edition MW o Cinemania, movies database MW o Isaac Asimov's The Ultimate Robot M o

National Geographic Society Reference Library (grades 2-12+) DM o Picture Atlas of The World W o ZipZapMap! series (grades 4+) MDW o

National Information Center for Educational Media (NICEM) NICEM A-V MARC via BiblioFile, database of non-print ed materials offered o A-V Online, database on all subject areas that apply to learning (pre-K-adult) odownload Training Media Database download

Now What Software Small Blue Planet: The Real Picture Atlas (grades 6+) MW o Small Blue Planet: Aerial Atlas: The Cities Below (grades 6+) MW o

Osborne/McGraw-Hill That's Edutainment!: Parent's Guide to Educational Software (grades 12+) MW book/CD

Philips Interactive Media The Titanic (grades 8-12) CD-i

Research Publications Int'l, Inc. Broadcast News, database of news from major TV networks WM o

SilverPlatter Information Systems ERIC & other databases on CD-ROM o

Simon & Schuster Interactive Macmillan Dictionary for Children (grades K-5) MW o

The Follet Software Co. informationplus, pkg of selected CDs--current events, music, literary, vocational reference (K-12) D o

Vicarious Entertainment CNN Time Capsule 1994: 100 Defining Moments of the Year, MW o

Wayzata Technology, Inc. The Washington Times & INSIGHT on the News WM o

World Library, Inc. Electronic Home Library, over 250 historical, philosophical, classical & political works DW o Library of the Future Series, additions to Home Library DW o


A.D.A.M. Software, Inc. A.D.A.M. Essentials, fundamentals of human anatomy & the body's functions (K-12) MW A.D.A.M.: The Inside Story, exploration of secrets of human body (K-12) MW o A.D.A.M. Interactive Physiology: Cardiovascular Module (grades 12+) MW o A.D.A.M. Standard, supplement to health & life sciences instruction (undergraduate) MW

Addison-Wesley Interactive Tities for physical science & engineering

AIMS Media Exploring Our Solar System (grades 7+) MW oCD-i Weather: Air In Action Series (2nd Edition) (grades 6-9) MW o Other CD-ROM & videodisc titles, w/ HyperStax interface for Macs & PCs CD-i titles feature CD-instructor interface teacher-support materials

AJ Software & Multimedia Physics of the Atomic Age MW o

Arnowitz Studios Concepts of Biology, year-long curriculum with customizable presentations (grades 9-12) M o

Apple Computer, Inc. Earth Explorer, created with support from NSF (grades 5+) MW o

Barr's Films' School & Library Videodiscs & videos for education

BFA Educational Media Exploring Science * Other educational videodiscs

Churchill Media A Closer Look, 5-videodisc series (grades 4-7) Other Level 1, CAV videodiscs with barcoded guides in all subject areas & test prep (K-adult)

Computer Curriculum Corp. The Vidual BioPark, biodiversity concepts MW videodisc & CD-ROM pkg

D.C. Heath & Co. School Division Science 2000, hands-on science curriculum (grades 5-8) MD Level-III videodisc & sw Chemistry in Motion, has 600 stills & 34 live demos (grades 9-12) *


Create Multimedia With The Touch of a Button!

mPOWER's unique push button interface makes it easy to integrate video, audio, text, graphics, charts and more into your interactive presentations, lessons or reports! mPOWER also lets you access and control laser disc players, VCRs, camcorders, microphones & CD-ROMs. Make QuickTime movies on the fly! Macintosh application includes player for Mac & Windows.

Terrific Teaching Tools

Merit Audio Visual has been producing educational software for more than 10 years. Our programs have been proven to help students sharpen their skills in reading, language arts and math. Available for Apple II and MS-DOS; free-standing or Novell networking. Free demo disks available. Dealer inquiries welcome.

TriplePlay Plus! Language Learning CD-ROM

Exclusive Automatic Speech Recognition evaluates the learner's pronunciation. Learn a foreign language with multimedia games interactive comic strips that teach you to read, speak and understand over 1,000 words and phrases. Spanish, French, German and English now available. To order, call Syracuse Language Systems (800) 688-1937 or (315) 478-6729.

CBIS, Inc. CD Connection & CD Server

CD-ROM networking technologies for information retrieval and management using dedicated servers and software for Novell, Banyan, NT, NetBIOS and peer-to-peer local area networks. CBIS CD-ROM networking products are used by over six thousand schools, universities, libraries, government agencies and corporations. Information and Sales (800) 344-8426 or GO CBIS on Compuserve.

Educational Multimedia--The Largest Guide

See in your subject area all multimedia titles now available on CD-ROM, Laserdiscs and Video. Get the largest selection of multimedia titles available for education-224 pages with 2,043 titles. See comparisons and descriptions with supporting details arranged by curriculum subject so that you can compare and select easily. From Educational Software Institute, your one-stop shop for all multimedia. Phone 800-955-5570.

Spigot Power AV-Full-Motion video from your Macintosh AV

SpigotPower AV delivers the next generation of digital video to your Macintosh Quadra or PowerMac AV computer. SpigotPower AV captures full-screen at up to 30 fields/60 frames per second, with full 24-bit color. A must for faculty authoring, CD-ROM or classrooms presentations.

Internet AlphaServer Systems for Education

Digital's Internet AlphaServer Systems combine Alpha's 64-bit RISC performance with pre-installed Internet software. Each comes factory installed with Digital's unique ELECTRONIC LOCKER[TM] system administration software. Designed with input from educators, it provides quick set up and straight-forward menus for users and enables non-experts to manage the servers via a point-and-click Mosaic client interface.

Lawrence Productions Catalog of Educational Software

Lawrence Productions creates interactive learning experiences for children and adults through the use of computer software. These adventures expand the logical thoughts, language, communication and life skills of users in a fun, easy to understand way. Recent releases include ZOOTOPIA, for ages 8 and up, and McGee School Days for ages 4-8.

NEW! CD-ROM and Technology Products

Make your classroom or library the hub of learning activity with the best in new Software, CD-ROMs, Site Licenses, Lab Packs, School Versions, Curriculum, Technology, A and Furniture Products. Special software pricing for education customers FREE mouse mat with qualified purchase. (800) 356-1200

Smith System Technology Furniture

Catalog describes complete line of technology furniture, including adjustable workstations, rack mount cabinets, security cabinets, system consoles, new LAN/WAN Stack System, new Sidewinder[TM] tape and CD storage and more. Wide range of colors, including some products in purple, teal and berry. Quick Ship program. Catalog also available on CD-ROM. Please call 800-328-1061.

Network Design & Installation

For the past 10 years, Trellis Communications Corp. has designed and integrated extensive fiber optic network projects for colleges, universities, hospitals and municipalities nationwide. Our broad-based experience provides our clients with detailed user analyses, facility planning, design configuration and hardware selection - with the potential for future expansion as requirements change.

Philips Media

Philips Media is dedicated to creating the highest quality interactive education and entertainment products for children and adults alike. The Philips CD-i system was developed with the needs of children in mind, and is focused on offering them easy and rewarding access to interactive programming. For CD-i and CD-ROM information, ordering and a complete catalog of Home & Family Entertainment titles, call (800) 340-7888.

The Musical World of Professor Piccolo

MPC/MAC Ages 8-adult The Musical World of Professor Piccolo excels as the premier method for learning all about music. Visit Professor Piccolo's Music Town and learn about Rock, Jazz, Symphonic and Sacred music. Take a thorough interactive course in music theory. There's lots to do and learn with Professor Piccolo, offering you and your youngster a terrific head start in music.

Learning Software Designed for Schools

Bytes of Learning designs high quality software specifically to meet the needs of students and their teachers. InSight[TM]provides interactive career exploration with personalized printouts. UltraKey[TM] provides complete keyboarding instruction using animation and voice. UltraWriter[TM] develops writing skills through hands-on writing. DOS, Macintosh and Windows, disk and CD-ROM. Call (800) 465-6428 for free evaluation copies. See us at NECC Booth #1 009-1011.

Free Demo Software

Great Wave Software invites educators to view our award-winning early learning, reading, and geography software designed for grades Prek-8. Customizing and tracking features make our products the perfect solution for your electronic curriculum needs, Available for Macintosh or Windows. Call 1-800-423-1144 to order.

Drive the Internet with Ease!

Before you and your students take the Information Superhighway, get simple, easy driving lessons from DDC Publishing's quick guide to the "INTERNET." Education price: 50% off! $5.00 net. DDC also publishes guides for desktop publishing, word processing, touch typing, and more, including teacher manuals, self-tests, and learning books. Catalog available. (800) 528-3897

VideoVision Studio-Create Professional Multimedia Presentations

VideoVision combines a sophisticated audio/video interface card, an external breakout box for external video and audio connections and comprehensive software. It captures signals from any source and converts them to 24-bit color. PowerMac 8100/9150 recommended. Also includes VideoFusion, the leading postproduction special effects software application.

Sanyo LCD Projectors

Sanyo's Industrial Video Division has released two advanced-technology video projectors: The PLC-22ON is a newly designed S-VHS/Composite Video Projector. It uses a total of 338,000 pixels to provide a resolution of 480 X 235 or 450 TV lines.

The PLC-320M adds one of the industry's widest ranges of VGA interfaces to both composite and S-VHS inputs. It uses a 190 watt lamp to achieve an overall brightness of 650 lux.

Discover English Discoveries

Discover English Discoveries the new, computer based, CD-ROM, interactive, multimedia software program that makes learning to read, write, listen to and speak English quick, simple and enjoyable for a wide variety of second language speakers. Students, from pre-teen through adult can begin instruction at their own levels. Modules, from entry level through fluency, have over 1000 student contact hours. Also available in many bilingual versions.

VideoConferencing $9,995

Standards Based H.320 VideoConferencing complete systems from NBSI. Not only does this system provide small group video at Full CTF, but delivers a 486 workstation with window sharing capability. Twice the Functionality at half the price. At this price point you have to find out more. (612) 739-5176.

Learning Expedition[TM]

Ideal Learning's interactive curriculum based software for Macintosh or Windows provides complete sequences in Math, Reading and Language Arts for grades K-8. Teachers individualize assignments and track student progress through Ideal's Compass management software. Learning Expedition can be licensed for networks or standalone CD-ROM delivery.

Ideal Learning (800) 441-2376


Full Motion MPEG and Video Overlay in the Same Computer on the Same Screen Simultaneously or Alternately. School Board Pro Video Adapter and Digi Play MPEG Playback Board. Only from CompuVid.

Phone (305) 885-9155 Fax (305) 885-8355

A Virtual Language Experience for ESL/EFL

CALI presents ELLIS, the English Language Learning and Instruction System. ELLIS is a line of interactive products that provides a virtual language experience for ESL/EFL learners at all levels. The ELLIS curriculum combines graphics, full-motion video, digitized sound and voice recording, animation, and text in a user-friendly environment. For more information, call (801) 756-1011.

Multimedia ToolBook-CBT Edition

Multimedia ToolBook[R] 3.0-CBT Edition offers all of the power and flexibility of Multimedia ToolBook plus a comprehensive catalog of over 200 drag-and-drop interaction widgets, a network-ready course management and login system, over 2000 pages of courseware layout templates, a page browser for instant page navigation, a library of over 2900 8-bit clip-art images, and an extensive student tracking and reporting system. Call (800) 448-6543

Special Education Software from Laureate

Laureate publishes the best special education software available. Our catalog offers a complete line of talking software for language, reading, and concept development. Great for Early Intervention, Preschool and Head Start, Developmental Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Remedial Reading, and ESL (800) 562-6801

Chisholm's LCD Panel Offers Electronic Writing

Chisholm's line of LCD projection products includes the Rainbow series of active-matrix color LCD panels. These multimedia panels support VGA and Mac computers as well as multiple video and audio sources. The Model 20/20 features 16.7 million colors, a built-in 4-watt speaker, and Chisholm's exclusive electronic chalkboard that can annotate computer and video images.

Computer Curriculum Corporation

Computer Curriculum Corporation's Successmaker[R] is a technology-based learning system that helps teachers and administrators meet educational goals. State-of-the-art multimedia--including digitized sound, full-motion video, and animation--provide interactive learning experiences for students at all grade levels. SuccessMaker is available on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. (800) 455-7910 ext. 6014

Engage the Senses!

The multimedia revolution has created new ways of presenting information and learning material. By integrating text, graphics, animation, sound and video, multimedia engages the senses and allows people to interact with information in a richer, more natural way. Macromedia offers a full line of award-winning products for both Windows and Macintosh including Authorware, Director, MacroModel, Freehand, Fontographer, Action!, and SoundEdit 16 (Mac only). Call 1-800-288-4797.

Math & Science Test Creation Made Easier

* Build assignments and exams in minutes instead of hours!

* Ideal for day-to-day classroom use.

* Create thousands of fresh, algorithm-driven items in both free response and multiple choice formats.

* Easy-to-use Graphical interface does not require Windows.

* Add your own problems with the built-in Editor.

ips Publishing, Inc. 1-800-933-8378

Tech it to the Limit with DC Heath

D.C. Heath, publishers since 1885 of the finest materials for the K-12 curriculum, now offers a variety of K-12 multimedia programs, core and supplemental, in Modern Language, History, Mathematics, Health, Science and Social Studies. Call for a free catalog and ask about our free 30-day preview policy. (800) 235-3565 ext. 4903

DK Multimedia--New Catalog

High-quality interactive CD-ROMs in Windows and Macintosh versions. All are based on well-known Dorling Kindersley books. LIBRARY JOURNAL says, "Dorling Kindersley (DK) has made a breakthrough in CD-ROM implementation with its new titles. We hope they are an indication of where the industry is headed with consumer CD-ROMs."


A portable way to use educational software, at 1/10 the cost of a laptop! The Brainchild PLS-1000 Personal Learning system is a mini-computer with multi-lesson software cartridges. Study, score, review mistakes and many more functions. Interactive, self-paced study. No computer knowledge required. Software includes Kaplan SAT prep, Skills Bank basic skills for middle school - adult, Core Knowledge Sequence for elementary school. FREE CATALOG. Call (800) 522-8171

Multimedia Training from Digital Learning Service

Learning about computers can be made easy and fun. Digital Equipment Corp. offers the best multimedia training program in the industry. Now training is made to be accessible and affordable. Choose from a wide range of topics and take advantage of our dynamic technology. You will be surprised how fast our training will make you a computer expert. Call (800) 332-5656 for more information.

Claire-The Personal Music Coach

Claire aids in developing fundamental music skills: ear training, sight reading, and music theory. It hears what you sing into the Mac, using a pitch recognition system and the Mac's built-in microphone. Claire provides immediate, accurate feedback, acting as a teaching assistant that guides you through the extensive curriculum (415) 856-3333

New From The Producers of The Video Encyclopedia

Stimulate learning and retention with Laserdiscs from CEL Educational Resources. Have your elementary students tour America using The World Around Us[TM]. Study the civil rights movement with those who made it happen, using Set on Freedom[MT]. Call for a catalog or preview of these or other titles, including the incomparable 42 laser disc archive: The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century. (800) 235-3339


with the BBN Internet Server[TM], ranked number one in its class by InfoWorld. The server is a ready-to-use hardware/software package with everything you need to use and manage your school's Internet connection. You get e-mail, news bulletin boards, Gopher, and World Wide Web plus the easy-to-use-frontDoor[TM] management tool.

(800) 295-7897 Decision Development Corp. Science 2000, actual developer of this full science curriculum (grades 6-8) MD Level-III videodisc & sw pkg Ancient World 2000, actual developer of this full social science curriculum for study of ancient civilizations (grade 6) MD Level-III videodisc sw pkg

DEMCO, Inc. Science CAP 2.0, thousands of ideas for curriculum assistance M o

Digital Impact, Inc. Ozzie's World, learn science & ecology via game activities (pre-K-2) MW o

Discovery Communications/Multimedia Beyond Planet Earth, tackles most urgent questions of planetary science (grades 4-10) W o

Educational Techniques & Technology (E.T.+T.) Minorities in Science Program, uses minority role models (grades 3-12) * Other science, life, physical & earth science videodiscs

Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp. Britannica Science System (BSS), (grades K-6) videodisc & activity pkg Falcon Software, Inc. Comprehensive Chemistry (grades 10+) D o Exploring Chemistry (grades 10+) MD o Environmental Science: Field Laboratory (grades 9+) D *

Films for the Humanities & Sciences Videodiscs, videotapes & films Future Vision How Things Grow WM o

Glencoe Publishing, Inc. TLTG Multimedia, physical science & chemistry videodisc/sw pkg Science & Technology Series videodisc/sw pkg

Great Wave Software Kids Time Deluxe (pre-K-3) MW o [] World Discovery, geography (grades 3+) MW o []

Grolier Electronic Publishing. Inc. Prehistoria, spans 500 million years of prehistoric life & 500+ species (grades 6+) MW o

Harcourt Brace Publishing Videodiscs for General Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Earth Science *

Harper Collins, College Division Harper Collins Animated Tutorial for Physiology MW o

IBM/Multimedia Studio The Adventures of Hyperman, interactive cartoon teaches science concepts (grades 2-9) W 0

Integrated Learning Systems Progressive Science Instruction -- Life Science, bilingual, M o []

Intellimation Over 300 ed sw & CD-ROMs for Mac

Interplay Productions Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space, science simulation D o

IVI Publishing Next Step: Mars?, past, present & future of space exploration (grades 6+) WM o

John Wiley & Sons CD-Players for Windows (grades 10+) o

Knowledge Adventure, Inc. Dinosaur Adventure D o Isaac Asimov's Science Adventure D o Knowledge Adventure

Lawrence Productions Nigel's World, adventures in world geography (grades 2-7) DM o []

Major Educational Resources Corp. Dissections, supplements hands-on or provides realistic alternative (grades 5-12) M Microscopy, demos use & maintenance of microscopes (grades 5-12) M

McGraw-Hill, Inc. McGraw-Hill Science & Technical Reference Set, Release 2.0 W o McGraw-Hill Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Technology W o

MECC World GeoGraph II M o USA GeoGraph II M o DinoPark M o

National Geographic Society GTV Series: A Geographic Perspective on American History; Planetary Manager, etc. DMA * STV Series: Animals, World Geography, Solar System, Restless Earth, Biodiversity, etc. M * Geo series of Level-I videodisc kits: Dinosaurs on Earth (grades 4-6); Geography (grades 4-9) PictureShow series: Earth's Endangered Environments, Geology MW o Other science videodiscs for grades 5-12 with Mac sw

Optical Data Corp./School Media The Living Textbook series, a scientific environment created by videodiscs, CD-ROM & sw (grades 8-12+) Windows on Science series, videodisc-based curriculum with reading, writing & hands-on activities (grades K-8)

Physics Academic Software CUPLE: Comprehensive Unified Physics Learning Environment (grades 11+)

Pierian Spring Software Interactive Geography, customizable, teaches 5 main themes of geography (grades 4-9) M

Pyramid Film & Video Plants At Work (grades 1-12) * Butterflies (grades 1-8) V Other videodiscs & films

Science For Kids "Cell" ebration, in English & Spanish (grades K-3) MW o Forces & Motion, in English & Spanish (grades 3-5) MW o Simple Machines, in English & Spanish (grades 4-7) MW o Adventures With Oslo series, (K-8) MW o

Science, Inc. Caduceus Science Review (grades 12+) MW Gophers in the Garden, intro to science (pre-K)

Texas Learning Technology Group (TLTG) TLTG Physical Science videodisc/sw pkg TLTG Chemistry I videodisc/sw pkg TLTG Math for Science videodisc/sw pkg

The Learning Team Culture & Technology, 1,300+ lessons from 8 projects in natural & social sciences, (grades 5-12) MW o Science Helper, 900+ lessons with 2,000 activities (grades K-8) MD o Redshift-Multimedia Astronomy: Educational Edition, with lesson plans (grades 5-12) MW o Physics InfoMall, 35,000 pages of physics resources (grades 8-12+) MW o

Videodiscovery, Inc. Anatomy & Physiology (optional Mac sw) * Bio Sci II (optional DOS & Mac sw) * Bio Sci II Elementary (optional DOS & Mac sw) Chemistry at Work (optional Mac sw) * Physics at Work (optional Mac sw) * Science Discovery Elementary * Science Discovery Middle School (optional Mac sw) * Science Sleuths * * STS Forums, Vols. 1 & 11 * All titles work with firm's Level-III authoring sw, MediaMAX MW

World Library, Inc. The Story of Civilization, whole 1 1 volume book/TV series by Durants DW o Other titles available

Ztek Co. Physics: CINEMA CLASSICS, science experiments video clips *


ABC-CLIO, Inc. Electronic Library series, including America: History & Life; Historical Abstracts, ABC Poli Sci, Bibliography of Native North Americans, etc. D o

AIMS Media American Chronicles series, newsreel clips of events (10 CDs) (grades 7-12) MW o CD-i CD-i titles feature CD-Instructor interface & teacher-support materials

Annenberg/CPB Project The Annenberg/CPB Collection of videodiscs & videotapes

BFA Educational Media Exploring Human Relations * Other educational videodiscs

CD Technology/MediaAlive America Alive 2.0, geography (grades 3-8) D o Asia Alive 1.7, geography & history (3-8) D o Europe Alive 2.0, geography & history (3-8) D o Sing an American Story, animated musical trip thru U.S. history (grades K-6) WD o

CEL Educational Resources The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century (42 videodisc set) History in Motion: Milestones of the 20th Century * Set On Freedom: The American Civil Rights Movement 1954-1968 *

B.C. Heath & Co. School Division Ancient World 2000, explore early history (grade 6) MD Level-III videodisc & sw pkg An American Portfolio, U.S. history (7-12) * The Enduring Vision, U.S. history (grades 9+) WM o

Discovery Communications/Multimedia Wings Over Europe, uses WWII briefing room interface & 3D planes (grades 4-10) MW o Normandy: The Great Crusade, old radio broadcasts soldiers' letters (grades 4-10) MW o

Grafica Multimedia, Inc. A House Divided: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates o

Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc. The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia of American History (grades 6+) MW o How Would You Survive?, go back in time to learn about Egyptians, Vikings & Aztecs (grades 1-12) MW o Wyatt Earp's Old West (grades 1-12) MW o

Harcourt Brace Publishing SimCity: The Sociological Simulator DWM

Harper Collins, College Division Visual Archives of American History (grades 12+) MW o

Houghton Mifflin Economics: Choices & Challenges, one-semester course (grades 9-12) videodisc & sw pkg In Perspective, literary themes in the real world (grades 9-1 2) V

IBM Corp. Illuminated Books and Manuscripts series. (videodisc, sw &/or CD pkg) Columbus' Encounter, Discovery & Beyond Bill of Rights Evolution/Revolution

Marshall Cavendish Corp. Electronic Encyclopedia of World War II W o

Medio Multimedia Vietnam, presents mutiple points of view for a comprehensive look MW o JFK Assassination: A Visual Investigation MW o

MPI Multimedia Touring Indian Country: Guide to the Living Heritage of Native Americans W o Kids in History: How Children Have Changed During the Last 100 Years MW o The Archives of History MW o

Orange Cherry New Media Schoolhouse Time Traveler M o

Optical Data Corp./School Media Windows on Social Studies (grades K-2) videodisc & sw pkg Rand McNally New Media Rand McNally TripMaker, learn about mileage, budgets & geography (all ages) W o Quick Reference Atlas, a 3D world atlas with history current events (grades 4-8) WM o

Sanctuary Woods Time Treks MW o

Sony Electronics Struggles For Justice, Vol. 1: African Americans, Native Americans & Latinos, videodisc comes bundled with Sony MDP-1700AR Multi Disc Player V *

StarPress Multimedia Material World: A Global Family Portrait MW

The Learning Team Culture * Technology, 1,300+ lessons from 8 projects in natural & social sciences, (grades 5-12) MW o

The Voyager Co. Who Built America?, 1876 to 1914, includes oral memoirs, fiction, music, debates & more; Education Edition has Teacher's Guide & 5 Expanded Books M o


Computer Prompting & Captioning Co. CPC-600 Caption Maker, closed captioning subtitling CPC-700 Caption Maker Plus, adds ability to work w/ SMPTE time code

Don Johnston, Inc. K.C. Clyde in Fly Ball, adventure story for children with learning disabilities (grades 1-4) M o UKanDu Little Books, fill-in-the-blank animated stories you print & fold into books, 4 pages each (grades K-2) M Write:Outloud, talking word processor for multi-sensory writing for learning disabilities (grades 1-8) M Co:Writer, intelligent word prediction program for those who struggle with writing (all grades) M

The Special Kids Co. Learning videotpaes for developmentally disabled children: Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Spelling, Shapes/Colors, Body Parts/Grooming, etc.


Cinemar Corp. Presentation World, virtual seminar on creating delivering mm presentations (adults) W o

Falcon Software, Inc. Electronics Laboratory Simulator (grades 11+) D

Glencoe Publishing, Inc. Glencoe/Ives Multimedia System, teaches basics of electricity & electronics (videodisc & sw pkg)

Jostens Learning Corp. Training PLUS, professional staff-development for K-12 teachers to achieve instructional goals integrate technology into curriculum

PACE, Inc. Hardware & software kits for circuit board repair/manufacturing

PWS Publishing Co. VizAbility: Multimedia Tools for Visual Thinking, interactive CD, plus book & sketchbook suite M

VTAE Basic Electricity and DC Circuits/Basic AC Circuits *

Other Software

Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) Teaching With Groups! inservice pkg V Other videodisc/sw bundles

AIMS Multimedia AIMS Teaching Module (ATM) to integrate selected CD-ROM, videodisc & CD-i titles into curriculum All CD-i titles feature CD-Instructor interface teacher-support materials

Bytes of Learning, Inc. UltraKey, keyboarding tutor that shows & tells how to type DWMA

Cinerom The Interactive Bible Study Guide MW o

ConnectSoft, Inc. KidMail Connection, the first e-mail package designed for kids DOC Publishing Quick Reference Guide to Internet, spiral-bound

Decision Development Corp. Creating the Active Classroom, inservice on Constructivism (videodisc & workbook) Creating the Technology Classroom, inservice on Integrating Technology (videodisc & workbook) Digital Video Arts, Ltd. NewWorld Development Kit, a C/C++ programmers toolkit; requires DVI board DW NewWorld Operating Environment, enables full-screen, full-motion video playback of Indeo 3.2 files, WAVE audio & MCI device driver; requires DVI board DW

Emerging Technology Consultants, Inc. interactive Videodisc Training, a series of prepackaged inservice workshops MDA K-12 Planning Guide for Videodisc Usage * Publishes annual Multimedia and Videodisc Compendium for Education & Training

Interplay Productions Mario Teaches Typing o MD IPS Publishing Exam-in-a-can

Jostens Learning Corp. A+dvantage Management System, cross-platform, teacher-directed system for providing customized instructional paths for every student; link to Internet is optional (K-12) MDW o Take Home Computer Program, designed to involve parents in their children's education by bringing computer-based ed sw into the home (grades 1-8) MD o []

KEYTIME KEYTIME -- "Learn to Type in One Hour," includes DVORAK, single-left and single-right layouts; classroom video instruction & student lab packs available MD

Knowledge Engineering, Inc. The Multimedia Express WM o

L3 Interactive Slopestyle, how-to learning cube on snowboarding (grades 12+) MDW o 3DO & MPEG

Nautilus/Metatec Corp, Nautilus Multimedia CD-ROM magazine MW o

Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. Ms. Lerner LaserDisc Training Package for Educators, includes CLD-V2600 multi-format videodisc/CD player, UC-V109 Laser Barcode Reader & Ms. Lerner inservice videodisc & guide Reed Technology & Information Services, Inc. Network licensed versions of various CD-ROM titles from 3rd-party publishers including The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Broderbund's Carmen Sandiego? series Microsoft's Encarta Multimedia Encyclopedia

Sign Enhancers, Inc. Interactive Sign Language: Fingerspelling & Numbers (grades 3+) W American Sign Language Skills Series, for beginners through interpreters (grades 5+) W

SPRY, Inc. Internet In A Box, sw for accessing the internet (all grades) W Mosaic In A Box, popular Web browser (all grades) W

The Follett Software Co. Sneak Previews Plus, for librarians D o Catalog Plus, online PAC search (K-12 & public libraries) D [] MacSearch Plus, accesses above pkg. M [] MacCatalog Plus, adds a GUI to above Circulation Plus D [] MacCirculation Plus M [] Alliance Plus, databases D o

TT2D Quality statistics for educators on diskette

Walnut Creek CDROM Teacher 2000, has 2,294 educational apps; "BBS-ready" (grades 7+) WD o All systems either include, or can be configured with: CD-ROM drive, audio card, speakers (built-in or external) & appropriate video cards & monitors. Other features may be noted below.

Acer Full line of multimedia computers Acer Cub Club for K-12 schools

Advanced Logic Research Evolution IV & other multimedia computers

Apple Computer, Inc. Power Macintosh LC 5200 Macintosh LC 475 Macintosh LC 580 Power Macintosh 6100 AV, 8100 AV Macintosh LC 630 DOS Compatible (Mac Windows PCs in one box) Power Macintosh 6100/66 DOS Compatible

AST Research, Inc. AST Premmia 486 series AST Bravo 486 series Advantage! Adventure series, 486 & Pentiums

AT&T Global Information Solutions Globalyst 590, a Pentium for higher educaton Globalyst 360TPC multimedia PC Other Globalyst systems for authoring & playback

BCD Distributor of multimedia computers

Compaq Computer Corp. DeskPro models ProLinea CDS series ProSignia models

Computer City Direct Tandy Sensation! MPC computer Tandy Multimedia PC

Dell Computer Corp. Dimension Multimedia Station series Optiplex line

DigiQuest Corp. All major brand multimedia systems

Digital Equipment Corp. DECpc 433DX MTE MM Dream Machine Alpha AXP workstations Celebris 590, Pentium PC Celebris 466, 486

Electronic Vision, Inc. Offers all components of multimedia hardware, fully configured Epson America, Inc. ActionTower 3000 ActionPC 3000

EZ-Systems EZ-Station, CD-ROM workstation w/ EZ-Menu sw & CD-ROM jukebox or tower

Falcon Systems, Inc. Falcon 486 systems

Gateway 2000 Gateway 2000 P5-100XL, Pentium 100MHz, 4X CD-ROM drive Gateway 2000 P5-75, Pentium 75MHz, etc. Gateway 2000 P5-90, Pentium 790MHz, etc. Gateway 2000 486DX2/66, etc.

GVP-Great Valley Products Personal Suite Plus, hardware & software pkg for use with Windows, a PC, VCR & camcorder

IBM Corp. Ultimedia PS/2 M57, a 486 SLC3 MPC Level 2 Ultimedia PS/2 M77, a 486 DX2 MPC Level 2 ValuePoint's MVP Series, full line of 21 different multimedia systems

IBM Corp./EduQuest EduQuest Thirty, Forty & Fifty computers w/ CD-ROM drive

International Computers Pentium MMultimedia, system for educational playback

IPC Technologies, Inc. The Edutainer: MPEG Multimedia System, MPEG playback & MediaMagic 16-bit audio record/playback card; optional internal VGA-to-NTSC or PAL converter for classroom TV display

Leading Edge Products, Inc. WinPro Educator, 486SLC/33 & educational CD-ROMs pkg WinTower Multimedia series

Leading Technology, Inc. MPC computer systems

Micro Express MicroFLEX-VL/66/Multimedia NEC Technologies, Inc. Computer & Printers Division Image Series, 15 different models of 486-class machines featuring Image Video technology Ready Multimedia Series, Pentiums, 64-bit graphics, 4X CD-ROM & wavetable

New Video Corp. EyeQ Authoring Solution, DVI video for Mac EyeQ Playback Solution EyeQ LC Player (Mac LCs) EyeQ LC-E Player, includes Ethernet (Mac LCs)

Packard Bell Electronics, Inc. Full line of MPC systems for authoring & playback

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. Panasonic Superdesk, S-VHS-based desktop video system

Procom Technology, Inc. Multimedia Station Pro Multimedia CD Station

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Various SPARCstations

The Bouglas Stewart Co. IBM Aptiva, Compaq models, Radius monitors, etc,

Zenith Data Systems Z-Station EX Model II, Pentium/90, PCI, etc. Z-Station EX, Pentium/75, PCI, etc. Z-Select 10OXE, 486DX4/100, desktop or mini tower config Z-Select ES, 486DX2/50


Compaq Computer Corp. ProSignia servers ProLiant server models

Dell Computer Corp. MPC systems configured as servers

Digital Equipment Corp. Alpha AXP workstations Celebris 590, Pentium PC

Hewlen-Packard Co. HP MPower (media-enriched environment for team/group communication & collaboration for HP 9000 Series 700 Workstations)

EZ-Systems EZ-CDserver, CD-ROM application server for an existing network

Gateway 2000 Gateway 2000 P5-100XL, Pentium 100MHz, 4X CD-ROM

MultiMedia Communication Systems, Inc. TelLink 2000, mm data pump that transmits from a server in real time over telephone line to a TV screen

NEC Technologies, Inc. Computer & Printers Division Ready Multimedia Series, Pentiums, 64-bit graphics, 4X CD-ROM & wavetable

Silicon Graphics, Inc. Indy systems IRIS systems Indigo systems

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Various SPARCstations

Zenith Data Systems Z-Station EX Model II, Pentium/90, PCI, etc.

CD-R Systems

BCD Distributor of CD-R systems & components

Computer Modules, Inc. CD-Recordable systems & CD-R media

Creative Digital Research Creative Publisher, desktop CD-R sw for Mac, Windows & Unix

DigiQuest Corp. CD-R hardware & systems & blank recordable media

Eastman Kodak/Digital & Applied Imaging Kodak 6X PCD600 CD-Recorder, world's fastest for high volume Kodak 2X CD-Recorder, multi-platform capable with Kodak barcode tracking system CD-R InfoGuard CD-R media

FWB, Inc. HammerCD-R 4x, CD-ROM mastering system

JVC JVC Personal RomMaker, CD-R systems, (2X or 4X) with sw for DOS, Windows, Mac & Unix Personal Archiver CD-R system (2X or 4X) for DOS, Windows, Mac & Unix

IPC Technologies, Inc. CDMS-P60 CD-ROM Mastering & Playback system, Pentium computer

Meridian Data, Inc. NetScribe 1000, hw & sw CD-R system for Mac, DOS & Windows PersonalScribe, hw & sw for DOS Microboards, Inc. PlayWrite 1000, 2000, 4000 CD-R systems for Windows, Mac & Unix CD-R duplications systems & CD-R media

Optical Media Int'l Quicktopix CD -Recording Systems for Windows & Mac Records data, audio & mixed mode in ISO 9660, HFS & hybrid formats

Philips CD-R systems & CD-Producer premastering sw

Procom Technology, Inc. CD-R publishing systems, 4X recorder

Ricoh Corp. CD-R drives & full systems

Yamaha GDR100 CD-ROM recorder/reader

Young Minds, Inc. CD Studio, desktop CD-ROM production system for Unix SimpliCD, CD-R system for Windows UltraCapacity, line of CD-ROM mass storage & recording systems supports jukeboxes, towers & other peripherals

Video-Editing Systems

Avid Technology, Inc. Media Suite Pro 2.0, Desktop Digitial Video Editing System, hardware & software for Mac

FAST Electronics US, Inc. Video Machine, non-linear video

Horizons Technology, Inc. Power!Video video compression stations

Intelligent Resources Integrated Systems Video Explorer System, digital video processing system

IPC Technologies, Inc. DVMS-P60 MPEG Mastering System, Pentium PC w/ MPEG-1 audio/video recording & playback; optional 4X CD-Recorder to publish Video CDs

Kratek Corp. SEG-1000 Pro Editor (video editor/processor)

Matrox Electronic Systems, Ltd. Matrox STUDIO, broadcast-quality desktop video post-production suite; non-linear editing & mastering from non-linear or online in same system

NewTek, Inc. Video Toaster, (broadcast-quality video post-production suite) for Windows & Mac New Video Corp. EyeQ Authoring Solution, DVI video for Mac

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. Panasonic MII Powerdesk, MII-based desktop video system, broadcast-quality recording special effects Panasonic Superdesk, S-VHS-based desktop video system

Radius, Inc. Video Vision, whole systems based on Mac technology

Videonics, Inc. Video Palette, combo of video processor, analyzer & TBC for post production Digital Video Mixer, create special effects like chroma key & over transitions TitleMaker 2000, adds broadcast-quality titles to video; 92 fonts, 1 million colors THUMBS UP Video Editor, mark best scenes & record to another tape

Audio-Editing Systems

Avid Technology, Inc. AudioStation, digital audio workstation AudioVision Release 2.5, multi-track digital audio workstation Media Composer, turnkey nonlinear online video editing system w/ Power Mac 8100 & other Mac models

Opcode Systems, Inc. The Easy Music Starter Kit, all hw & sw to make music except the Mac & MIDI synthesizer M Galaxy Plus and Galaxy, universal librarian editors M Edit One, editor/librarian for a single device M

Videonics, Inc. Sound Effects Mixer, add narration, music digitized natural sounds


All systems include audio capability, speakers (built-in or external) and a color LCD screen. Other features may be noted below.

Apple Computer, Inc. PowerBook 500c series PowerBook Duo 200C models PowerBook 180C

Compaq Computer Corp. Contura color models

Dell Computer Corp. Latitude models

Dolch Computer Systems High-performance multimedia portable computers

Epson America, Inc. ActionNote 80DCX, 80MHz-486DX2, with trackpad ActionNote 650C, 486DX2/50

IBM Corp. IBM Thinkpad 755CD, with CD-ROM drive swappable with floppy drive IBM ThinkPad 750C, color notebook

NEC Technalogies, Inc. Portable Systems Versa M notebook PC

Northgate Computer Systems ZXPortable color notebooks

Packard Bell Electronics, Inc. Color notebook models

Panasonic Panasonic V41, with internal CD-ROM drive

RTI (Revered Technology, Inc.) Power Cruiser, color notebook w/ detachable display that doubles as an LCD panel

Scenario, Inc. DynaVision IV notebook with active-matrix color LCD & built-in CD-ROM drive

Sharp Electronics Sharp PC-8900, 10,4" active-matrix LCD, GlidePoint trackpad & infrared comm. Sharp PC-8700, with GlidePoint trackpad & infrared comm.

Toshiba Toshiba T6600C series, built-in CD-ROM & stereo speakers Satellite Pro T2450CT

Zenith Data Systems Z-NOTEFLEX line of 486 color notebooks Z-STAR EX, 486DX2/50, HandiPoint device

Upgrade Kits

Advanced Logic Research ALR Digital Wave Express models

Apple Computer, Inc. Multimedia Kit for Windows

Aztech Labs Aztech Asteroid 2X Multimedia Upgrade Kit

Cardinal Technologies, Inc. Sensory System 1 CompuMedia Technology, Inc. MPC CD-ROM upgrade kits

Creative Labs, Inc. Sound Blaster Edutainment CD Sound Blaster DigitalEdge CD 3x Greative OmniCD 4X

Genesis Integrated Systems, Inc. GenSTAR 2X Upgrade Package, MPC-2

Media Resources Spectrum 16 MPC Kit

Media Vision Deluxe Multimedia Kit Premium Deluxe Multimedia Kit Pro Deluxe Multimedia Kit, with CD-R Memphis, with CD-R & wavetable

Omnicomp Graphics Corp. M&M Multimedia Subsystem

Procom Technology, Inc. PCDS-DS Bundle Multimedia Station series

Sigma Designs, Inc. ReelMagic CD-ROM Upgrade Kit WinWave CD-ROM Upgrade Kit

Turtle Beach Systems Entertainer Quad Speed Upgrade Kit, uses their Monte Carlo sound card & sw MultiSound Monterey Multimedia Upgrade Kit

Other Systems

Brainchild Corp. Brainchild Personal Learning System, hand-held computer (under $200) SW available: Skills Bank's basic skills (grades 4-12), Kaplan's SAT Review (9-12), Core Knowledge's elementary ed (1-6)

Comprehensive Technologies International, Inc. (CTI) Complete CD-i Development & Mastering Systems Philips CD-i Players (VAR)

Eastman Kodak Co. Kodak Professional Image Library System, comprising a Kodak PCD 100 Jukebox (reads Photo CD, writable CD, audio CD (others), mngt. sw & Shoebox Image Managment sw PCD Data Manager S200 workstation Eastman Kodak Co./Digital & Applied Imaging Kodak Photo CD Player 870, displays Photo CDs on TV monitor Kodak Photo CD/CD-ROM Drive 200 Portable Photo CD Player

Extron Electronics MIPSit. Multimedia Instructional Portable System, rollabout

Multimedia Design Corp. IMPAC*T, (Integrated Multimedia Presentation & Control Transportable, rollabout

Philips CD-i systems & players, including portable

Silicon Graphics, Inc. WebFORCE systems, hw & sw to author & serve WWW pages

Spectrum Industries, Inc. Mobile Multimedia Instructor Station (MICK), stand-up lecturing unit The Presenter, rollabout

TouchNet Information Systems TouchNet Kiosk, customizable turnkey kiosks using videodiscs

CD-ROM Drives

Altec Lansing AMC2000, 4.5 lb. device comprises a dual-speed CD-ROM drive and four speaker array

Apple Computer, Inc. AppleCD 300 Plus

CD Technology CD Porta-Drive

Chinon America CDS-535

FWB, Inc. HammerCD 4x CD-ROM drive

Hitachi CDR-6700/6750 2X CDR-1900/1950 2X

Media Vision, Inc. CDPC XL, a multimedia subsystem with 16-bit audio, NEC CD-ROM drive & speakers

MicroNet Technology, Inc. EPS CD-ROM Optical Disc Subsystem (parallel-to-SOSI conversion, DOS)

NEC Technologies, Inc. MultiSpin 4X Pro, quad-speed drives MultiSpin 3X, CD-ROM drives including portable units

Panasonic CD-ROM drives

Peripheral Land, Inc. PLI CD-ROM drives

Pinnacle Micro PCD-100 family of CD-ROM drives Prima Storage Solutions PDQ CD-ROM drives

PLEXTOR Corp. 4PLEX 4X CD-ROM drive, 1MB buffer

Sony Electronics, Inc. Sony Desktop Library Multimedia CD-ROM System CDU 4X CD-ROM drives CDU- 2X CD-ROM drives

Sun Microsystems, Inc. CD-ROM drive for SPARCstations

TEAC SuperQuad 4x CD-55A, boasts MTBF of 50,000 hours and a powered tray

Toshiba TXM- 3801 Series, 4X drives TXM-3401 Series, 2X drives TXM-3301P portable drive for DOS

Multiple-CD-ROM Drive Units

CBIS, Inc. CBIS CD ConnectionServer, dedicated CD server for networks

Digital Equipment Corp. RRD43/44

DigiQuest Corp. CD-ROM Towers

Electronic Vision, Inc. Multiple-drive CD-ROM Units, fully configured multimedia hardware EZ-Systems, Inc. EZ-Net, turnkey CD-ROM network w/ security sw; 6 to 500 CDs & up to 255 CDstations

FlexSys Corp. Pioneer 4X CD-ROM Minichangers with 6,18 or 500 discs

Intechnica International VoxBox2 CD-ROM Client Server (holds six discs)

JVC Information Products CD-702 7 Disc CD-ROM Minichanger, 2X & tray loading, inc. CD-ROM inventory mgt. sw for DOS Windows

Logicraft LS4300XF (1-28 CD-ROM drives) tower LS4500XF (1-56) tower LS5500XF (1-56) tower Rack-mount servers available that include LanCD network access sw

Meridian Data, Inc. CD-ROM network tower server

Micro Design International, Inc. LaserBank 60OCD

Reed Technology & Information Services Multi-Drive Towers, 4 to 7 dockable 4X drives with locking door panel OPTI-NET CD-ROM networking sw OPTI-WARE search & retrieval sw

Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. DRM-604X Quadraspin 4X CD-ROM changer, w/ 6 or 18 discs in removable magazines, compatible w/ every computer format Double Speed minichanger w/ 6-disc cartridge

PLEXTOR Corp. 4X Hot Swap CD-ROM Towers, 4 or 7 drives; all networks & platforms Sony Electronics, Inc. Sony Desktop Library Multimedia CD-ROM System

TAC Systems CD-ROM TowerDrives, with 7, 17 or 34 drives

Tallgrass Systems, Ltd. Networked multimedia apps using CD-ROM disc changers & Novell Toshiba TXM-3301A4, houses 2 to 4 drives

Young Minds, Inc. UltraCapacity, line of CD-ROM mass storage recording systems supports jukeboxes, towers other peripherals


Intervideo GVR-810 time-code based VCR

JVC Professional Products Co. JVC Edit-Desk System, with time code BR-S8000U recorder BR-S500U player RM-G800U editing controller

Mitsubishi HS-5600U time-lapse S-VHS VCR HS-U67 PC-VCR Full line of other VCRs

Panasonic AG-7750 S-VHS, hi-fi VCR Full line of S-VHS & VHS VCRs Full line of D-3 3.5" digital VTRs & MII analog VTRs

Philips Professional Products VCR100BK, computer-controlled VCR Sanyo Industrial Video Division GVR-S950, VCR deck designed for animators Other models of time-lapse video recorders

Sharp Electronics Corp. Professional Series VHS VCRs, models XA-400, XA-405 & XA-410 VC-H904U VHS-HiFi Stereo model

Sony Electronics, Inc. EVO-9650 Hi8 videotape recorder/player SVP-9000 & SV0-9600 S-VHS VTRs Sony Vdeck 500, an 8mm video-editing computer peripheral Sony CVD-1000 Vdeck, Hi8 video-editing computer peripheral Vbox computer/video interface (CI-1000)

TiltRac Corp. Automated Video Library

Toshiba Video Systems KV-5024A & KV-6110A, time-lapse VCRs

Videodisc Players

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. AG-LD30 Multi-LaserDisc player, Level Ill with barcode reader & remote control LX-150 Level 3 LaserDisc player LX-121 Level 1 LaserDisc player Barcode reader for LX players

Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. LD-V2600 Laser Disc Player, multi-format videodisc/CD player, industrial model connects to any computer, including Apple II or Amiga Many other videodisc players available, including LC-V330 Level Ill AutoChanger System Bar'n'Coder Version 3.0 software M LaserBarcode Tool Kit 2.0 software D

Sony Education Systems MDP-1700 AR Multi Disc Player, multi-format videodisc/CD player, auto reverse, dual-side play & barcode

CD-i Players

Philips Professional Products CD122ODV CD-i Player CD1604BK CD-i player with 1.44 Mb floppy drive CDIB10BK Transportable player with 1.44 Mb floppy drive CD135DDV CD-i portable with 5.6" LCD screen

Document Cameras

Canon Visual Communications Canon RE-650 Video Visualizer, 12x zoom

Digital Vision, Inc. Fuji FV-7000 Video Presenter Elmo Manufacturing Corp. EV-308 & EV-368 Visual Presenters EV-274 Portable Visual Presenter EV-500AF Visual Presenter EV-700AF top-of-the-line Visual Presenter

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. WV-E550, multi-purpose 3-CCD digital signal processing camera

Samsung Opto-Electronics America SVP-4100N Video Presenter, hi-rez fold-down portable Sharp Electronics Corp. XG-50 Video Presentation Scanner

Sony Electronics, Inc. VID-P100 video presentation stand, fluorescent lamps on two sides VideaLabs, Inc. FlexCam Teaching, flexible neck positions over documents, 3D objects & more FlexCam Scientific, connects to any standard microscope with optional adapter

LCD Panels

3M Visual Systems Div. 3M Model 5150, active matrix, 2.1 million colors 3M Model 5450, same as above + sound 3M Model 5900, same as above, 10.4" screen

Apollo Presentation Products Vision Q4, computer & video images S-VGA, 16.7 million colors Vision Q3, computer & video w/built-in audio, 16.7 million colors Vision Q2, computer & video, 16.7

Boxilght Corp. ProColor 1800 Multimedia, active-matrix & video with built-in speaker ProColor 1301V, active matrix & built-in video, onscreen help ColorShow 1200, passive matrix at special education pricing Chisholm Rainbow LCD Model 20/05, active matrix color for Mac & VGA computer data only Rainbow LCD Model 20120, active matrix color for video & data with electronic writing Rainbow LCD Model 20/15, active matrix color for data-only with electronic writing Rainbow LCD Model 20110, active matrix color for audio, video & data

Davis Technologies LCD Memory Panel, integrates 486 33 Mhz computer MultiColour 24, active-matrix

Dukane Audio Visual Products MagniView 864, LCD panel integrated w/ overhead projector

In Focus Systems, Inc. SmartView 3600, full-motion video support

IntelliMedia Corp. IntelliView Educational Presentation System, 486-class PC integrated w/ LCD panel

Lanier Worldwide, Inc. Lanier 432OV, active-matrix, 226,000 colors, data & video Lanier 4320, active-matrix, 24,000 colors

Megapower Technalogies, Inc. Megasystem330, combines overhead projector LCD panel Megavision LCD panel And other LCD panels up to 16.7 million colors

Mutoh America, Inc. Viewpoint series

NovaCorp Int'l, Inc. ASK Impact series PanelLight, universal backlight for LCDs turns them into a monitor

nVIEW Corp. PRESENTER 101, low-priced active matrix Z-SERIES, audio output via built-in speaker GRAPHX Z310, for intricate applications

Polaroid Corp. Polaview HR 2500, for subjects that demand fine-line imaging Polaroid Professional Presenter DP-2000 Polaview 3000 Polaview 1800 Polaview 1500

Proxima Corp. Ovation 810 active-matrix, tor text, graphics animation Ovation+ 842, active-matrix computer & video images ColorWorks, affordable for text, graphics animation

Sayett Technology, Inc. Datashow color LCD panels

Sharp Electronics Corp. QA-1500, operates without being connected to a computer QA-1750, 16-million colors video/data panel & built-in speaker Additional model video/data LCD panels available

Telex Communications, Inc. MagnaByte M2x LCD panels, built-in speaker & amp, 614,000 colors, upgradable to digital video & audio MagnaByte MX LCD panels, active matrix

Video/Data/Graphics Projectors

Apollo Presentation Products Explorer Computer/Video Multimedia Projector, self-contained light source ShowPro AVP-400 Video Projector, 20" -- 100", built-in stereo amp, 112,00 pixels

Barco, Inc. BarcoVision 700 Large-Screen Multimedia Projector

Boxlight Corp. ProColor 2101 LCD Data Projector, under 20 lbs, w/ audio/speakers ColorShow 2000 LCD Data Projector, portable, low cost Eiki International, Inc. LC-5200 portable large-screen mm projector, requires no special screen Other models available

Electrohome Ltd. ECP series, automatic source recall updates setup parameters ShowStar, operates in front, rear or ceiling mount configurations

In Focus Systems, Inc. LitePro series, portable color Mitsubishi VS-1202 & 2202 video projectors Other video & data projection systems

NEC Technologies, Inc. Professional Graphics Division MultiSync 9PG Plus, large-screen CRT projectors with AccuPoint digital convergence memory MultiSync 6PG Plus, large-screen with AccuPoint MultiSync MT Multimedia Theatre, image sizes from 36 to 140 inches diagonal

nVIEW Corp. nFINITY VGA projector Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. PT-M1085U Graphic Projector, 850 lumens, 1600 x 1280 60" -- 300" PT-M1083U, Data Projector, 850 lumens, 1280 x 1024, up to 300" PT-B2010U, Video Projector with digital convergence

Philips Professional Products LC2100G, 650,000+ pixels resolution LCD projector with tuner

Polaroid Corp. Polaview series, (85, 75, 45) low-profile design eliminates viewing obstruction

Proxima Corp. Proxima 8400, exceptionally bright images Desktop Projector 2750, includes speakers, designed expressly for educators Desktop Projector 2800, portable computer/video projector

Sayett Technology, Inc. Mediashow color LCD projectors

Sharp Electronics Corp. XG-E850U color projector with stripe pixel arrangement XG-E650U portable 16-million color data/video projector Additional model portable LCD projectors available

Sony Electronics, Inc. VPL-350Q/350QM LCD data projectors


Covid, Inc., M3 Multi Media Monitor, for education Epson America, Inc. 17" SVGA color monitor

NEC Technologies, Inc. Large monitors for Mac & PCs

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. CT-SL 3904, 13" color video monitor CT-2784VY, 27" stereo monitor/receiver with SuperBlack CRT & 550 lines

Philips Professional Products Professional Color stereo monitor/receivers, 20", 27" or 31" screen size ProBasic 25" monitor/receiver

Presenta Technologies Corp. M Series of SVGA multimedia presentation monitors in 29", 33" & 37" sizes

Sony Electronics, Inc. Digital MultiScan monitors

Scan Converters, Etc

Advanced Digital Systems (ADS) TV Elite A/V, audio/video scan converter Other VGA-to-NTSC/PAL converters

CELECT Multimedia Products Tr-1500 & TR-1000 scan converters

Communications Specialties, Inc. Scan Do computer video scan converters TwinSplit, QuadSplit, Hexisplit, OctoSplit & DeciSplit, video splitters

Consumer Technology Northwest, Inc. Presenter line, computer-to-TV converters

Covid, Inc. VGA/MAC scan converters

Digital Media Labs Scan-It, computer-to-TV converter with 200% zoom/pan & freeze remote control Scan-It bundles for Mac LC 520, 550 or 575 Scan-It & Remote Mouse bundles, w/zoom, pan all mouse functions from 40ft.

Digital Vision, Inc. TelevEyes/Plus, Mac-to-TV for Macs & PowerBooks TelevEyes/Plus, VGA-to-TV for PCs, built-in audio TelevEyes/Pro, computer-to-TV converter with genlock/overlay Other models available

Display Tech, Inc. CV Link, external unit for computer to TV, VCR or projector Educational Renaissance, Inc. Pro PC/TV Plus, a VGA-to-NTSC video converter

Extron Electronics Andora, video-to-VGA scan doubler to 640 x 480 resolution SuperEmotia scan converter, SVGA & Mac to NTSC/PAL video Inertia, workstation to VGA craphics converter

Jovian Logic Corp. VINplus (encoder, converter box) GENIE scan converter box

International Computers VideoOut, VGA-to-TV converter card

Lapis Technologies L-TVseries, NTSC interface for Macs

Presenta Technologies Corp. WinLinkTV scan converter VideoKey scan converter Super VideoKey Other products available

RGB Spectrum RGB/VIDEOLINK, computer-to-video, outputs broadcast-quality video

Telebyte Technology, Inc. Model 721 NTSC-to-VGA converter Model 701 Pocket Videoverter (VGA-to-NTSC converter for laptops & notebooks) Model 702 Desktop Videoverter (VGA-to-NTSC) Model 703 Deluxe Videoverter (simultaneous TV & VGA display) Model 711 VideoRanger (VGA to video converter)

Videolinx, Inc. Print To Video, converter w/ genlock & overlay TV Star, scan rate converter

Pointers & Remote Control Devices

AirMouse Remote Controls AirMouse Remote Control Unit all platforms Applied Computer Systems, Inc. Magic Pointer-250, works with analog monitors

Interlink Electronics ProPoint, hand-held presentation controller

J.J. & K Enterprises MR VP video presenter

Mind Path Technologies Mind Path IR90, computer remote with mouse control and software for DOS & Windows

Presentation Electronics, Inc. SilentPartner, multimedia remote control ProPresenter, remote control ProPresenter Plus, advanced remote control

Touchcreen Devices

Digital Equipment Corp. DECtouch Touchscreen Adapter

Elo Touch Systems, Inc. IntelliTouch touchscreens (surface acoustic wave) AccuTouch touchscreens (resistive) Plus controllers, drivers, software & complete "plug & play" TouchMonitors MonitorMouse, mouse-emulation sw WDM

MicroTouch Systems, Inc. TruePoint Touch Monitors ClearTek Touch Screens QuikPoint Touch Screens

Troll Touch Troll Touch touchscreen monitors Troll Touch 14PT, all-in-one presentation system (based on Mac Performa 550) Troll Touch Kits, sizes from 10" to 20"

Other Accessories

Apollo Presentation Products Eclipse AI-2034 Overhead Projector Co-Star VS575E Overhead Projector Companion Portable Overhead Projector Mobile Computer/LCD Panel/OHP Presentation Center, houses all components including PC

Campus Group Companies Audience Response Systems Technolink MSI/Piggyback

Chisholm ColorWriter & LightWriter, for writing over images projected by LCD panel MW

Covid, Inc. Multimedia SmartCart

International Computers CCD, acquires transcripts of TV programs

Microfield Graphics, Inc. SoftBoard, electronic whiteboard that displays (& can be saved) on Mac or PC

Panasonic Office Automation Panaboard, electronic whiteboard that makes hardcopy

RGB Spectrum ComputerWall, splits computer image across multiple displays

Robotel Robotel -- M160, integrated video switching, control all student monitors, keyboards/mice, audio, testing evaluation

SMART Technologies, Inc. SMARTBoard, electronic whiteboard with large touchscreen in Mac, Windows & Sun versions

Still-Video Cameras

Apple Computer, Inc. QuickTake 100, 24-bit color digital still camera w/ sw MW

Canon Visual Communications Canon RC-360 still video Imaging Kit MW Canon RC-570 Imaging Kit MW Canon EOS Digital Camera MW

Cardinal Technologies, Inc./Fujitsu FUJIX DS-100 digital still camera PHOTO-DRIVE memory card drive & sw

Chinon America, Inc. Electronic Still Camera

Dycam, Inc. Dycam Model 4 24-bit color, several versions W Dycam Model 3 Grayscale, 256 shades, several versions WDM

Eastman Kodak/Digital & Applied Imaging Kodak EOS-DCS*5 Digital Camera, megapixel, color cameras for photojournalists, DTP & scientific apps Kodak DCS 420 Digital Camera, single shot, color, megapixel digital Kodak DC40 Digital Camera, point & shoot, 768 x 512 resolution DCS 465 Digital Camera Back

Fuji Photo Film, U.S.A. Fujix DS-505 Digital Card camera Fujix DS-515 Digital Card Camera

Hitachi VKC-150 still video camera VKC-350, 370, 240 & 360 still video cameras

Logitech, Inc. FotoMan Plus, color digital still video camera DM Sharp Electronics Corp. ViewCam, camcorder takes still frames too

Sony Electronics, Inc. SEPS-1000, 24-bit color CatsEye, 24-bit color digital camera w/ motion & still capability


Canon Visual Communications VC-C1, integrated camcorder with tilt-and-swivel base & remote Full line of other camcorders

Chinon America, Inc. Color Flex Eye System, for image acquisition

Minolta Corp. Full line of camcorders

Moritex PICO Scopeman, a unique video microscope

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. AG-DP800 Supercam, 3-CDD FIT DSP camcorder AG-456 S-VHS camcorder with special effects AG-188U VHS camcorder

ParkerVision CameraMan Distance Learning Systems, autoTRACK hi-rez cameras with up 99 location presets

Sharp Electronics Corp. Slimcam VHS & S-VHS camcorders with zoom & more ViewCam series with built-in LCD screens, still-frame capture & more

Sony Electronics, Inc. EVO-150TR Handycam Full line of other camcorders, including Hi8 & Betamax

Toshiba America, Inc. TOS-200 with Decklink, a Hi8 multi-format camera/recorder Other camcorder models available

VideoLabs, Inc. FlexCam. integrated camcorder & microphone on flexible "stalk"


Agfa Corp. Arcus color desktop series Horizon pre-press units Focus color slide scanners

Apple Computer, Inc. AppleOne Color Scanner M

Canon U.S.A. Canon 35mm Film Scanner

Digital Equipment Corp. MD30c Color PC scanner MD4xx series of scanners

DigiQuest Corp All types of scanners

Eastman Kodak/Digital & Applied Imaging RFS 3570 Film Scanner, high-production 2700 dpi, 35mm-70mm desktop slide/film scanner RFS 2035 PLUS, 35mm slide scanner

Epson America, Inc. ActionScanning Systems, full flatbed color scanner systems for Macs & PCs ES-1200C, flatbed, 30-bit color, 4800 dpi for Mac ES-1200C, flatbed, 30-bit, 2400 dpi for PCs

Hewlett Packard HP ScanJet llp HP Scanjet llcx

JVC Full-color image scanner

LaCie Ltd. Silverscanner III, flatbed, with sw M

Logitech, Inc. ScanMan series MD

Nikon Electronic Imaging CoolScan, fits inside drive bay DW

Panasonic Co. FX-RS series of scanners

Pentax Technologies Corp. Pentax IQ Scan desktop MD DS6 Document Scanner, sheetfed, includes Watermark sw with OCR DS10 Document Scanner, flatbed, includes Watermark sw

PixelCraft, Inc. Prolmager 4520 RS, color transparency scanning system, scans 35mm to 4 x5 originals M Prolmager 7650C, color & grayscale reflective scanning system, scans 11 x 17 MW

Polaroid Corp. Polaroid SprintScan 35 Slide Scanner Polaroid Digital Palette HK6000 Color Film Recorder Polaroid CS-500 Digital Photo Scanner

Sharp Electronics Corp. Computer Products Division JX-330 color flatbed

Sony Electronics, Inc. UY-T55 & UY-T35V color video scanner

Video Cards

Ad Lib Multimedia, Inc. Ad Lib PCTV W

Altech International Corp. audioSHOW, PC to TV/CR W Audio/VideoBlender, audio/video capture W VideoSurge, full-motion video capture W Wave Watcher W VideoBlender W

Alpha Systens Lab, Inc MegaMotion video capture & playback DW

BCD Associates, Inc. BCD-2000A professional animation controller 6 BCD-5000 video animation controller (any computer-to-any video machine) BCD-1000 video tape controller

Cardinal Technologies, Inc. SNAPlus, desktop video VIDEOspectrum XL, true color accelerator W Other multi-function cards W

CompuVid, Inc. School Board Pro, SVGA capture, full-motion video overlay DW DigiPlay, full-motion MPEG CD-i, movie, CD playback OW

Creative Labs, Inc. Video Blaster FS200 D VideoSpigot for Windows, 30 fps

Digital Equipment Corp. Sound & Motion J300 (JPEG) for DEC workstations Intel Smart Video Recorder, 30 fps DVI

Diamond Multimedia Diamond Stealth 64 Video, playback card with upgradability to MPEG Other cards available

Diaquest DO-TACO (Video Toaster Animation Controller) Series II external rack-mount animation controller Q-Animaq animation controller M

Digital Vision, Inc. ComputerEyes/1024, hi rez color video frame grabber DW ComputerEyes/RT, real time color video frame grabber MD ComputerEyes/RT SCSI, external color video frame grabber for all Macs & PowerBooks Other video capture cards for laptop & desktop computers

DigiQuest Corp. Various MPEG I & MPEG-2 encoding & decoding cards

FAST Electronics US, Inc Video Machine, post-production video suite on a card with sw DW

Hercules Computer Technology SuperStation 3D DW Hercules Gold DW Other graphics boards

IEV International, Inc. ProMotion Multimedia Engine D Provision (video on VGA) Other cards offered

Intel Corp. Smart Video Recorder, 30 fps DVI W

International Computers ImageCapture COLOR, video capture VideoOut, VGA-to-TV CCD, acquires transcripts of TV programs

Jazz Multimedia Jakarta, integrated MPEG & graphics accelerator

J.J. & K Enterprises MR Ram Grab, motion video capture DW MR VV, VGA-to-S-VHS & composite video converter DW

Jovian Logic Corp. SuperVIA (real time capture) D SYLVIA (still-video capture) D GLORIA (digital stereo record & playback) D

MAGNI Systems, Inc. VGA Producer Pro, VGA-to-video encoder Dit video overlay & graphics pan/zoom D

Matrox Electronic Systems, Ltd. Matrox Animation Xpress (MAX), digital animation recording from hard disk in real time D Illuminator-PRO, uses 4:2:2 digital video tech. to create graphics, titles & animations & incorporate them into broadcast-quality video D

Media Vision, Inc. Pro MovieSpectrum, video capture for DOS with Video for Windows D ProMovie Studio DW

Microvitec, Inc. DAVID, Digital Audio Video Interactive Device, video overlay

New Media Graphics Corp. Super VideoWindows DW Super Motion Compression W Super Still-Frame Compression W Watch It! TV W Cliplt! W

New Video Corp. EyeQ Authoring Solution, DVI video for Mac M EyeQ Playback Solution M EyeQ LC Player (Mac LC series) Eyeq LC-E Player, includes Ethernet (Mac LCs)

NewTek, Inc. Video Toaster, (broadcast-quality video post-production suite) MU Amiga ToasterLink M

Omnicomp Graphics Corp. VIVA, video, VGA & audio mixer

Optibase, Inc. PCMotion, plays back compressed MPEG a/v files to NTSC/PAL PCMotion Pro, same + synchronized stereo JPEG-2000, handles all from tape input to mastering back to tape MPEG Lab +, digital video compression MPEG Lab Pro, fully automatic solution for ISO-std, MPEG compression

OptImage Delta Vc, MPEG compression & encoding DW Delta Vx, MPEG compression & encoding M

Orchid Technology Videola series WD Celsius/VLB WD Kelvin 64/VLB WD

Radius, Inc. VideoVision, 30 fps video M VideoVision Studio, 60 fields/second M

RasterOps Corp. 24STV, 30 fps w/ MoviePak M MoviePak, 30 fields/second, JPEG daughtercard M

Redlake Corp. SPECTRUM-NTSC, video-overlay controller & frame digitizer SPECTRUM-NTSC+, adds PAL video input & hw compression TapeCaster, record combined video & VGA to NTSC or PAL tape

Sigma Designs RealMagic, 16-bit ISA controller for 386+, MPEG playback w/ SoundBlaster emulation RealMagic Lite, as above but no audio Real Magic RAVE, 32-bit VLB graphic controller for 486 + w/ MPEG playback

SPECOM Technologies Corp. VIDCOM board (real time image compression) D

STB Systems, Inc. MVP-4X, supports quadruple monitors accelerator MVP-2X, dual monitor & accelerator Pegasus VL & other graphics accelerators

Studio Magic Corp. Personal Video Studio, add-in card & software for low-cost desktop video W

Sun Microsystems, Inc. VideoPix for Sun workstations & video capture)

SuperMac Technology DigitalFilm, 60 fields/second, JPEG M Spigot & Sound, 30 fields/second M VideoSpigot, 30 fields/second M

TAO, Inc. Computer controllers Step-frame editing

Truevision, Inc. TARGA 2000, 60-fields, broadcast video production DWM Bravado 16, video-in-a-window DW TrueVista Pro, video production DW NuvVista+, video production M Other cards available

Video Associates Labs, Inc. MicroKey/A (digital audio/video)W MicroKey/DigiView (capture) MicroKey/LinkPlus D

VideoLogic, Inc. 928Movie, digital movie acgelerator W HiPerVideo 926 Movie, a 64-bit digital movie accelerator OW DVA-4000, DVI DM MediaSpace, digital video compression DW MediaSpace Playback Videomedia, Inc. Animax, animation & editing control for serial videotape/disc recorders D Amiga Express, single-device controller for frame-accurate animation, rotoscoping & authoring (any platform) V-LAN-CX, modules for control of "prosumer" camcorders & VTRs (any platform)

Videonics, Inc. Edit Suite, an A/B roll edit controller

Visionetics International VIGA-VGA (S-VGA w/ S-VHS, NTSC output) D VIGA-16 (frame grabber) D

Other Video Devices

Canon U.S.A. Hi8 Desktop Video Production or Video EditingKit Video Floppy Disk Drive (FV-540)

Computer Prompting & Captioning Co. SoftTouch closed captioning encoder EE6 closed coptioning encoder

Diaquest ImageNode- The Video Server (rack-mount or Mac)

Extron Electronics Andora, video-to-VGA scan doubler to 640 x 480 resolution

Intelligent Resources Integrated Systems Video Explorer System, digital video processing system

IRIS Technologies Multimedia Video Commander (8- or 16-channel), a touchscreen-based system for sharing routing multimedia

JVC Professional Products Co. JVC Edit-Desk System, professional-level video production, affordable

Kratek Corp. SEG-1000 Pro Editor (video editor/processor) VS-401, VS-601 & VS-801 vertical interval switchers Family of video processing units

MAGNI Systems, Inc. MAGNI Monitor, inexpensive waveform monitor/vectorscope displays on any picture monitor

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. Broad range of products including A/V mixers, edit controllers, switchers, effects generators, etc. ParkerVision CameraMan Distance Learning Systems, auto TRACK hi-rez cameras with up 99 location presets CameraMan Personal Locator System, autoTRACK cameras with distributed preset control for every videoconferencing participant

RGB Spectrum SuperView, shows multiple video windows on one screen

Scala, Inc. InfoChannel Master Workstation, an Amiga 4000/040 for creating TV programs Scala Echo EE100 Intelligent Editing Cable

Sony Electronics, Inc. Sony Vdeck 500, an 8mm video-editing computer peripheral Sony CVD-1000 Vdeck, Hi8 video-editing computer peripheral Vbox computer/video interface (CI-1000)

Telebyte Technology, Inc. Model 703 Deluxe Videoverter (simultaneous TV & VGA display) W Model 732 LifeView Video Display (scan base conversion & windowing control for display of live video image on VGA)

TiltRac Corp. Automated Video Library Manager, provides video on demand & scheduled broadcasting for media retrieval & other apps

VideoLogic, Inc. MEDIATOR, desktop print-to-tape box Multimedia Interactive Control (MIC) System, Version 2.2 D

Videomedia, Inc. V-LAN-CX, modules for control of "prosumer" camcorders & VTRs (any platform)

Videonics, Inc. Video Palette, combo of video processor, analyzer & TBC for post production Digital Video Mixer, create special effects like chroma key & over transitions Sound Effects Mixer, add narration, music & 59 digitized natural sounds & combos thereof TitleMaker 2000, adds broadcast-quality titles to video; 92 fonts, 1 million colors THUMBS UP Video Editor, mark best scenes record to another tape

Audio Products


Altec Lansing Multimedia ACS300.1, 3-piece MPC powered speakers w/ subwooter system ACS500, surround sound system AMC2000, portable multimedia presentation center Full line of speaker systems for PCs

Anchor Audio, Inc. AN-100 Powered Monitor speaker with built-in wireless microphone Other audio systems available, including lecturns & stand-alone

Audix Corp. PowerHouse series PM series

Bose Corp. Acoustimass Multimedia Speaker System MediaMate computer speakers Acoustic Wave, portable system Other multimedia speakers

Computer City Direct MMS-10 stereo speakers/amplifier

International Jensen, Inc. Advent Powered Partner series, 5 different models including a 3-piece & a 70-watt "boomer" multimedia system Jensen JPS series, 5 different models of two-way multimedia speakers, from 7 to 20 watts

Koss Corp. HD series of powered speakers

Labtec Enterprises, Inc. LCS-800 Computer Speaker System, single sided controls LCS-600 Computer Speaker System, single sided controls, headphone jack for private listening

Micro Multimedia Labs, Inc. PC*Amp TC1490, delivers 40 watts RMS per channel with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz

NEC Technologies, Inc. AudioTower Speaker System

NuReality Vivid 3d Pro, Sound Retrieval System 3D speakers

Panasonic EAB 710P, "book" size speakers EAB 401 P, monitor-mountable

Roland Corp. CS series MA series CS-10 Stereo Micro Monitor

Sony Electronics, Inc. Sony SRS-PC50 speakers Sony SRS-PC30 speakers Sony SRS-D2KPC speakers with separate subwoofer

Sound Minds Technology, Inc. Unique audio speaker slips into 5.25" drive bay; built-in controls, amplifier, headphones, CD microphone inputs

The Douglas Stewart Co. Speakers tor PCs

ViewSonic PerfectSound Model VS127 speakers

Yamaha Audio subsystems for MPC machines

Audio Cards

Alpha Systems Lab Cyber Audio, MPC-2 level

Best Data Products, Inc. ACE, upgradeable multimedia modem Soniq Sound, 16-bit, 32-voice wavetable synthesis sound

Cardinal Technologies, Inc. Digital Sound Pro 16, Wavetable Edition, DSP-based

CompuMedia Technology, Inc. Gallant Sound 16/SC-6000, DSP-based Gallant Sound SC7000

Creative Labs, Inc. Sound Blaster AWE32 Value Edition, 3D effects Sound Blaster 16, DSP-based, wavetable Sound Blaster Digital Schoolhouse, includes 16-bit audio card, double-speed CD-ROM drive stereo speakers, plus six audio utilities & 14 educational titles for students aged three & older DW

Digital Equipment Corp. MS Soundcard (16-bit stereo) PAS Soundcard

Eletech Electronics, Inc. DigiCorder PC Voice Board (voice recorder)

ENSONIQ SoundScape Elite, custom DSPs, wavetable Other sound cards

Leading Technology, Inc. AudioWare Sound System OW

Logitech Soundman Wave, MPC-2 & bundled sw

Media Vision, Inc. Pro 3-D, 3D & effects plus sw Pro AudioSpectrum 16Pro AudioStudio series Orchid Technology SoundWave 32 (incl. speakers) DW GameWave 32

ProMEDIA Technologies, Inc. Audio Canvas XA-16 D

Roland Corp. Sound Canvas DB Articulated Wave snap-on card SCC-1, music synthesizer card RAP 10/AT (Roland Audio Producer)

Sigma Designs, Inc. WinWave, MPC-2, stereo effect from mono sound WinSound 16

Tandberg Educational, Inc. Voicecard 1000, 2000 & 3000 sound card W

TeleVideo Multimedia TeleWave Audio 32, wavetable-synthesis

Turtle Beach Systems MultiSound Monterey, 16-bit, wavetable synthesis, MPC-2 with Sample Store & sw tools Monte Carlo, 16-bit, FM & wavetable, game-compatible Tropez, 16 bit, wavetable, sound card with game compatibility

Visage, Inc. Digital audio cards D

Microphones & Input

Altec Lansing Multimedia AC10 computer audio monitor & control system with telephone interface Other accessories

Anchor Audio, Inc. AN-100 Powered Monitor speaker with built-in wireless microphone

Digital Equipment Corp. Labtec Soundpack

DSP Solutions, Inc. Port*Able Sound Plus, external audio record/playback device

Labtec Enterprises, Inc. CS-22, headset/boom microphone Logitech, Inc. AudioMan

Macromedia MacRecorder with SoundEdit Pro, hw/sw M

Shure Brothers, Inc. Shure AMS voice-activated microphone system

Sony Electronics, Inc. Sony MDR-007PC headphones Sony F-PC30 microphone

Vocaltec, Inc. CAT, podable audio record/playback device for notebooks

MIDI Devices & Misc.

DSP Solutions, Inc. "Digispeech Plus" 16-bit, external, CD-quality sound solution DW

Dukane Corp. Communications Systems Div. MACS II - Modular Administrative Communication System (intercom, public address & time functions) Model 703 Compact Disc & Cassette Player Models 702 & 701 Compact Disc Players

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. M2694 audio-video optimized disk for PCs or Macintosh

Integrated Multimedia Systems MIX22- stereo multimedia sound mixer tor interactive computer-based training

Opcode Systems, Inc. Studio Vision Pro, integrated MIDI & digital audio recording sw M Studio Vision AV, MIDI sequencing with digital audio M Studio 3, Studio 4 and Studio 5LX MIDI interfaces & synchronizers M

Passport Designs, Inc. Passpod MIDI Interface MD

Phonic Ear Easy Listener personal FM system

ProMEDIA Technologies, Inc. Audio Canvas Box, external unit reproduces 16-bit audio from hard disk D

Roland Corp. Sound Canvas, SC-7 MIDI Sound Module Pc-200mkll MIDI keyboard PC-150 MIDI keyboard Super MPU intelligent MIDI processing unit

Hardcopy Output

Color Printers

3M Co./ Imaging Systems Division Various color printers

Apple Computer, Inc. Apple Color StyleWriter Apple Color Printer (bubble jet) Other color printer solutions

Brother International Corp. HS-1PS, inkjet HT-500 PS, thermal wax

CalComp ColorMaster Plus family of color thermal-transfer printers DM

Canon U.S.A. BJ series (bubble jet) CJ series, also acts as color copier & color scanner FP-510 & other color printers

Digital Equipment Corp. DECcolorwriter 1000 DECwriter 95

Eastman Kodak Co. Digital & Applied Imaging XLS 8600 PS thermal dye sub color, w/ raster & Postscript, multi-platform networking capability Diconix portables & other color printers

Epson America, Inc. Stylus color inkjet printer ActionPrinter 3260, 24-pin w/ color upgrade

FARGO Electronics, Inc. Primera Color Printer, thermal transfer WMA Persona, thermal transfer/dye-sublimation color printer expressly designed for creating student or employee ID cards

General Parametrics Corp. Spectra*Star Q10e, thermal-wax color printer

Hewlett-Packard Co. DeskJet 500C & 550C DW DeskWriter C M PaintJet XL300

JVC JVC SP2200, continous tone Lanier Worldwide, Inc. Lanier 4600 plain-paper color printer Lanier 4230 thermal color printer Lanier 4230HD, has a 50MB hard disk Lanier 4230HD/FR, hard disk & slide maker attachment DM

Lexmark International IBM LaserPrinter 4039-16L, color laser IBM Color Jetprinter PS 4079

Mitsubishi DiamondColor Print 300, dye-sub G650 (thermal wax) Shinko ColorStream DS series

NEC Technologies, Inc. Superscript Color 3000, thermal transfer/dye sub ColorMate PS (thermal wax)

QMS Inc. QMS ColorScript printers

Sony Electronics, Inc. Business & Professional Products Group UP-DL500C dye-sub color printer

Sun Microsystems, Inc. SPARCprinter

Tektronix Graphics Printing & Imaging Div. Phaser 200e (thermal wax) Phaser 200i (thermal wax) Phaser IISD (dye sublimation) Phaser III Pxi (phase-change inkjet)

Varitronic Systems Prolmage, creates poster-sized visuals by running document through scanner or inputting directly from PC

Video Printers

Canon U.S.A.

RP-420 & RP-733 Video Printers

Hewlett-Packard Co. HP VidJet pro video & printer

Hitachi VY-1 7OV, VY1 70AH & VY300AH video printers

Mitsubishi CP-15U color video printer CP-52U color video printer P-68U autoscanning video printer Other video printers

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. AG-EPBOO Video Printer, fuzzy logic circuitry

Polaroid Corp. Polaroid CI-700 Digital PhotoPrinter WM

Sharp Electronics Corp. GZ-P15UP, 16.7 million color video printer with high-speed strobe function XG-H440U, portable LCD video printer with ceiling/tabletop mounting flexibility

Sony Electronics, Inc. Various video printers

Toshiba America, Inc. Various video printers

Other Output Devices

Agfa Corp. Digital film recorders

Barneyscan Corp. Barneyscan 35mm slide recorders

GCC Technologies, Inc. GCC Colorfast & digital film recorder)

Instant Replay, Inc. Caption Writer VCR CW 900, outputs text from closed captions to DOS printer or to IBM & Apple computers DM

Lanier Worldwide, Inc. Lanier 4100 Flip Chart & Poster Maker Lanier 4010 Tansparency Maker LFR Mark II digital film recorder Personal LFR, desktop digital film recorder

Management Graphics, Inc. Sapphire Color Slide Recorder, for 35mm slides & negatives M

Mirus Industries Corp. FilmPrinter Turbo II, desktop slidemaker DM

Polaraid Corp. Polaroid Digital Palette CI-3000S color film recorder DW Digital Palette CI-5000S color film recorder DMWUA

RISO, Inc. RISO Publisher, a spot color printer/scanner for high-volume printing M

Mass Storage

Removable Media Systems

Digital Equipment Corp. RW500 Optical Library U

FWB, Inc. HammerDisk Removables, 88MB, 200 MB 256MB SyQuest units, 1.3 GB MO units MD Includes FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit Iomega Corp. Bernoulli 90MB MD Bernoulli 150MB MultiDisk MD

LaCie, Ltd. Joule Portable Syquest line of removable media systems M

MASS Microsystems Datapak 45 & 48 MD

Maxoptix Corp. Tahiti II 650MB/LGB MD

MicroNet Technology, Inc. EPS 44 or 88MB systems D

Optima Technology Corp. Diskovery 45R & 88R MD

Peripheral Land, Inc. Infinity 88 or 44 Turbo MD

Prima Storage Solutions PDQ Removable Winchester Disk (44MB or 88MB) subsystems MD

Procom Technology, Inc. MRD 80MB & 270MB SyQuest systems MD

Syquest Technology lota Series Drive for notebooks (2.5", 42.8MB media) MD Alta Series Drive (5.25" 44 or 88MB media) MD

Rewritable & Multi-Function Drives

Digital Equipment Corp. StorageWorks SW1000 InfoServer series

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. DynaMO, external drive using 3.5" MO cartridges MD

International Data Engineering, Inc. IDE Personal Library System (holds up to ten ISO cartridges & accomodates WORM, rewritable & multi-function drives) MDU IDE Micro Library System (a removable magazine of 5 rewritable discs & autochanger) DU

LaCie, Ltd. Joule Portable MO line of removable media systems M

MASS Microsystems Datapak MO/128, rewritables

Maxoptix Corp. Tahiti-II family of rewritable optical disc drives MD Micro Design International, Inc. LaserBank 60OR rewritable systems LaserBank 600M multi-function system LaserBank 1000M multi-function

Olympus Image Systems, Inc. MOS 300s 3.5" 128MB rewritable optical drive D

Optima Technology Corp. Concorde 600MO rewritable optical subsystems MD

Panasonic LF-Series of rewritable, WORM & multi-function optical drives MDU

Peripheral Land, Inc. Infinity Optical rewritable systems

Pinnacle Micro REO-130 3.5" rewritable optical drive (Mac, DOS, workstations) REO-650 5.25" rewritable optical drive REO-1300 dual 5.25" rewritable optical system

Plasmon Data Systems, Inc. RF-7010 multi-function internal RF-7010X (LGB multi-function subsystem) RF-11JM (11GB multi-function jukebox) RF-50JM (50GB multi-function jukebox)

Procom Technology, Inc. MEOD rewritable MO drives, 230MB, 1.3GB & 2.0GB MD

Ricoh Corp. HyperSpace 5.25" rewritable Tansporter 3.5" rewritable HyperSpace Shuttle (3.25GB rewritable optical jukebox for Novell) RJ-5330E (33GB rewritable library unit)

Sony Electronics, Inc. SMO-F521 1.3GB 5.25" rewritable RMO-S350 128MB 3.5" rewritable SMO-E301F 128MB 3.5" rewritable optical drive

TEAC America, Inc. TEAC OD-3000 3.5" rewritable optical disc drive

XYXIS Corp. XYRW Series, rewritable optical subsystems in 128MB to 1736GB capacities MD OS/2 Sun, Novell

DAT Tape Drives

FWB Inc. HammerDAT tape backup subsystems, 525MB-48GB MW Hammer Tape Backup subsystems Includes Retrospect Remote sw

LaCie, Ltd. Joule Portable Tape systems M Procom Technology, Inc. Offers two Exabyte tape backup subsystems, 4mm for up 4GB; or 8mm for up to 14GB

Sony Electronics, Inc. SDT-5000 DDS-2 DAT drive

Tandberg Data, Inc. Panther QIC, Quarter-Inch Cartridge tape backup systems

Other Units & Accessories

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. M2694- audio/video-optimized hard drives for PCs or Macs

Future Domain Corp. SCSI CD-ROM Kit

FWB, Inc. CD-ROM ToolKit, accelerates CD-ROM drives MW Sledgehammer, RAID disk arrays, up to 17.4GB MW PocketHammer Hard Drives MW

Insite Peripherals, Inc. Floptical disk drives DM

Iomega Corp. Floptical 21 MB 3.5" drive DM Lasersafe PRO 1GB DM

LaCie, Ltd. Joule Portable line of hard drives M

Linksys ParaSCSI Plus, parallel-to-SCSI converter connects up to 7 SCSI devices

Logicraft LS 4300 XF & LS 550 OXF CD-ROM network servers

MASS Microsystems Hitchhiker portable drives M

Mega Drive RAID Disk Arrays DMU

Micro Design International, Inc. LaserBank 940 WORM systems LaserBank Library optical jukeboxes

MicroNet Technology, Inc. Raven series of array drives, 646MB to 5560MB

Micropolis AV and Gold AV series, audio/video-optimized hard drives MDW

Peripheral Land, Inc. Infinity Optical 6.3GB Jukebox Mini Arrays, 1, 2 & 2.4GB Pinnacle Micro REO-6500 & 36000 optical jukeboxes

Prima Storage Solutions PDQ Floptical drive (21MB)

Procom Technology, Inc. Floptica 20/m, floptical drive LANForce Series, RAID disk-array subsystems up to one terrabyte ATOM-AT Thinkpad hard drives & 2.5" hard disks for Compaq, Toshiba & Apple laptops

Sony Electronics, Inc. WDA-330 & 930, 12" WORM autochangers

TiltRac Corp. Automated Video Library Manager, video on demand & scheduled broadcasting for media retreival & other apps Videotape storage units

Networks & More

Multimedia Networking & Distribution Systems

AMX Corp. Synergy Electronic Classroom Systems, full-featured media retrieval & management systems

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. LINK Video LAN System, models for any platform

Artisoft, Inc. ArtiScribe NetMedia System D KIVA NetConferencing System D

Better Education, Inc. Classtalk, fully interactive Classroom Communication System for Macs, networked to notebooks, graphic calculators or palmtops, with authoring & presentation tools M

Bolt Beranek & Newman, Inc. (BBN) BBN Internet Server & FrontDoor, a hw & sw package for an institutional Internet connection

Campus Learning Systems, Inc. Interactive multimedia development & delivery systems

CBIS, Inc. CD Connection software CBIS CD Server, dedicated CD server

CENTEC Corp. Centec Touch Reading Learning System (ILS) Archway, GUI for enterprisewide mgt. of students, curriculum, assessment & administration

Crestron SchoolNet Media Retrieval & Distance Learning Systems

Datapoint Corp. MINX Network Video System, a family of network video systems Digital Equipment Corp. Internet AlphaServer, a turnkey Internet access system

DigiQuest Corp. Multimedia networks for CD-ROM jukeboxes, audio/video teleconferencing & more

Dukane Corp. Instructional Technology Business Div. Smartsystem, three models of an information delivery/media management system MWD

Dynacom DYNALINK 100, 200, 300 & 400 multimedia-on-demand communication networks Satari, media distribution system

EyeTel Communications, Inc. EyeTel Communicator family Communicator I, interactive viewing, annotation, file share & white board (sw only) Communicator II, + capture/transmit still video from any source via LAN or modem Communicator III, + full-motion video, H.320 based videoconferencing

Ez-Systems, Inc. Ez-Net, CD-ROM network; 6 to 500 CDs & up to 255 CDstations

Human Designed Systems HDS netvideo 2.0, accept & broadcast video audio over networks U

IBM Corp./EduQuest Teaching and Learning with Computers, ILS system for K-8 Ideal Learning, Inc. Learning Expedition, network-based K-8 interactive curriculum covering math, reading language arts with full mngt. MW

Inline, Inc. V-Net, a hi-res video network works with all computers & all analog video outputs Other video-enhancement & networking products Integrated Multimedia Systems Communicator 3200AVS, real-time, interactive audio/video communications between students & instructors MD NAVIGATOR, a/v distribution system; "don't just explain when you train- send it!"

IRIS Technologies Multimedia Video Commander (8- or 16-channel), a touchscreen-based system for sharing routing multimedia

ITC Activ Multi-User Network Software, use for ITC's Activ training system

Jostens Learning Corp. Jostens Learning First, multimedia ILS system with full-motion video

LANcity Corp. LANcity products use cable TV wiring for multimedia/data networks. LANcity Bridge LANcity Router LANcity Transmaster, data converter for headend LANcity Cable Installation Utility sw for Windows LANcity Personal Cable TV Modem

Lotus Development Corp. Lotus Notes, software-based groupware environment that supports mm attachments

Minicom Advanced Systems CLASSNET, control, interaction & multimediasharing systems for computer classrooms

MOBIUS Corp. KIDWARE2 Learning Genter, pre-K to kindergarten

Modern ACTV - interactive classroom television system

Multimedia Communication Systems, Inc. TelLink 2000, mm data pump that transmits from a server in real time over telephone line to a TV screen

Robotel Robotel - M160, integrated video switching, control all student monitors, keyboards/mice, audio, testing evaluation

Scala, Inc. Infochannel Master Workstation, an Amiga 4000/040 for creating TV programs InfoChannel IC400, multimedia communication software for authoring TV programs *

Sony Electronics, Inc. LLC9000 Language Learning System, with TECH Electronics' Commander interface to incorporate computer graphics into instruction Other models of complete language labs available

Starlight Networks, Inc. Starworks, networks multimedia information to up to 40 simultaneous users of Windows, Mac, DOS or Solaris PCs over existing LANs StarWare, Netware NLM that converts a Novell fileserver into a multimedia (video/data) server for sharing multimedia information by PC Mac computers StarWorks TV, multi-casts live & stored video to hundreds of users on an existing network

Tallgrass Systems, Ltd. Networked multimedia apps using CD-ROM disc changers & Novell

Tandberg Educational, inc. IS-10 Multimedia Learning System (language lab console) System 600 Multimedia Learning System Portalab 90 Portable Audio Center System 200 Audio Language Laboratory fixed installation)

TargetVision TargetVision, info delivery system for networks or television

TECH Electronics, Inc. TECH Commander, screen-sharing & remote control system for multimedia labs & classrooms MDA

TilRrac Corp. Automated Video Library Manager, provides video on demand & scheduled broadcasting for media retreival & other apps

Universal Four-Pair, Inc. VIDEOLAN, live interactive video distribution system from desktop


AC&E, Ltd. Integrators of videoconferencing, distance learning & multimedia applications Alpha Systems Lab, Inc. MegaConference, desktop videoconferencing over std, phone lines (POTS) Remotewatch, remote surveillance over std. phone lines Toshiba portable PC for videoconferencing

AT&T Global Information Solutions AT&T VISTIUM family of personal videoconferencing units AT&T Group Video systems, including the Model 400 cart system & Model 50 portable system Whole range of video/data conferencing products services

Compression Labs, Inc. (CLI) eclipse family of small- to mid-range rollabout videoconferencing systems Radiance, high-end group videoconferencing systems Rembrandt II/P codecs Spectrum Saver DBS System MultiPoint2 controllers Magnitude family of MPEG-2 encoders/decoders

Digital Equipment Corp. DECspin telecollaboration sw

EyeTel Communications, Inc. EyeTel Communicator family includes interactive viewing, annotation, file share & white board (sw only) Model Communicator II, + capture/transmit still video from any source via LAN or modem Model Communicator III, ++ full-motion video, H.320 based videoconferencing

Fiber Options Various one- and two-way video distribution/routing systems Video & audio teleconferencing

Future Labs, Inc. TalkShow, document conferencing sw DW VIS-A-VIS, audiographic conferencing software MDW VIS-A-VIS Data Bridge D

Human Designed Systems HDS netVideo 2.0, multimedia networking plus teleconferencing over the Internet U

IBM Corp. Person to Person/2 personal videoconferencing OS/2

Intel Corp. ProShare, family of personal and group video-conferencing products W

ITC Activ Multi-User Network Software, for use in conjunction with ITC's Activ system Lotus Development Corp. Lotus Notes, software-based groupware environment that supports mm attachements

MultiLink, Inc. System 70, a teleconferencing system that facilitates multi-point audioconferencing System 80, new system

NBSI Clearview 128, stds.-based videoconferencing rollabout & 486 Windows workstation

Northern Telecom, Inc. VISIT videoconferencing systems VISIT Access, teleconferencing software MOW

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. VisionSeries 50, executive-level tabletop videoconferencing system VisionSeries 300, group rollabout VisionSeries 500, T1-capable group rollabout

ParkerVision Cameraman Distance Learning Systems, autoTRACK hi-rez cameras with up 99 location presets CameraMan Personal Locator System, autoTRACK cameras with distributed preset control for every videoconferencing participant

PictureTel Corp. Classroom System with the Learning Option Package, videoconferencing package with a set of presentation and teaching tools for distance learning

Shure Brothers, Inc. Shure ST6300 Audioconference system for videoconferencing

Shure ST3000-AR, above w/ Additional Receive capability Shure Consensus ST2500, portable, full-duplex digital audioconterence system

Silicon Graphics, Inc. Inperson, desktop videoconferencing software U

Sony Electronics, inc Trinicom 2000 rollabout videcconterencing systems, with 27" display, one-touch trackball remote control, plus zoom, scroll, annotate, store & print

Sun Microsystems Showme 2.0, personal desktop videoconferencing W Teleconferencing Technologies, Inc. Speaker phones & T-120 conference bridges for audioconferencing

VTEL Corp. VTEL 127S, Mediaconferencing small group rollabout unit with whiteboard, uses new AppsView GUI W VTEL 127, rollabout unit, DeskMax platform W VTEL 227 BK & 235 BK, videoconferencing systems run on MediaMax platform D VTL 115 & 117, desktop videoconf. products, run on DeskMax platform, turnkey Windows W VTEL 125 VP, DOS-based, Mediamax platform D Mediamax 3.01 & MCU-II 1.1, upgrades to software


Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. Computer labs & A/V furniture, carts & stands, projection screens, TV mounts & library furniture Connections, interchangeable computer tables for youth or adult sizes Legacy Library System: shelving, circulation desks, carrels & reading tables

Covid, Inc. Multimedia SmartCart

Counterpoint, Inc. Intelec education workcenters

Ergotron Ergonomic computer workcenters

Extron Electronics MIPSit. Multimedia Instructional Portable System, rollabout

Multimedia Design Corp. IMPAC*T, (Integrated Multimedia Presentation Control Transportable, rollabout W

KEYTIME KEYTIME 105 Plus Keyboard, shows DVORAK on top of keys & OWERTY on front of keys, toggles with a key, etc.

kidBoard kidBoard, child's first keyboard with big keys, bright colors & fun shapes kidpad, child's first graphics tablet for drawing

Neumade Products Corp. Video Cassette Storage System 35mm Slide Storage (30,000 cap. Audio Cassette Storage System Audio Tape "Reel" Storage Nova Office Furniture, Inc. Multimedia lecturns & student desks

Paragon Furniture, Inc. ParaDesk, new design one-person workstation Other models of computer desks

Smith System Mfg. Co. Technology furniture: several lines of desks, carts, consoles; rugged, attractive affordable Overhead projector carts: bi-level & quad-level Rack mount cabinets: adjustable shelves, many sizes, finishes, accesories

Spectrum Industries, Inc. Mobile Multimedia Instructor Station (MICK), stand-up lecturing unit The Presenter, rollabout

Tripp Lite Barery backup systems (UPS)

Univenture, Inc, Safety-Sleeve, CD packaging & storage products

Zero Stantron Cabinets Furniture systems for multimedia & desktop video components


3M Prerecorded Optical Media 3M provides mastering & replication services for CD-ROMs & videodiscs

AC&E, Ltd. Integrators of videoconferencing, distance learning & multimedia applications; software developers specializing in communication systems interface control

American Technology Resources Systems integrator for optical disc & video imaging technologies; consulting; in-house service; hardware, generic & custom courseware design

Ameritech Telecommunication technologies: distance learning & networking of multimedia in Illinois, Ind., Mich., Wisc. & Ohio

AMT Software Custom development of CBT for medical education, manufacturing & industry

BCD, Inc. Complete CD-ROM mastering services BERMAC Communciations, Inc. Consulting, design, production & programming of custom interactive multimedia, digital or analog, hardware & software independent

Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc. Hardware & software turnkey packages to create utilize an internet connection

Caption Connection Provides open- and closed-captioning services to media producers

Century Design Supports publishers in conversion of print or videodisc programs to CD-ROM, CD-i or MPC platforms CollegeView CollegeView, an online information network for students to search, explore & directly connect with colleges; videos, interviews, maps & online help, IntoZap sends student application to school

CompCore Multimedia, Inc. Offers license to SoftPEG software, an MPEG-1 decoder that runs on PowerPC, MIPS & Alpha systems

CompuVid, Inc. Systems integrators and consultants. Cost-efficient, full-motion video multimedia 486Dx-based stations ideal for classroom & teaching labs

Computer Prompting & Captioning Co. Closed captioning & subtitling services

Consolidated Financial Resources, Inc. Offers financial solutions, including lease/purchase-based methodology to public schools on a national basis

D & V Concepts Manufacturer's rep for data, voice & video products specializing in fiber optic solutions. Supplies fiber cable, connectors, cards, patch panels, transmitters receivers Digital Learning Services Multimedia training packages and services Educational Software Institute, Inc. Offers over 7,000 K-12 titles with personal selection help

Electronic Multimedia Consultants Multimedia system integrators, specializing in IBM & compatibles

Emerging Technology Consultants Inc. Personalized teacher training, instructional design & development & marketing services to developers & end-users

Garner Multimedia Design & production of custom multimedia products

General Television Network Production, post-production & pre-mastering services of Level I, II & III]videodiscs

Horizons Technology, Inc. Multimedia software development & systems integration

Imagine Tomorrow, Ltd. Multimedia Learning Centers

institute for Academic Technology IAT offers hands-on workshops for faculty, administrators & technical staft. Topics include multimedia development, teaching & learning with new multimedia, & uses of computer networks

Interactive Video Solutions, Inc. Offers repair services for videodisc players & video printers

International Computers Systems integrators consultants

ITC An IBM Business Partner; custom designed applications, training management services & training consulting services; full range of interactive multimedia

IVID Communications Creates interactive CD-ROMs & other multimedia applications

LeadingWay Corp. LeadingWay Mentor, a technology-transfer program, assists educators to implement CBT thru consulting, development services & user training; develops custom interactive multimedia OBT apps

Michael Jackson Software, Inc. Multimedia-based training & CBT custom development

Multimedia PC Marketing Council Publishes the Multimedia PC specification & licenses the MPC trademark to firms whose systems, software & peripherals meet specs

Optical Disc Corp. Makes recordable videodiscs (RLVs)

Optical Media Int'l Complete CD-ROM & CD audio pro duplication services

PCR Personal Computer Rentals Multimedia rental services

Satellite Educational Resources, Inc. (SERC) Delivers courseware via satellite

Scienta, Inc. Producer of customized multimedia materials for Mac or Windows

Southwestern Bell Corp. Consulting, design, development & project mgt. services for videodisc, CD-ROM & DVI projects

Stokes Imaging Services Digital imaging services for DOS, Mac, Windows, CD-i & DV-l

Tandberg Educational, Inc. Provides inservice on multimedia learning & language lab systems for technicians & teachers

Technidisc, Inc. Programming, pre-mastering & replication services for videodiscs

Television Associates, Inc. Video production & post-production services for interactive videodiscs; also a Philips CD-i & Pioneer dealer

Trellis Communications Corp. Full service systems integrator & supplier specializing in fiber optic technology; designs managed all facets of network integration, provides training

Video/Film Associates Producer of CBT, video & multimedia

Vision River Content design & development services; on-disk catalog for $3, post paid

o = CD-ROM * = Videodisc [] = Floppy diskette M=Macintosh W=Windows D=DOS A=Apple II U=UNIX


Academic Distributing, Inc. 2015 East 3300 South Salt Lake City, UT 84109-2630 (801) 484-3923 (800) 531-3227

Agency for Instructional Technology Box A Bloomington, IN 47402-0120 (812) 339-2203 800) 457-4509

Allen Visual Systems, Inc. 824 Sunset Ridge Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 (708) 498-9220

Avtex 2105 S. Bascom Ave., #300 Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 371-2800

BDS, Inc. 105 Carpenter Dr. Sterling, VA 22170 (800) 950-3020

CompuAdd 12303 Technology Blvd. Austin, TX 78727 (800) 627-1967

Coronet / MTI Film & Video 108 Wilmot Rd., 5th Floor Deerfield, IL 60015 (708) 940-1260 (800) 777-8100

D.C. Heath & Co. School Division 125 Spring St. Lexington, MA 02173 (800) 235-3565

DEMCO, Inc. 4810 Forest Run Rd. Madison, WI 53704 (608) 241-1201 (800) 356-8394

DigiQuest Corp. 1521 Plum Lane Westmont, IL 60559 (708) 719-9030

Education Express 123 Skokie Valley Rd. Highland Park, IL 60035 (708) 831-1282 (800) 733-3396

Educational Resources 1550 Executive Dr. Elgin, IL 60123 (708) 888-8300 (800) 624-2926 Educational Software Institute, Inc. 4213 South 94th St. Omaha, NE 68127 (402) 592-3300 (800) 624-5570

Educational Software Institute, Inc. 4213 South 94th St. Omaha, NE 68127 (402) 592-330 (800) 955-5570

EDUCORP 7434 Trade St. San Diego, CA 92121-2410 (619) 536-9999 (800) 843-9497

Electronic Presentation Systems Inc. 11 Atterbury Blvd., #1 Hudson, OH 44236 (216) 656-2391

Electronic Vision, Inc. 5 Depot St. Athens, OH 45701 (614) 592-2433

Emerging Technology Consultants, Inc. 2819 Hamline Ave. North St. Paul, MN 55113 (612) 639-3973

Fas-Track Computer Products 7030 Huntley Rd. Columbus, OH 43229 (614) 847-4050 800) 927-3936

Hartley Courseware, Inc. 3451 Dunckel Rd., #200 Lansing, MI 48911 (517) 394-8500 (800) 247-1380 Hartley.mktg@apple

Health Sciences Consortiium 201 Silver Cedar Court Chapel Hill, NC 27514-1517 (919) 942-8731

Humanities Software 408 Columbia, #222 Hood River, OR 97031 (503) 386-6737 (800) 245-6737

Image Entertainment 9333 Oso Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 (818) 407-9100

Interactive Video Solutions P.O. Box 1280 Media, PA 19063 (610) 891-6777

International Computers 12021 West Bluemound Rd. Wauwatosa, WI 53226 (800) 992-9000 Kintronics, Inc. 3 Westchester Plaza Elmsford, NY 10523 (800) 431-1658

Laser F/X, Inc 318 North Main St. Mt. Carroll, IL 61053 (815) 244-3500

Laser Learning Technologies, Inc. 120 Lakeside Ave., #240 Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 322-5085 (800) 70-LASER

LaserSoft Multimedia 947 Lewis Ave. Salina, KS 67401 (913) 827-6483 (800) 432-3239

Library Video Co. P.O. Box 1110 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 (215) 667-0200

MECC 6160 Summit Dr. North Minneapolis, MN 55430 (612) 569-1500 (800) 685-MECC

MediaSourcery, Inc. 1055 Joquin Rd. Mountain View, CA 94043 (415) 390-9890 (800) 228-ULTI

Merit Audio Visual 132 W. 21 St. New York, NY 10011 (212) 675-8567 (800) 753-6488

Modern School Supplies Inc. P.O. Box 958 Hartford, CT 06143 (203) 243-9565 (800) 243-2329

Optical Data Corp. School Media Division 30 Technology Dr. Warren, NJ 07059 (908) 668-0022 (800) 524-2481

PC Micro Dealers 3042 Remington Baltimore, MD 21211 (301) 889-1000 (800) 448-8892

Quality Computers, Inc. 20200 Nine Mile Rd. St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 (313) 774-7200 (800) 777-3642 RCET, Inc. 13480 S. Outer Fody Rd., #101 Chesterfield, MO 63017 (314) 851-0085

Reed Technology Information Services, Inc. (formerly Online Computer Systems) 20251 Century Blvd. Germantown, MD 20874 (800) 832-2722

Sampson MIDI Source P.O. Box 550363 Dallas, TX 75355-0363 (214) 328-2730

Sandy Enterprises, Inc. P.O. Box 1 East Northport, NY 11731 (516) 266-5767

Scottforeman 1900 E. Lake Ave. Glenview, IL 60025 (800) 554-4411

The Bouglas Stewart Co. Computer Products 2402 Advance Rd. Madison, Wl 53719 (608) 221-1155 (800) 279-2003

The Great Media Company P.O. Box 598 Nicasio, CA 94946 (415) 662-2426

The Highsmith Co., Inc. W5527 Hwy. 106 Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 (414) 563-9571 (800) 558-2110

ThinkWare Corp. 130 9th St. #303 San Francisco, CA 94103 (800) 369-6191

Walnut Creek CDROM 4041 Pike Lane, #D Concord, CA 94520 (510) 674-0783 (800) 786-9907

Wayzata Technology, Inc. 2515 East Highway 2 Grand Rapids, MN 55744 (218) 326-0597 (800) 735-7321

Ztek Co. P.O. Box 1055 Louisville, KY 40201 (502) 584-8505 (800) 247-1603

Vendor Index

3M Co. Imaging Systems Division

3M Center St. Paul, MN 55144 (800) 227-2547

3M Prerecorded Optical Media 3M Center, Bldg. 223-5N-01 St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 (612) 733-2142 (800) 336-3636

3M Visual Systems Div. Building A145-5N-01 6801 River Place Blvd. Austin, TX 78726-9000 (512) 984-1800 (800) 328-1371

A.D.A.M. Software, Inc. 1600 Riveredge Pkwy., #800 Atlanta, GA 30328 (404) 980-0888 (800) 755-2326

Abbate Video, Inc. 14 Ross Ave., Floor 3 Millis, MA 02054-1545 (508) 376-3712 (800) 283-5553

ABC-CLIO, Inc. 130 Cremona Dr. Santa Barbara, CA 93117 (805) 968-1911 (800) 368-6868

AB-CD ROM Inc. 475 Sackett Lake Rd. Monticello, NY 12701 (914) 794-5178

ABC/EA Home Software 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 (415) 571-7171

AC&E, Ltd. 14101 Sullyfield Circle Chantilly, VA 22021 (703) 968-3700 (800) 733-2238

Academic Distributing, Inc. 2015 East 3300 South Salt Lake Cig, UT 84109 (801) 484-3923 (800) 531-3227

Acoustic Research 330 Turnpike St. Canton, MA 02021 (800) 969-AR4U

Active Imagination 31717 La Tienda Dr. Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 735-7578

Actronics, Inc. 121 Freeport Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15238 (412) 828-5480 (800) 531-3780

Addison-Wesley Publishing 1 Jacob Way Reading, MA 01867 (617) 944-3700

Adobe Systems, Inc. 1585 Charleston Rd. Mountain View, CA 94039 (415) 961-4400 (800) 833-6687

Advanced Digital Systems 13909 Bettencoud St. Cerritos, CA 90701 (310) 926-1928 (800) 888-5244

Advanced Gravis Computer Technology, Ltd. 1602 Carolino St., #D12 Bellingham, WA 98226 (800) 663-8558

Advanced Logic Research 9401 Jeronimo Irvine, CA 92718 (714) 581-6770

Adventures for Gifted & Talented 4636 Battery Lane Birmingham, AL 35213 (205) 592-4900

Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) Box A Bloomington, IN 47402-0120 (812) 339-2203 (800) 457-4509

Agfa Corp. One Ramland Rd. Orangeburg, NY 10962 (914) 365-0190 (800) 288-4039

AIMS Media 9710 Desoto Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311-4409 (818) 773- 4300 (800) 367-2467

AimTech Corp. 20 Trafalgar Square Nashua, NH 03063-1973 (603) 883-0220 (800) 289-2884

AirMouse Remote Controls 30 Mountain View Dr. Colchester, VT 05446 (802) 655-9600

AlTech Int'l. Corp. 47971 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 226-8960 (800) 882-8184

AJ Software & Multimedia 1036 South Holt, #2 Los Angeles, CA 90035 (310) 657-4038

ALCHEMEDIA, Inc. 1679 3rd Sneosh Beach La Conner, WA 98257 (360) 466-5946

Alias Research, Inc. 110 Richmond St. East Toronto, Ontario M5C 1P1 (416) 362-8558, Ext. 428

Allen Communication, Inc. 5225 Wiley Post Way Salt Lake City, UT 84116 (801) 537-7800 (800) 537-7805

Allen Visual Systems, Inc. 824 Sunset Ridge Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 (708) 498-9220

Alpha Systems Lab, Inc. 2361 McGaw Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 622-0688 (800) 576-4ASL

Altavista Technology Inc. 1671 Dell Ave., #209 Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 364-8777

Altec Lansing Multimedia P.O. Box 277 Milford, PA 18337-0277 (717) 296-2818 (800) 648-6663 75361.351 @compuserve

American Econo-Clad Services 2101 NW Topeka Ave. Topeka, KS 66608 (913) 233-4252 (800) 255-3502

American Technology Resources 1223 N. Providence Rd. Media, PA 19063 (215) 565-6434 (800) 873-3472

Ameritech Telecommunications Services 2000 W. Ameritech Center Dr., Room 4A43D Hoffman Estates, IL 60196 (800) 942-3395 AMT Software (Advanced Multmedia Training) 2680 Chandler Ave., #1 Las Vegas, NV 89120-4024 (702) 369-4321 74651.1466 @ compuserve

AMX Corp. 11995 Forestgate Dr. Dallas, TX 75243 (214) 644-3048 (800) 222-0193

Anchor Audio, Inc. 913 West 23rd St. Torrance, CA 90502 (310) 533-5984

Animotion Development Corp. 3720 Fourth Ave. S, #205 Birmingham, AL 35222 (205) 591-5715 (800) 536-4175

Anjon & Associates 714 E. Angeleno, Unit C Burbank, CA 91501 (800) 377-9287

Annenberg/CPB Project 901 E St. NW Washington, DC 20004-2037 (800) LEARNER

Apollo 60 Trade Zone Court Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 (516) 467-8033 (800) 777-3750

Apple Computer, Inc. 20525 Mariani Ave. Cupedino, CA 95014 (800) 800-APPLE

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. 3060 Johnstown-Utica Rd. Johnstown, OH 43031 (614) 892-2100 (800) 237-5465

Aris Multimedia Entertainment 310 Washington Blvd., #100 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 821-0234

Aristo-Soft 7041 Koll Center Pkwy. Pleasanton, CA 94566 (510) 426-5355

Arnowitz Studios 1 Harbor Dr. Sausalito, CA 94115 (415) 332-5555

Ars Nova Software 550 Kirkland Way, #140 Kirkland, WA 98083 (800) 445-4866 Artbeats Box 2611 Mydle Creek, OR 97457 (503) 863-4429

Adisoft, Inc. 691 E. River Rd. Artisoft Plaza Tucson, AZ 85704 (800) TINY-RAM

Ask Me Multimedia Center, Inc. 7100 Northland Circle, #401 Minneapolis, MN 55428 (612) 531-0603 (800) 275-6311

Associates for Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) P.O. Box 2966 Charlottesville, VA 22902 (804) 973-3987

AST Research, Inc. 16215 Alton Pkwy. Irvine, CA 92713-9658 (714) 727-4141 (800) 876-4278

Asymetrix Corp. 110 - 110th Ave., NE, #717 Bellevue, WA 98004 (206) 462-0501 (800) 448-6543

Asystem 1878 West 11th St., #185 Tracy, CA 95376 (510) 525-4311

AT&T Global Information Solutions 50 Directors Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 (800) 241-1356

AT&T Multimedia Solutions 2701 Maitland Center Pkwy. Maitland, FL 32751 (800) 448-6727

AT&T Network Cable 111 Madison Morristown, NJ 07962 (201) 606-2000

ATI Technologies, Inc. 33 Commerce Valleyl Dr. East Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7N6 (905) 882-2600

Audix Corp. 24981 Calle Arenal Lake Forest, CA 92630 (714) 588-8072 (800) 966-8261

auto*des*sys 2011 Riverside Dr. Columbus, OH 43221 (614) 488-8838 Autodesk, Inc. Multimedia Division 2320 Marinship Way Sausalito, CA 94965 (415) 332-2344

Autoskill Int'l Inc. 331 Cooper St., #201 Ottawa, Ontario K2P0G5 (613) 235-6740 (800) AUTOSKILL

Avid Technology, Inc. One Park West Tewksbury, MA 01876 (508) 640-6789 (800) 949-AVID

Avtex 2105 S. Bascom Ave., #300 Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 371-2800

AXA Corp. 17752 Mitchell, #C Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 757-1500

Aztech Labs, Inc. 46707 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538 (800) 886-8829

Aztech New Media Corp. 2255 Markham Rd. Scarborough, Ontario Ml B 2W3 (416) 298-8190

Ballard Synergy Corp. 10715 Silverdale Way, #208 Silverdale, WA 98383 (206) 656-8070

Barco, Inc. 1000 Cobb Place Blvd. Kennesaw, GA 30144 (404) 590-7900

Barneyscan Corp. 1 1 25 Atlantic Ave. Alameda, CA 94501 (510) 562-2480

Barr's Film School & Library 8170 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048-4513 (213) 651-0852

BayWare, Inc, 1660 S. Amphlett Blvd., #128 San Mateo, CA 94402 (800) 538-8867

BCD Associates, Inc. 128 N.W. 67th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (405) 843-4574

BDS, Inc. 105 Carpenter Dr. Sterling, VA 22170 (800) 950-3020

Be Bop Systems P.O. Box 550363 Dallas, TX 75355-0363 (800) 775-5557

BERMAC Communciations 4545 Fuller Dr., #336 Irving, TX 75038 (214) 255-9007

Best Data Products, Inc. 21800 Nordhoff St. Chatsworth, CA 91311 (818) 773-9600 (800) 632-BEST

Better Education, Inc. George Washington Memorial Hwy., #205 Yorktown, VA 23692 (804) 898-4846

BFA Educational Media 468 Park Ave. South New York, NY 1001 6 (212) 684-5910 (800) 221-1274

Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc. (BBN) Systems & Technologies 150 Cambridgepark Dr. Cambridge, MA 02140 (800) 295-7897

Bose Corp. The Mountain, #274 Framingham, MA 01701 (800) 444-BOSE

Boxlight Corp. 17771 Fjord Dr. N.E. Poulsbo, WA 98370 (206) 779-7901 (800) 762-5757

Brainchild Corp. 425 8th St. South Naples, FL 33940 (813) 263-0100 (800) 522-8171

Bretford Mfg., Inc. 9715 Soreng Ave. Schiller Park, IL 60176 (708) 678-2545 (800) 521-9614

Bright Star Technology, Inc. 40 Lake Bellevue, #350 Bellevue, WA 98005 (206) 451-3697

Broderbund Software, Inc. 500 Redwood Blvd. Novato, CA 94948-6121 (800) 521-6263

Brother Int'l. Corp. 200 Cottontail Lane Somerset, NJ 088875 (908) 356-8880

Bruce Jones Design, Inc. 31 St. James Ave., #1 060B Boston, MA 02116 (617) 350-6160 (800) 843-3873

Bullfrog Films, Inc. P.O. Box 149 Oley, PA 19547-0149 (800) 543-FROG

Business One Irwin 1333 Burr Ridge Pkwy. Burr Ridge, IL 60521 (708) 789-4000

Bytes of Learning, Inc. 150 Consumers Rd., #203 Willowdale, Ontario M2J 1P9 (416) 495-9913 (800) 465-6428

CalComp 2411 W. La Palma Ave. Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 821-2000 (800) 932-1212

CALI, Inc. 734 E. Utah Valley Dr. Bldg. 1, Suite 200 American Fork, UT 84003 (801) 756-1011

Caligari Corp. 1955 Landings Dr. Mountain View, CA 94043 (415) 390-9600

Cambrix Publishing 6269 Vadel Ave., #B Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 992-8484

Campus Group Companies 24 Depot Square Tuckahoe, NY 10707 (914) 961-1900

Campus Learning Systems One Campus Place, #1 30 Bluemont, VA 22012 (703) 554-2257

Canon U.S.A. Visual Communications Systems One Canon Plaza Lake Success, NY 11042 (516) 488-6700 (800) 221-3333, Ext. 313

Caption Connection 1320 Edgewater NW, #B10 Salem, OR 97304 (503) 370-9721

Cardinal Technologies, Inc. 1827 Freedom Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 (717) 293-3000

CBIS, Inc. 5875 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., #1 70 Norcross, GA 30092 (404) 446-1332 (800) 344-8426

CD Technology 764 San Aleso Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (408) 752-8500

Cedrus, Inc. 1428 Buena Vista Ave. McClean, VA 22101 (703) 883-0986 (800) 443-9997

CEL Educational Resources 655 Third Ave. New York, NY 10017 (800) CEL-3339

CELECT Multimedia Products 7500 Innovation Way Mason, OH 45040 (513) 573-6100 800) 235-3280

CENTEC Corp. 310 Airport Rd. Jackson, MS 39288-4366 (601) 932-1901 (800) 626-8235

Century Design 530 15th Ave. South Hopkins, MN 55343-7889 (612) 935-0033 (800) 800-8688

Chinon America, Inc. Electronic imaging Division 1065 Bristol Rd. Mountainside, NJ 07092 (908) 654-0404

Chisholm 910 Campisi Way Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 559-1111 (800) 888-4210

Churchill Media 12210 Nebraska Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025-3600 (310) 207-6600 (800) 334-7830

Cinemar Corp. 10035 SW Arctic Dr. Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 646-2800 71344.3427 @compserve

Cinerom 2809 Main St. Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 660-7111 (800) GINEROM

Cleveland State University Dept. of Anthropology East 24th St. & Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115 (216) 687-2381

CollegeView 4370 Malsbary Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45242 (513) 891-5444 (800) 927-8439

Comap 57 Bedford St., #210-S Lexington, MA 02173 (617) 862-7878 (800) 772-6627

Communications Specialties 89A Cabot Court Hauppauge, NY 11788 (516) 273-0404

COMPACT Publishing, Inc. 5141 Macarthur Blvd. Washington, DC 20016 (800) 227-5609

Compaq Computer Corp. Education Marketing 20555 SH 249 Houston, TX 77070-2698 (800) 88-TEACH

CompCore Multimedia, Inc. 1270 Oakmead Pkwy., #214 Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (408) 773-8310

Comprehensive Technologies International, Inc. (CTI) 1725 Jefferson Davis Hwy., #1200 Arlington, VA 22202 (703) 413-0222 (800) 765-7208

Compression Labs, Inc. 2860 Junction Ave. San Jose, CA 95134 (408) 435-3000

Compton's NewMedia 2320 Camino Vida Roble Carlsbad, CA 92009 (619) 929-2500

CompuAdd 12303 Technology Blvd. Austin, TX 78727 (800) 627-1967

CompuMedia Technology 46560 Fremont Blvd., #203 Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 656-9811

Computer Associates, Inc. One Computer Associates Plaza Islandia. NY 11788-7000 (516) DIAL-CAI (800) CALL-CAI

Computer City Direct 2000 Two Tandy Center Ft. Worth, TX 76102 (817) 390-3011 (800) 538-0586

Computer Curriculum Corp. 1287 Lawrence Station Rd. Sunnyvale, CA 94041 (800) 455-7910

Computer Enrichment 16211 Northlawn Detroit, MI 48221 (313) 834-3980

Computer Modules, Inc. 2350-A Walsh Ave. Santa Clara, CA 95051 (408) 496-1881

ComputerPREP 41 0 N. 44th St., #600 Phoenix, AZ 85003 (602) 275-7700 (800) 228-1027

Computer Prompting Captioning 1010 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852 (301) 738-8487 (800) 977-6678

Computer Teaching Corp. 1713 S. State St. Champaign, IL 61820 (217) 352-6363

CompuVid, Inc. 9960 N.W. 116 Way, #7 Medley, FL 33178 (305) 885-9155

CONDUIT, c/o University of Iowa 100 Oakdale Campus Iowa City, IA 52242 (319) 335-4100 (800) 365-9774

ConnectSoft, Inc. 11130 NE 33rd Place Bellevue, WA 98004-1448 (206) 827-6467 (800) 234-9497 offer #107

Consolidated Financial Resources 17194 Preston Rd., 123-113 Dallas, TX 75248 (214) 529-5151 (800) TAP-MUNI

Consumer Technology Northwest 7853 SW Cirrus Dr. Beaverton, OR 97008 (503) 643-1662 (800) 356-3983

Corbis Corp. 15395 SE 30th Pl., #300 Bellevue, WA 98007 (206) 641-4505

Corel Corp. The Corel Building 1600 Carling Ave. Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 8R7 (613) 728-8200

Coronet / MTI Film & Video 108 Wilmot Rd., 5th Floor Deerfield, IL 60015 (708) 940-1260 (800) 777-8100

Counterpoint 715 Robbins Rd. Grand Haven, MI 49417 (616) B47-31 1 1 800) 628-1945

Course Technology, Inc. One Main St. Cambridge, MA 02142 (617) 225-2595 (800) 648-7450

Covid, Inc. 1725 W. 17th St. Tempe, AZ 85281 (602) 966-2221 (800) 638-6104

Creative Digital Research 7291 Coronado Dr. San Jose, CA 95129 (408) 255-0999

Creative Labs, Inc. 1901 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 428-6600 (800) 998-5227

Creative Multimedia Corp. 514 N.W. 11 th Ave., #203 Portland, OR 97209 (503) 241-4351 (800) 262-7668

Crestron 101 Broadway Cresskill, NJ 07626 (201) 894-0660 (800) 237-2041

Crystal Graphics, Inc. 31 10 Patrick Henry Dr. Santa Clara, CA 95054 (408) 496-6175 800) 394-7000

Davis Technologies 131 Collin Street St. Jean, Quebec J3B 6B4 (800) 263-9995

D.C. Heath & Co. School Division 125 Spring St. Lexington, MA 02173 (800) 235-3565

D & V Concepts 23123 St. Rd. 7, #305 Boca Raton, FL 33428 (407) 479-4487

Data Translation Multimedia Group 100 Locke Drive Marlboro, MA 01 752-1192 (508) 460-1600

Datapoint Corp. 8400 Datapoint Dr. San Antonio, TX 78229-8500 (800) DPT-MINX

Davidson & Associates, Inc. 19840 Pioneer Ave. Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 793-0600 (800) 545-7677

DDC Publishing 14 East 38th St. New York, NY 10016 (800) 528-3897

Decision Development Corp. 2680 Bishop Dr., #122 San Ramon, CA 94583 (510) 830-8896 (800) 835-4332

Dell Computer Corp. 2300 Greenlawn Blvd. Round Rock, TX 78664 (800) 274-7799

DeLorme Mapping Box 298 Lower Main St. Freeport, ME 04032 (207) 865-4171 (800) 452-5931

DEMCO, Inc. 4810 Forest Run Rd. Madison, WI 53704 (608) 241-1201 (800) 356-8394

Diamond Computer Systems Graphics Division 532 Mercury Dr. Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (408) 736-2000

Diaquest 1440 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 526-7167

DigiQuest Corp. 1521 Plum Lane Westmont, IL 60559 (708) 719-9030

Digital Directory Assistance 6931 Arlington Rd., #405 Bethesda, MD 20814-5231 (301) 657-8548

Digital Equipment Corp. 146 Main St. Maynard, MA 01754-2571 (508) 493-5111 (800) DEC-INFO

Digital Equipment Corp. Digital Learning Services P.O. Box 2055 Nashua, NH 03061 (800) 332-5656

Digital Impact, Inc. 6506 S. Lewis Ave., #250 Tulsa, OK 74136 (800) 775-4232

Digital Media International 352 Arch St., #B Sunbury, PA 17801 (717) 286-3011

Digital Media Labs 2635 N. First St. San Jose, CA 95134-2030 (800) 888-5527

Digital Theater, Inc. 5875 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., #150 Norcross, GA 30092 (800) 344-8426

Digital Video Arts, Ltd. Twining Center 715 Twining Rd., #107 Dresher, PA 19025 (215) 576-7920

Digital Vision, Inc. 270 Bridge St. Dedham, MA 02026 (617) 329-5400 (800) 346-0090 (orders)

Discis Knowledge Research 45 Sheppard Ave. East, #410 Toronto, Ontario, M2N 5W9 (800) 567-4321

Discovery Communications 7700 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, MD 20814-3579 (800) 762-2189

Discovery Systems Int.'l 7325 Oak Ridge Hwy., #100 Knoxville, TN 37931 (615) 690-8829 73014.761 @compuserve

Display Tech, Inc. 936 Detroit Ave., #K Concord, CA 94518 (510) 676-9362

Dolch Computer Systems 3178 Laurel View Court Fremont, CA 94538 (800) 538-7506

Don Johnston Inc. 1000 N. Rand Rd., Bldg. 115 Wauconda, IL 60084-0639 (708) 526-2682 (800) 999-4660

Dorling Kindersley Publishing Dorling Kindersley Multimedia 95 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10016 (212) 213-4800 (800) DKM-M575

Dr. T's Music Software 100 Crescent Rd. Needham, MA 02194 (617) 455-1454

DSP Solutions, Inc. 2464 Embarcadero Way Palo Alto, CA 94303 (415) 494-8086

Dukane Corp. Audio Visual Products 2900 Dukane Dr. St. Charles, IL 60174 (708) 584-2300

Dukane Corp. Communications Systems Div. 2900 Dukane Dr, St. Charles, IL 60174 (708) 584-2300

Dukane Corp. Instructional Technology Business 780 West Bilden Ave. Addison, IL 60101-4939 (708) 628-7000 800) 281-5991

Dycam, Inc. 9414 Eton Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311-9709 (818) 998-8008

Dynacom 5005 Lincolnway East Mishawaka, IN 46544 (219) 255-2044

Dynaware USA, Inc. 950 Tower Lane, #1150 Foster City, CA 94404 (415) 349-5700

Eastman Kodak Co. Digital & Applied Imaging 901 Elmgrove Rd. Rochester, NY 14653-5219 (716) 724-4000 (800) CD-KODAK

Echo 6460 Via Real Carpinteria, CA 93103 (805) 684-4593

Eden Interactive 1022 Natoma St., #2 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 241-1450 (800) 743-3360

Educational Activities, Inc. PO Box 392 Freeport, NY 11520 (516) 223-4666 (800) 645-3739

Education Interactive Software Institute, Inc. 39833 Paseo Padre, #G Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 659-7964

Educational Multimedia Concepts, Ltd. 1313 Fifth St. S.E., #202E Minneapolis, MN 55414 (612) 379-3842

Educational Renaissance 2474 Woodchuck Way Sandy, UT 84093 (801) 943-0841

Educational Resources 1550 Executive Dr. Elgin, IL 60123 (708) 888-8300 (800) 624-2926

Educational Software Institute, Inc. 4213 South 94th St. Omaha, NE 68127 (402) 592-3300 (800) 955-5570

Educational Techniques Technology (E.T.+T) 302 Main St. Humble, TX 77338 (713) 540-1793 (800) 449-9119

EDUCORP 7434 Trade St. San Diego, CA 92121-2410 (619) 536-9999 (800) 843-9497

EduStar America, Inc. 6220 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 33809 (407) 859-7054 (800) 952-3041

Eiki International, Inc. 26794 Vista Terrace Dr. Lake Forest, CA 92630 (714) 457-0200 (800) 242-3454

Electrohome, Ltd. 809 Wellington St. North Kitchener, Ontario N2G 4J6 (519) 744-7111 (800) 265-2171

Electronic Multimedia Consultants 12 Whipple Dr. Ledyard, CT 06339 (203) 572-8454

Electronic Presentation Systems, Inc. 11 Aterbury Blvd., #1 Hudson, OH 44236 (216) 656-2391

Electronic Vision, Inc. 5 Depot St. Athens, OH 45701 (614) 592-2433

Elektroson USA 10 Presidential Blvd. 125 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 (610) 617-0856

Eletech Electronics, Inc. 1262 East Katella Ave. Anaheim, CA 92805 (714) 385-1707

Elmo Mfg. Corp. 70 New Hyde Park Rd. New Hyde Park, NY 11040 (516) 775-3200 (800) 654-7628

Elo TouchSystems, Inc. 105 Randolph Rd. Oak Ridge, TN 37830 (800) ELO-TOUCH

Emerging Technology Consultants, Inc. 2819 Hamline Ave. North St. Paul, MN 55113 (612) 639-3973 CIS: 72717,2252

Empress Software, Inc. 6401 Golden Triangle Dr., #220 Greenbelt, MD 20770 (301) 220-1919

Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corp. 310 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60604-9839 (312) 347-7000 (800) 554-9862

ENSONIQ 155 Great Valley Pkwy. Malvern, PA 19355 (610) 647-3930

Epson America, Inc. 20770 Madrona Ave. Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 782-0770 (800) BUY-EPSON

Ergotron 3450 Yankee Dr. Eagan, MN 55121 (800) 888-8458

Extron Electronics 1230 South Lewis St. Anaheim, CA 92805 (714) 491-1500 (800) 633-9876

EZ-Systems 24 Graf Rd. Newburyport, MA 01950 (508) 465-6060 (800) 533-4520

Fairfield Language Technologies 122 South Main St., #400 Harrisonburg, VA 22801 (703) 432-6166 (800) 788-0822

Falcon Software, Inc. One Hollis St. Wellesley, MA 02181 (617) 235-1767

Falcon Systems, Inc. 65 East Palatine Rd., #313 Prospect Heights, IL 60070 (708) 541-3933

Farallon Computing 2000 Powell St., #600 Emeryville, CA 94608 (510) 596-9000

FARGO Electronics, Inc. 7901 Flying Cloud Dr. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 (612) 941-9470 (800) 258-2974

Fas-Track Computer Products 7030 Huntley Rd. Columbus, OH 43229 (614) 847-4050 (800) 927-3936

FAST Electronics US, Inc. 5 Commonwealth Rd. Natick, MA 01760 (508) 655-FAST (800) 248-FAST

Fauve Software 594 Howard St., #400 San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 543-7178 (800) 898-ARTS

Fiber Options 80 Orville Dr. Bohemia, NY 11716 (516) 567-8320 (800) 342-3748

Fife and Drum Software 9920 Shrewsbury Ct. Gaithersburg, MD 20879 (301) 384-8432

Films for the Humanities Sciences P.O. Box 2053 Princeton, NJ 08543-2053 (609) 452-1128 (800) 257-5126

Five Pin Press P.O. Box 550363 Dallas, TX 75355-0363 (214) 328-2730 (800) 726-6434

FlexSys Corp. 24 Graf Rd. Newburyport, MA 01950 (508) 465-6060 (800) 533-7756

Form and Function 1595 Seventeenth Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122 (415) 664-4010

Fractal Design Corp. 335 Spreckels Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 (408) 688-5300 (800) 297-1665

Fujitsu Computer Products of America 2904 Orchard Pkwy. San Jose, CA 95134 800) 626-4686

Future Domain Corp. 2801 McGaw Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 253-0400

Future Graph, Inc. 538 Street Rd., #200 Southampton, PA 18966 (215) 396-0720 (800) LEARNING

Future Labs, Inc. 5150-E21 El Camino Real Los Altos, CA 94022 (415) 254-9000

Future Vision 60 Cutter Mill Rd., #502 Great Neck, NY 11 021 (516) 482-0088

FWB, Inc. 2040 Polk St, #215 San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 474-8055

Garner Multimedia P.O. Box 1331 Lanham, MD 20703 (301) 961-7117

Gateway 2000 610 Gateway Dr. North Sioux City, SD 57049 (800) 779-2000

GCC Technologies, Inc. 209 Burlington Rd. Bedford, MA 01730 (617) 275-1115 (800) 422-7777

GemMedia 6000 S. Eastern Ave., #9A Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 597-5032

General Parametrics Corp. 1250 Ninth St. Berkeley, CA 94710 (510) 524-3950 (800) 223-0999 (literature)

General Television Network 13220 North End Ave. Oak Park, MI 48237-3213 (313) 548-2500

Genesis Integrated Systems 1000 Shelard Pkwy., #270 Minneapolis, MN 55426 (800) 325-6582

Geoworks/DPI Services, Inc. 960 Atlantic Ave. Alamedia, CA 94501-1074 (510) 814-1660 (800) 824-4558

Glencoe Publishing, Inc. 936 Eastwind Dr. Westerville, OH 43081 (614) 899-1111 (800) 334-7344

Global Information Systems Technology, Inc. 100 Trade Centre Dr., #301 Champaign, IL 61820 (217) 352-1165 (800) 327-0565

Goal Systems Int'l, Inc. 7965 North High St. Columbus, OH 43235 (614) 888-1775

(Goedecke, formerly) Spirit of St. Louis Software Co. 245 Chesterfield Ind. Blvd. Chesterfield, MO 63005 (314) 530-7887

Gold Disk, Inc. 385 Van Ness, #110 Torrance, CA 90501 (310) 320-5080 (800) 465-3375

Grafica Multimedia, Inc. 1777 Borel Place, #500 San Mateo, CA 94402 (415) 358-555

Great Wave Software 5353 Scotts Valley Dr. Scotts Valley, CA 95066 (408) 438-1990 (800) 423-1144

Grolier Electronic Publishing Sherman Turnpike Danbury, CT 06816-9985 (203) 797-3500 (800) 285-4534 76701.16@compuserve

Gryphon Software 7220 Trade St., #120 San Diego, CA 92121 (619) 536-8815 (800) 795-0981

GVP-Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 (610) 337-8770

Harcourt Brace Publishing Media Solutions 301 Commerce St., #3700 Ft. Worth, TX 76102 (708) 223-2506 (800) 782-4479 (orders)

HarperCollins Publishers Interactive Div. & College Div. 1 0 East 53rd St., 21 st Floor New York, NY 10022 (212) 207-7000 (800) 424-6234

Hartley Courseware, Inc. 3451 Dunckel Rd., #200 Lansing, MI 48911 (517) 394-8500 (800) 247-1380 Hartley.mktg@apple

Health Sciences Consortium 201 Silver Cedar Court Chapel Hill, NC 27514-1517 (919) 942-8731

Heifner Communications, Inc. 4451-70 Drive NW Columbia, MO 65202 (314) 445-6163 (800) 445-6164

Hercules Computer Technology 921 Parker St. Berkeley, CA 94710 (510) 540-6000

Hewlett-Packard Co. 3000 Hanover St. Palo Alto, CA 94303 (303) 229-6043 (800) 752-0900

Hilton Systems, Inc. 3 Maple Place Glen Head, NY 11545 (516) 759-7018

Hitachi Multimedia Systems Division 3890 Steve Reynolds Blvd. Norcross, GA 30093 (404) 279-5600 (800) 241-6558

Homrich Communications 175 N. Old Wausau Rd. Stevens Point, WI 54481 (715) 341-1829

Horizons Technology, Inc. 3990 Ruffin Rd. San Diego, CA 92123-1826 (619) 292-8331 (800) 828-3808

Houghton Mifflin 1560 Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201 (708) 869-2300 (800) 323-5435

HRB Systems 800 International Dr. Linthicum, MD 21090 (410) 850-7890 (800) 598-7890

HSC Software 6303 Carpinteria Ave. Carpinteria, CA 93013 (805) 566-6200

Human Designed Systems, Inc. (HDS) 400 Feheley Dr. King of Prussia, PA 19406 (610) 277-8300

Humanities Software 408 Columbia, #222 Hood River, OR 97031 (503) 386-6737 (800) 245-6737

Humongous Entertainment 16932 Woodinville-Redmond Rd. NE Woodinville, WA 98072 (206) 485-9258

HyperGlot Software Co. 505 Forest Hills Blvd. Knoxville, TN 37919 (615) 558-8270 (800) 726-5087

IBM Multimedia Studio 1500 Riveredge Pkwy. Atlanta, GA 30328 (404) 644-4881 (800) 898-8842

IBM Corp. Multimedia Division 4111 Northside Pkwy. Atlanta, GA 30327 (404) 238-2000 (800) 887-7771

IBM Corp. EduQuest Division P.O. Box 2150 Atlanta, GA 30055 (800) IBM-4EDU

Ideal Learning, Inc. 8505 Freeport Pkwy. Irving, TX 75063 (612) 894-6733 (800) 999-3234

IEV International, Inc. 3595 South 500 West Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (800) 438-6161

Image Entertainment 9333 Oso Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 (818) 407-9100

Image Smith, Inc. 1313 W. Sepulveda Blvd. Torrance, CA 90501 (310) 325-1429 (800) USNOOPY

CPI / Image-In, Inc. 1820 Gateway Dr., #370 San Mateo, CA 94404 (415) 358-8500

IMAGETECTS 7200 Bollinger Rd., #802 San Jose, CA 95129 (408) 252-5487

ImageWare Software, Inc. 15373 Innovation Dr., #120 San Diego, CA 92128 (619) 673-8600 (800) 842-4199

Imagine Tomorrow, Ltd. 141 Kinderkamack Rd. Park Ridge, NJ 07656 (201) 307-0066

Impulse, Inc. 8416 Xerxes Ave. North Brooklyn Park, MN 55444 (612) 425-0557 (800) 328-0184

In Focus Systems, Inc. 7770 SW Mohawk St. Tualatin, OR 97062-7231 (503) 692-4968 (800) 327-7231

Individual Software, Inc. 5870 Stoneridge Dr., #1 Pleasanton, CA 94588 (510) 734-6767 (800) 822-3522 76366.3213@compuserve

Info Business 887 South Orem Blvd., #B Orem, UT 84058-5009 (801) 221-1100 (800) 657-5300

Inline, Inc. 1901 E. Lambert Rd., #110 La Habra, CA 90631 (310) 690-6767 (800) 882-7117

Insite Peripherals, Inc. 4433 Fortran Dr. San Jose, CA 95134 (408) 946-8080

Instant Replay, Inc. 8290 N.W. 27 St., #605 Miami, FL 33122 (305) 593-2900 (800) 749-8779

Institute for Academic Technology (IAT) 2525 Meddian Pkwy., #400 Durham, NC 27713 (919) 560-5031

in:sync Corp. 6106 MacArthur Blvd. Bethesda, MD 20816 (301) 320-0220 (800) 864-7272

Intechnica Int'l 5600 Liberty Pkwy., #600 Midwest City, OK 73110 (405) 732-0138 (800) 788-8730

Integrated Learning Systems 218 Main St., #438 Kirkland, WA 98033 (206) 827-4668 (800) 457-2101

Integrated Multimedia Systems 755 Berkshire Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15226 (412) 344-6810 (800) 284-6640

Intel Corp. 2200 Mission College Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95952 (800) 538-3373

Intelligent Resources Integrated Systems 3030 Salt Creek Lane, #100 Arlington Heights, IL 60005 (708) 670-9388

Intellimation 130 Cremona Dr. Santa Barbara, CA 93117 (805) 968-2291 (800) 346-8355

IntelliMedia Corp. 455 Riverview Dr. Benton Harbor, MI 49022 (616) 925-3675 (800) 706-0077

Interactive Health Network 6425 Powers Ferry Rd., #300 Atlanta, GA 30339 (404) 850-1000

Interactive Image Technologies, Ltd. 700 King St. West, #815 Toronto, Ontario M5V 2Y6 (416) 361-0333

Interactive Solutions, Inc. 5776 Stoneridge Mall Rd. #333 Pleasanton, CA 94588 (510) 734-0730

Interactive Video Solutions P.O. Box 1280 Media, PA 19063 (610) 891-6777

Interlink Electronics 546 Flynn Rd. Camarillo, CA 93012 (805) 484-8855

InterMedia Interactive Software, Inc. 3624 Market St., #302 Philadelphia, PA 19104 (215) 387-3059

Intermetrics, Inc. 733 Concord Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138-1002 (617) 661-1840

International Computers 12021 West Bluemound Rd. Wauwatosa, WI 53226 (414) 764-9000 (800) 992-9000

International Data Engineering, Inc. 7727 Washington Ave. South Minneapolis, MN 55439 (612) 946-4100

International Jensen, Inc. 25 Tri State International Office Center, #400 Lincolnshire, IL 60069 (708) 317-3700 (800) 477-3257

InterPlay Productions 17922 Fitch Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 553-6655 (800) 969-4263

Intersystem Concepts PO Box 1041 Columbia, MD 21044 (410) 730-2840

Intervideo P.O. Box 242 Twin Peaks, CA 92391 (909) 337-7507

Iomega Corp. 1821 West 4000 South Roy, UT 84067 801) 778-1000

IPC Technologies, Inc. 10300 Metric Blvd Austin, TX 78758 (512) 339-3500 (800) 752-1577

IPS Publishing 12606 NE 95th St. Vancouver, WA 98682 (800) 933-8378

IRIS Technologies 692 East Pittsburgh St. Greensburg, PA 15601 (412) 832-9855

ISM, Inc. 2103 Harmony Woods Rd. Owings Mills, MD 21117 (410) 560-0973

IVID Communications 7220 Trade St., #201 San Diego, CA 92121 (619) 537-5000

1VI Publishing 7500 Flying Cloud Dr. Minneapolis, MN 55344 (612) 996-6000 (800) 432-1332

J.J. & K Enterprises 5012 Whitsett Ave., #105 North Hollywood, CA 91607 (818) 985-9407

Jazz Multimedia 1040 Richard Ave Santa Clara, CA 95050 (408) 727-8900

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. College Division 605 Third Ave. New York, NY 101 58 (800) 225-5945

Jostens Learning Corp. 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd. San Diego, CA 92121-3170 (619) 587-0087 (800) 521-8538

Jostens Home Learning 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd. San Diego, CA 92121-3170 (619) 587-0087 800) 521-8538

Jovian Logic Corp. 47929 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 651-4823

JVC Information Products 17811 Mitchell Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 261-1292

JVC Professional Products 41 Slater Dr. Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 (201) 794-3900 (800) JVC-5825

KEYTIME 4516 NE 54 Seattle, WA 98105-2933 (206) 522-TYPE

kidBoard, inc. 6545 France Ave. South, #376 Edina, MN 55435 (800) 926-3066

Kintronics, Inc. 3 Westchester Plaza Elsmford, NY 10523 (800) 431-1658

Knowledge Adventure, Inc. 4502 Dyer St. La Crescenta, CA 91214 (818) 542-4200 (800) 542-4240

Knowledge Engineering, Inc. 3060 Peachtree Rd. NW, #1025 Atlanta, GA 30305 (800) 548-7947

KnowWare 2450 Peralta Blvd. Fremont, CA 94536 (510) 796-9132 (800) 600-4848

Koss Corp. 4129 N. Port Washington Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53212 (414) 964-5000 (800) 872-5677

Kratek Corp. 196 Holt St. Hackensack, NJ 07601 800) 631-0867

L3 Interactive 3000 W. Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 264-4188

Labtec Enterprises 3801 N.E. 109th Ave., #J Vancouver, WA 92682 (206) 896-2000

LaCie, Ltd. 8700 S.W. Creekside Place Beaverton, OR 97008 (800) 999-0143

Lake Compuframes, Inc. P.O. Box 890 Briarcliff, NY 10510 (914) 941-1998

LANcity Corp. 100 Brickstone Sq. Andover, MA 01810-1496 (508) 475-4050

Lanier Worldwide, Inc. 2300 Parklake Dr., N.E. Atlanta, GA 30345-2979 (404) 496-9500 (800) 708-7088

Lapis Technologies 1100 Marina Village Pkwy., #100 Alameda, CA 94501 (510) 748-1600 800) 43-LAPIS

Laser F/X, Inc. 318 North Main St. Mt. Carroll, IL 61053 (815) 244-3500

Laser Learning 3324 Pennsylvania Ave. Charleston, WV 25302 (304) 345-0242 (800) 722-3505

Laser Learning Technologies, Inc. 120 Lakeside Ave., #240 Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 322-5085 (800) 70-LASER

LaserSoft Multimedia 947 Lewis Ave. Salina, KS 67401 (913) 827-6483 (800) 432-3239

Lawrence Productions Media Products 1800 South 35th St. Galesburg, MI 49053 (616) 665-7075 (800) 421-4157 lawrence

Lawrenceville Press P.O. Box 704 Penningtopn, NJ 08534 (609) 737-1148

Leading Edge Products, Inc. 117 Flanders Rd. Westborough, MA 01581 (800) 874-3340

Leading Technology, Inc. 10430 S.W. Fifth St. Beaverton, OR 97005 800) 999-LEAD

LeadingWay Corp. 15375 Barranca Pkwy., #A-203 Irvine, CA 92718 (714) 453-1112 (800) 355-4888

Lenel Systems Int'l, Inc. 290 Woodcliff Office Park Fairport, NY 14450-4212 (716) 248-9720

Lexmark International 740 New Circle Rd., NW Lexington, KY 40511 (800) 358-5835

Library Video Co. P.O. Box 1110 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 (215) 667-0200

Lindy Enterprises, Inc. 3411 Cedar Knolls Dr., #C-1 Kingwood, TX 77339 (713) 359-3647 (800) 937-8227

Linksys 16811A Millikan Ave. Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 261-1288 (800) LINKSYS

Logicraft 22 Cotton Rd. Nashua, NH 03063 (603) 880-0300 (800) 880-5644

Logitech, Inc. 6505 Kaiser Dr. Fremont, CA 94555 (415) 996-1010 (800) 231-7717

Looking Glass Software, Inc. 11222 La Cienega Blvd., #305 Inglewood, CA 90304 (310) 348-8240 (800) 320-2570

Lotus Development Corp. 55 Cambridge Pkwy. Cambridge, MA 02142 (617) 577-8500

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Division 1221 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020 (800) 342-1338

Macromedia 600 Townsend St. San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 252-2000 (800) 288-8108

MAGNI Systems, Inc. 9500 SW Gemini Dr. Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 626-8400 (800) MAGNI-OK

Major Educational Resources Corp. 10153 York Rd., #107 Hunt Valley, MD 21030 (410) 628-9200 (800) 989-5353

Management Graphics, Inc. 1401 East 79th St. Minneapolis, MN 55425 (612) 854-1220

Marshall Cavendish Corp. School & Library Division 2415 Jerusalem Ave. North Beirmbre, NY 11710 (516) 826-4200 (800) 821-9881

Maryland Interactive Technologies (MITEC) P.O. Box 1054 Reisterstown, MD 21136 (800) 526-0526

MASS Microsystems, Inc. 1582 Center Point Dr. Milpitas, CA 95035 (800) 522-7970

MasterVision, Inc. 969 Park Ave. New York, NY 10028 (212) 879-0448

Math Made Easy Video Tutorial Service 205 Kings Hwy. Brooklyn, NY 11223 (800) USA-MATH

MathSoft, Inc. 101 Main St. Cambridge, MA 02142 (617) 577-1017

Matrox Electronic Systems 1055 St. Regis Blvd. Dorval, Quebec, H9P 2T4 (514) 685-2630 800) 361-4903

Maxoptix Corp. 2520 Junction Ave. San Jose, CA 95134 (408) 954-9700

Maxwell Multi Media, Inc. 4820 Riverbend Rd., #200 Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 440-0669

McGraw-Hill, Inc. Professional Book Group 11 West 19th St. New York, NY 10011 (212) 337-4097 (800) 262-4729 (orders)

MECC 6160 Summit Dr. North Minneapolis, MN 55430 (612) 569-1500 (800) 685-MECC

Media Cybernetics, Inc. 8484 Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301) 495-3305 (800) 992-4256

Media Resources 640 Puente St. Brea, CA 92621 (714) 256-5048

Media Vision, Inc. 3185 Laurel View Ct. Fremont, CA 94538 (800) 845-5870

MediAlive 766 San Aleso Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (408) 752-8500

MediaSourcery, Inc. 1055 Joquin Rd. Mountain View, CA 94043 (415) 390-9890 800) 228-ULTI

Medio Multimedia 2643 151st Place N.E. Redmond, WA 98052-5562 (206) 867-5500 (800) 788-3866

Mega Drive 489 S. Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 247-0006 (800) 322-4744

Megapower Technologies 2131-F Las Palmas Dr. Carlsbad, CA 92009 (619) 929-7750 (800) 634-2321

Meridian Data, Inc. 5615 Scotts Valley Dr. Scotts Valley, CA 95066 (408) 438-3100

Merit Audio Visual 132 W. 21 St. New York, NY 10011 (212) 675-8567 (800) 753-6488

Meyer Software 616 Continental Rd. Hatboro, PA 19040 (215) 675-3890 (800) 643-2286

Miami-Dade Community College Product Development Distribution 11011 S.W. 104th St. Miami, FL 33176 (305) 347-2158

Michael Jackson Software, Inc. 22 N. Morgan, #1 1 1 Chicago, IL 60607 (312) 850-1818

Micro Design Int'l, Inc. 6985 University Blvd. Winter Park, FL 32792 (407) 677-8333

Micro Express 1801 Carnegie Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714) 852-1400 (800) 642-7621

Microboards, Inc. 308 Broadway, Box 130 Carver, MN 55315 (612) 448-9800

Micrografx 1303 East Arapaho Rd. Richardson, TX 75081 (214) 234-1769 (800) 676-3110

MicroNet Technology, Inc. 20 Mason St. Irvine, CA 92718 (714) 739-2244 (800) 468-8832

Micropolis 21211 Nordhoff St. Chatsworth, CA 91311 (818) 709-3300 (800) 395-DRIVE

Microsoft Corp. One Microsoft Way, Bldg. 13 Redmond, WA 98052-6399 (206) 882-9080

Microtek Lab, Inc. 680 Knox St. Torrance, CA 90502 (800) 654-4160

Microtouch Systems, Inc. 300 Griffin Park Methuen, MA 01887 (508) 659-9100

Microvitec, Inc. 4854 Old National Hwy., #800 Atlanta, GA 30334 (404) 767-0706

MidiSoft Corp. P.O. Box 1000 Bellevue, WA 98009 (206) 881-7176 (800) 776-MIDI

Mind Path Technologies 12700 Park Central Dr., #1807 Dallas, TX 75251 (214) 233-9296 (800) 634-7424

Mind Training Systems, Inc. P.O. Box 7462 Alexandria, LA 71306 (318) 445-7811

Minicom Advanced Systems 195 W. 8th St. Holland, MI 49423 (616) 392-3707 (800) 922-8020

Minolta Corp. 101 Williams Dr. Ramsey, NJ 07446 (201) 825-4000

Mirus Industries Corp. 758 Sycamore Dr. Milpitas, CA 95035 (800) 942-9770

Mitsubishi Professional Electronics Div. 800 Cottontail Lane Somerset, NJ 08873-6759 (908) 302-2855 800)-733-8439

Mitsubishi Display Products 5665 Plaza Dr., Box 6007 Cypress, CA 90630 (714) 220-2500 (800) 843-2515

MOBIUS Corp. 405 N. Henry St. Alexandria, VA 22314 (800) 426-2710

Modem 500 Park St. North St. Petersburg, FL 33709 (813) 541-7571 (800) 237-8388

Modern School Supplies Inc. P.O. Box 958 Hartford, CT 06143 (203) 243-9565 (800) 243-2329

Moritex U.S.A 640 Lusk Blvd., #D-105 San Diego, CA 92121 (800) 548-7039

Motion Works, Inc. 300-1334 W. 6th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6H 1A6 (604) 685-9975

MPI Multimedia 15825 Rob Roy Dr. Oak Forest, IL 60452 (708) 687-7881 (800) 323-0442

Multi-Ad Services, Inc. 1720 W. Detweiller Dr. Peoria, IL 61615-1695 (309) 692-1530 (800) 447-1950

Multi-Media Technologies 1855 Intertech Dr. St. Louis, MO 63026 (314) 349-4444 (800) 866-8584

Multi-Video Services, Inc. 24 Depot Square Tuckahoe, NY 10707 (914) 961-4200 (800) 959-MVSI

MultiLink, Inc. 6 Riverside Dr. Andover, MA 01810 (508) 691-2100 (800) 685-9454

Multimedia Communication Systems, Inc. 8707 Skokie Blvd. Skokie, IL 60076 (708) 673-8488

Multimedia Design Corp. 8720n Red Oak Blvd., #404 Charlotte, NC 28217 (704) 523-9493 (800) 921-9493

Multimedia Library 37 Washington Sq. W, #4-D New York, NY 10011 (212) 674-1958 (800) 362-4978

Multimedia PC Marketing Council 1730 M. St. NW, #707 Washington, DC 20036 (202) 331-0494

Musicware 8654 154th Ave. NE Redmond, WA 98052 (206) 881-9797

Mutoh America, Inc. 500 West Algonquin Rd. Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 (708) 952-8880

National Geographic Society Education Services Division 1145 17th St. NW Washington, DC 20036 (202) 857-7378 (800) 368-2728

National Information Center for Educational Media (NICEM) 302 Valverde SW Albuquerque NM 87108 (505) 265-3591 (800) 926-8328

Nautilus/Metatec Corp. 7001 Discovery Blvd. Dublin, OH 43017 (614) 761-2000 (800) 637-3472

Navitar 200 Commerce Dr. Rochester, NY 14623-3589 (716) 359-4000 (800) 828-6778

NBSI 1164 Silverwood Bay St. Paul, MN 55125-8612 (612) 739-5176

NEC Technologies, Inc. Professional Graphics 1255 Michael Dr. Wood Dale, IL 60191 (708) 860-9500 (800) NEC-INFO

NEC Technologies, Inc. Computers & Printers Div. 1414 Massachusetts Ave. Boxborough, MA 01719-2298 (508) 264-8000 (800) NEC-INFO

NEC Technologies, Inc. Portable Systems (notebooks) 110 Rio Robles Ave. San Jose, CA 95134 (408) 433-1380 (800) NEC-INFO

Network Music, Inc. 11021 Via Frontera San Diego, CA 92127 (619) 451-6400 800) 854-2075

Network Technology Corp. 7401-F Fullerton Rd. Springfield, VA 22153 (914) 478-4500

Neumade Products Corp. 200 Connecticut Ave. Norwalk, CT 06856 (203) 866-7600

New Century Education Corp. 220 Old New Brunswick Rd. Piscataway, NJ 08854 (800) 833-NCEC New Media Graphics Corp. 780 Boston Rd. Billerica, MA 01821 (800) 288-2207

New Video Corp. 1526 Cloverfield Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 449-7000

NewTek, Inc. 7836 2nd Ave. South Bloomingon, MN 55420 (800) 368-5441

Nikon Electronic Imaging 1300 Walt Whitman Rd. Melville, NY 11747-3064 (516) 547-4200

Northern Telecom, Inc. Northem Telecom Plaza 200 Athens Way Nashville, TN 37228-1397 (800) NORTHERN

Northgate Computer Systems 141 N. Jonathon Blvd. Chaska, MN 55318-2342 (612) 943-6009

Northpoint Software 2200 West Eleven Mile Rd. Berkley, MI 48072 (313) 543-1770

Nova Office Furniture, Inc. 421 W. Industrial Ave. Effingham, IL 62401 (217) 342-7070 novadesk@rdix,com

NovaCorp Int'l, Inc. 1250 Scottsville Rd., #3 Rochester, NY 14624 (716) 436-5370

Now What Software 2303 Sacramento San Francisco, CA 94115 (415) 885-4080 (800) 322-1954

Ntergaid, Inc. 2490 Black Rock Turnpike, #337 Fairfield, CT 06430 (203) 380-1280 (800) 254-9737

NuReality 2907 Daimler St. Santa Ana, CA 92705 (800) 501-8086

nVIEW Corp. 860 Omni Blvd. Newport News, VA 23606 (804) 873-1354 (800) 736-8439

OEC Systems 4646 North Shallowford Rd. Atlanta, GA 30338-6304 (404) 394-1000 (800) 444-2424

Olympus Image Systems 15271 Barranca Pkwy Irvine, CA 92718-2201 (800) 347-4027

Omnicomp Graphics Corp. 1734 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N. Houston, TX 77043 (713) 464-2990

Opcode Systems, Inc. Opcode Interactive 3950 Fabian Way, #1 00 Palo Alto, CA 94303 (415) 494-1112 (800) 557-2633

Open World Interactive 330 East 70th St. New York, NY 10021 (800) 570-4190

Optibase, Inc. 4006 Beltline Rd., #200 Dallas, TX 75244 (214) 386-2040 (800) 451-5101

Optical Data Corp. School Media Division 30 Technology Dr. Warren, NJ 07059 (908) 668-0022 (800) 524-2481

Optical Disc Corp. 12150 Mora Dr. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (310) 946-3050 (800) 350-3500

Optiral Media Int'l, Inc. CD Express Service Bureau 180 Knowles Dr. Los Gatos, CA 95030 (408) 376-3511 (800) 347-2664

Optilearn, Inc. P.O. Box 997 Stevens Point, WI 54481 (715) 344-6060

Optima Technology Corp. 17526 Von Karman Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 476-0515

OptImage 7185 Vista Dr. West Des Moines, IA 50266 (515) 225-7000 800) 234-5484 info @

Orange Cherry New Media 69 Westchester Ave. Pound Ridge, NY 10576 (800) 672-6002

Orchid Technology 45365 Northport Loop West Fremont, CA 94538 (800) 7-ORCHID

Osborne/McGraw-Hill 2600 Tenth St. Berkeley, CA 94710 (510) 549-6600 (800) 227-0900

Packard Bell Electronics, Inc. 31717 La Tienda Dr. Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 865-1555 (800) 733-5858

Panasonic Audio Video Systems Group One Panasonic Way Secaucus, NJ 07094 (201) 348-9090 (BOO) 524-0864

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. One Panasonic Way Secaucus, NJ 07094 (404) 594-7449 800) 524-0864

Panasonic Communications & Systems Co. Two Panasonic Way Secaucus, NJ 07094 (201) 348-5200 800) 742-8086

Panasonic Off ice Automation Group Two Panasonic Way 7Fl Secaucus, NJ 07094 (201) 392-4603 800) 726-2797

Panasonic Personal Computer Div. Two Panasonic Way Secaucus, NJ 07094 (800) 726-2797

Parallax Graphics 2500 Condensa St. Santa Clara, CA 95051 (408) 727-2220

ParkerVision, Inc. 8493 Baymeadows Way Jacksonville, FL 32256 (904) 737-1367 (800) 532-8034

Passpon Designs, Inc. 1 00 Stone Pine Rd. Halt Moon Bay, CA 94019 (415) 726-0280

Paul Mace Software 400 Williamson Way Ashland, OR 97520 (800) 944-0191

PC Micro Dealers 3042 Remington Baltimore, MD 21211 (301) B89-1000 (800) 448-8892

PCR Personal Computer Rentals 2557 Route 130 Cranbury, NJ 08512 (800) 922-8646

Pentax Technologies Corp. 100 Technology Dr. Broomfield, CO 80021 (303) 460-1600 (800) 543-6144

PERC Interactive Learning 4774 Bogie Rd. Duluth, GA 30136 (800) 822-7372

Performance Sotfware, Inc. 100 Shield St. West Hartford, CT 06110 (800) 348-1377

Peripheral Land, Inc. 47421 Bayside Pkwy. Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 657-2211 (800) 288-8754

Philips Professional Products 2200 Sutherland Ave., #1 00 Knoxville, TN 37919 (615) 541-4820 (800) 223-4432

Philips Interactive Media 10960 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 444-6600 (800) 340-7888

Philips Professional Publishing Int'l 4820 Riverbend Rd., #200 Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 440-0669

Phonic Ear 3880 Cypress Dr. Petaluma, CA 94954-7600 (707) 769-1110

Physics Academic Software North Carolina State University Box 8202, Dept. of Physics Raleigh, NC 27695-8202 (919) 515-7059 (800) 955-TASL

PICS, Project for Int'l Communication Studies University of Iowa 270 International Center Iowa City, IA 52242-1802 (319) 335-2335 (800) 373-PICS

PictureTel Corp. 222 Rosewood Dr. Danvers, MA 01 923 (508) 762-5000

Pierian Spring Software 5200 S.W. Macadam Ave., #570 Portland, OR 97201 (503) 222-2044 (BOO) 472-8578 74220.2446@compuserve

Pinnacle Micro 19 Technology Dr. Irvine, CA 92718 (714) 727-3300

Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. 2265 East 220th St. Long Beach, CA 90801 (310) 952-2111 (800) LASER-ON

Pixar 1001 West Cuting Blvd. Richmond, CA 94804 (510) 236-4000

PixelCraft, Inc. 130 Doolittle Dr. San Leandro, CA 94577 (800) 933-0330

PIXL Laboratories 4225 Phil Niekro Pkwy., #107 Norcross, GA 30093 (404) 717-9955

Plasmon Data Systems, Inc. 1654 Centre Point Dr. Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 956-9400

PLEXTOR Corp. 4255 Burton Dr. Santa Clara, CA 95054 (800) 475-3986

Polaroid Corp. Electronic Imaging 565 Technology Square Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 386-2000 (800) 816-2611

Portacom Technologies, Inc. 335 Bryant St. Palo Alto, CA 94301-1408 (415) 390-8507

Power Engineering Computers 717 Wood St. Albany, KY 42602 (800) 874-1795

Power R, Inc. 1606 Dexter Ave. North Seattle, WA 98109 (206) 547-8000 (800) 729-6970

Prentice Hall Multimedia Group 113 Sylvan Ave., Rte. 9 Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 (800) 887-9998

Presenta Technologies Corp. 12806 Schabarum Ave., #F Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 960-0420 (800) 675-8626

Presentation Electronics, Inc. 4320 Anthony Ct., #1 Rocklin, CA 95677-21 00 (916) 652-9281 (800) 888-9281

Prima Storage Solutions 3350 Scott Blvd., Bldg. 7 Santa Clara, CA 95054-9961 (800) 288-TAPE

Procom Technology, Inc. 2181 Dupont Dr. Irvine, CA 92715 (714) 852-1000 (800) 800-8600

ProMEDIA Technologies, Inc. 1540 Market St., #425 San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 621-1399

Prosonus 2820 Honolulu Ave., #268 Verdugo Cig, CA 91046 (800) 999-6191

Proxima Corp. 9440 Carroll Park Dr. San Diego, CA 92121 (619) 457-5500 (800) 447-7694

PWS Publishing Co. 20 Park Plaza Boston, MA 02116 (617) 542-3377

Pyramid Film & Video 2801 Colorado Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 828-7577 800) 421-2304

Q*Media Software Corp. 312 E. 5th Ave Vancouver, BC V5T 1H4 (604) 879-1190 (800) 444-9356

QMS Inc. One Magnum Pass P.O. Box 850296 Mobile, AL 36685-0296 (800) 235-0782

Quality Computers, Inc. 20200 Nine Mile Rd. St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 (313) 774-7200 (800) 777-3642

Que Education and Training 201 W. 103rd St. Indianapolis, IN 46290-1097 800) 428-5331

Radius, Inc. 1710 Fortune Drive San Jose, CA 95131 (408) 434-1010 (800) 452-5524

Rainbow Educational Media 170 Keyland Court Bohemia, NY 11716 (800) 3314047

Rand McNally New Media 8255 N. Central Park Skokie, IL 60076 (800) 671-5006

Randolph Educational Services 390 Route 10 Randolph, NJ 07869 (201) 328-1512 (800) WOW-WORDS

Random House Reference Electronic Publishing 201 E. 50th St. New York, NY 10022 (410) 848-1900 (800) 733-3000

RasterOps Corp. 2500 Walsh Ave. Santa Clara, CA 95051 (800) SAY-COLOR

RCET, Inc. 13480 S. Outer Forty Rd., #101 Chesterfield, MO 63017 (314) 851-0085

Redlake Corp. 15005 Concord Circle Morgan Hill, CA 95307 (408) 779-6464

Reed Technology Information Services, Inc. *formerly OnLine Computer Systems) Commercial Division 20251 Century Blvd. Germantown, MD 20874 (301) 428-3700 (800) 832-2722

Research Publications Int'l 12 Lunar Dr. Woodbridge, CT 06525 (203) 397-2600 (800) 444-0799

Revered Technology, Inc. (RTI) 4750 Calle Quetzal Camarillo, CA 93012 (805) 445-6655 (800) 220-8919

Rexham Presentation 28 Gaylord St. South Hadley, MA 01075 (800) 628-8604

RGB Spectrum 950 Marina Village Pkwy. Alameda, CA 94501 (510) 814-7000

Ricoh Corp. File Products Div. 5150 El Camino Real, #C-20 Los Altos, CA 94022 (415) 962-0443 (800) 955-FILE

Ridgewood Software P.O. Box 409 Glenview, IL 60025 (708) 272-7559 (800) 243-4724

RISO, Inc. 300 Rosewood Dr., #210 Danvers, MA 01923 (508) 777-7377 (800) 876-7476

Robed McNeel & Associates 3670 Woodland Park Ave. N Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 545-7000

Robotel 375 Mac Adhur Dr. Buffalo, NY 14221 (716) 633-5910 (800) 333-4322

Roger Wagner Publishing 1050 Pioneer Way, #P El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0522 (800) 448-4797

Roland Corp. 7200 Dominion Circle Los Angeles, CA 90040-3696 (213) 685-5141

Roth Publishing, Inc. 185 Great Neck Rd. Great Neck, NY 11021 (516) 466-3676 800) 899-ROTH 74642.3471 @compuserve

Sampson MIDI Source P.O. Box 550363 Dallas, TX 75355-0363 (214) 328-2730

Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Inc. 40 Seaview Dr. Secaucus, NJ 07094 (201) 902-0347, Ext. 21

Sanctuary Woods 1825 S. Grant St, #410 San Mateo, CA 94402 (415) 286-6000

Sandy Enterprises, Inc. P.O. Box 1 East Northport, NY 11 731 (516) 266-5767

Sanyo 21350 Lassen St. Chatsworth, CA 91311 (818) 998-7322

Sanyo Industrial Video Division 1200 W. Anesia Blvd. Compton, CA 90220 (310) 605-6527

Satellite Educational Resources Consortium (SERC) P.O. Box 50008 Columbia, SC 29250 (803) 252-2782 (800) 476-5001

Sayett Technology, Inc. 17 Tobey Village Office Park Pittsford, NY 14534 (716) 264-9265 (800) 678-7469

Scala, Inc. 2323 Horse Pen Rd., #202 Herndon, VA 22071 (703) 713-0900

Scenario, Inc. 3 Bridge St., First Floor Newton, MA 02158 (617) 965-6458

Science For Kids Box 519 Lewisville, NC 27023 (910) 945-9000 (800) 572-4362

Scienta, Inc. 657A Somerville Ave. Somerville, MA 02143 (617) 776-3427 (800) 453-4725

ScottForesman 1900 E. Lake Ave. Glenview, IL 60025 (708) 729-3000 (800) 554-4411

Script Media 115 Metropolitan Dr. Liverpool, NY 13088 (315) 451-1622

Sense Interactive 1412 W. Alabama Houston, TX 77006 (713) 523-5757 (800) 75-SENSE

Sharp Electronics Corp. Professional LCD Products Div. Sharp Plaza Mahwah, NJ 07430-2135 (201) 529-8731 (800) BE-SHARP

Sharp Electronics Corp. Computer Products Div. Sharp Plaza Mahwah, NJ 07430-2135 (201) 529-0353 (800) BE-SHARP

Shipley Associates 390 Noah Main Bountiful, UT 84011-0460 (801) 299-4700

Shure Brothers, Inc. 299 Hartrey Ave. Evanston, IL 60202 (708) 866-2200 (800) 44-SHURE

Sigma Designs, Inc. 46501 Landing Pkwy. Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 770-0100 (800) 845-8086

Sign Enhancers 1320 Edgewater St. NW, #B10 Salem, OR 97304 (503) 370-9721 (800) 767-4461

Silicon Graphics, Inc. 2011 North Shoreline Blvd. Mountain View, CA 94039 (415) 960-1980

SilverPlatter Information Systems 4660 Kenmore Ave., #1018 Alexandria, VA 22304 (703) 823-0553 (800) 343-0064

Simon & Schuster Interactive 1230 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020 (212) 698-7000 (800) 983-5333

Smartek Software 2223 Avenida De la Playa, #208 La Joila, CA 92037 (619) 456-5064 (800) 858-9673

SMART Technologies, Inc. 1177 11 Ave. SW, #600 Calgary, Alberta T2R 1K9 (403) 245-0333

Smith System Mfg. Co. P.O. Box 860415 Plano, TX 75086 (214) 424-6591 (800) 328-1061

Society for Visual Education 6677 N. Northwest Hwy. Chicago, IL 60631 (800) 829-1900

Software Man, Inc. 3933 Steck Ave., #B115 Austin, TX 78759-8648 (512) 346-7887

SOLEIL Software, Inc. 3853 Grove Court Palo Alto, CA 94303 (415) 494-0114

Sony Electronics, Inc. Sony Interactive/Education BPPG 3 Paragon Dr. Montvale, NJ 07645 (201) 930-1000 (800) 472-SONY

Sony Electronics, Inc. Videoconforenciny BPPG 1 Sony Dr. Park Ridge, NJ 07656 (201) 930-1000 (800) 472-SONY

Sony Electronics, Inc. Computer Peripherals Products Co. 3300 Zanker Rd. San Jose, CA 95134 (408) 894-0555 (800) 352-7669

Sound Minds Technology 1600 Dell Ave., #5 Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 374-7070

Sparrowhawk Solutions, Ltd. 6395 Black Water Trail Atlanta, GA 30328-2756 (800) 779-5166

SPECOM Technologies Corp. 3673 Enochs St. Santa Clara, CA 95051 (408) 736-7832

Spectrum Industries, Inc. 1600 Johnson Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 (715) 723-7494 800) 235-1262

SPRY, Inc. 316 Occidental Ave. South Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 447-0300 800) 777-9638

Starlight Networks 325 E. Middlefield Rd. Mountain View, CA 94043 (415) 967-2774

Starpress Multimedia 303 Sacramento St., 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 941 11 (415) 274-8383

STB Systems, Inc. 1651 N. Glenville Richardson, TX 75081 (800) 234-4334

Steck-Vaughn Co. P.O. Box 26015 Austin, TX 78755 (800) 531-5015

Stokes Imaging Services 7000 Cameron Rd. Austin, TX 78752 (512) 458-2201

Strategic Training 6 Robin Rd. Rumsen, NJ 07760-1829 (908) 530-0035 (800) 872-4690

StrayLight Corp. 150 Mount Bethel Rd. Warren, NJ 07059 (908) 580-0086

Studio Magic Corp. 1690 Dell Ave. Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 378-3672

Sumeria, Inc. 329 Bryant St, #3D San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 904-0800

Sun Microsystems, Inc. 2550 Garcia Ave. MS MTV 2341 Mountain View, CA 94043 (415) 960-1300

Sunburst/WINGS for Learning 101 Castleton St. Pleasantville, NY 10570 (800) 321-7511

SuperMac Technology 485 Potrero Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (800) 334-3005

SWL, Inc. Multimedia Products Div. 5383 Hollister Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 931 11 (805) 964-7724 (800) 933-5383

SyDOS 6501 Park of Commerce Blvd., #110 Boca Raton, FL 33487 (407) 998-5400 (800) 43 SYDOS

Syquest Technology 47071 Bayside Parkway Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 226-4000

Syracuse Language Systems 719 E. Genesee St. Syracuse, NY 13210 (315) 478-6729 (800) 688-1937

TAC Systems 1031 Putnam St., #A Huntsville, AL 35816 (205) 721-1976

Tallgrass Systems, Ltd. 15221 S. Lagrange Rd. Orland Park, IL 60462 (708) 349-2212 800) 475-3434

Tandberg Data, Inc. 2685 Park Center Dr. Simi Valley, CA 93065-6211 (800) 826-3237

Tandberg Educational, Inc. Orchard Ridge Corp. Park, Building 2 Fields Lane Brewster, NY 10509 (914) 277-3320 (800) 367-1137

TAO, Inc. P.O. Box 912 Topanga, CA 90290 (310) 455-1711

Target Vision 1160K Pittsford-Victor Rd. Pittsford, NY 14534 (800) 724-4044

TEAC America, Inc. Recordable Videodisc Products 7733 Telegraph Rd. Montebello, CA 90640 (213) 726-0303 (800) 888-4X-CD

TECH Electronics, Inc. 6420 Atlantic Blvd., #100 Norcross, GA 30071 (404) 446-1416

Technidisc, Inc. 2250 Meijer Dr. Troy, MI 48084-7111 (313) 435-8540 (800) 727-8700

Technology Applications Group 675 E. Big Beaver Rd., #207 Troy, MI 48083 (313) 689-8600 (800) 659-5214

Techware P.O. Box 151085 Altamonte Springs, FL 32715 (407) 695-9000 (800) 347-3224

Tektronix Graphics Printing & Imaging 26600 S.W. Pkwy. Wilsonville, OR 97070 (800) 835-6100

Teleconferencing Technologies, inc. 1240 Cobblestone Way Woodstock, IL 60098-5206 (815) 338-2300 (800) 544-8755

Telebyte Technology, Inc. 270 East Pulaski Rd. Greenlawn, NY 11740 (516) 423-3232 (800) 835-3298

Television Associates, Inc. 241 0 Charleston Rd. Mountain View, CA 94043 (415) 967-6040

Telex Communications, Inc. 9600 Aldrich Ave. South Minneapolis, MN 55420 (612) 884-4051 (800) 828-6107

Tesco Research, Inc. P.O. Box 71953 Marietta, GA 30007-1953 (404) 579-9783 (800) 975-2946

Texas Caviar 3933 Steck Ave., #B115 Austin, TX 7875-8648 (800) 648-1719

Texas Learning Technology Group (TLTG) 7703 North Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78752 (512) 467-0222 (800) 866-8582

The Douglas Stewart Co. Computer Products 2402 Advance Rd. Madison, WI 53704 (608) 221-1155 (800) 279-2003

The Follett Software Co. 1391 Corporate Dr. McHenry, IL 60050-7041 (815) 344-8700 (800) 323-3397

The Great Media Company P.O. Box 598 Nicasio, CA 94946 (415) 662-2426

The Highsmith Co., Inc. W5527 Hwy., #106 Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 (414) 563-9571 (800) 558-2110

The Learning Team 1 0 Long Pond Rd. Armonk, NY 10504 (914) 273-2226 (800) 793-TEAM

The Special Kids Company P.O. Box 462 Muskego, WI 53150 (414) 679-3410 (800) KIDS-153

The Voyager Co. 578 Broadway, #406 New York, NY 1001 2 (212) 431-5199 (800) 446-2001

ThinkWare Corp. 345 4th St. San Francisco, CA 94107 (800) 369-6191

TiltRac Corp. 3353 Earhart Dr., #212 Carrollton, TX 75006L (214) 980-6991 (800) 601-6991

Tomorrow's Technology Today (TT2D) 1740 Oak Grove Dr. Redwood Valley, CA 95470 (800) 900-8009

Toshiba Amerira, Inc Disk Products Division 9740 Irvine Blvd. Irvine, CA 92718 (714) 583-3000

Toshiba America, Inc Consumer Products 1 01 0 Johnson Dr. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 (708) 541-9400 (800) 253-5429

Toshiba Video Systems 82 Totowa Rd. Wayne, NJ 07470 (201) 628-8000 Ext. 3750

Total Multimedia 299 W. Hillcrest Dr., #200 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (805) 371-0500

TouchNet Information Systems, Inc. 15520 College Blvd. Lenexa, KS 66219 (913) 599-6699 (800) 869-8329

TouchVision Systems, Inc. 1800 Winnemac Ave. Chicago, IL 60640 (312) 989-2160 (800) 8DVISION

Trellis Communications Corp. 592 Harvey Rd. Manchester, NH 03103 (603) 668-1213

Tripp Lite 500 N. Orleans Chicago, IL 60610-4188 (312) 329-1777

Troll Touch 25020 W. Stantord Ave. Valencia, CA 91355 (805) 295-0770

Truevision, Inc. 7340 Shadeland Station Indianapolis, IN 46256-3925 (317) 841-0332 (800) 344-8783

Turtle Beach Systems 52 Grumbacher Rd. York, PA 17402 (717) 767-0200 (800) 645-5640

Twelve Tone Systems P.O. Box 760 Watertown, MA 02272-0760 (617) 926-2480 (800) 234-1171

ULead Systems, Inc. 970 W. 190th St., #520 Torrance, CA 90502 (310) 523-9393

Univenture, Inc. P.O. Box 570 Dublin, OH 43017 (614) 761-2669 (800) 992-8262

Universal Four-Pair, Inc. 11420 Bluegrass Pkwy. Louisville, KY 40299 (502) 266-9901

ViaGrafix Corp. 5 South Vann St. Pryor, OK 74361 (918) 825-6700 (800) 842-4723 77774.3504@compuserve

Vicarious Entertainment 2221 Broadway, #205 Redwood City, CA 94063 (415) 261-1900

Video Associates Labs, Inc. 4926 Spicewood Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78759-B434 (800) 331-0547

Video/Film Associates 1020 Fitzwater St. Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 923-0105

Videodiscovery, Inc. 1700 Westlake Ave. N., #600 Seattle, WA 98109-3012 (206) 285-5400 (800) 548-3472

VideoFusion, Inc. 1722 Indian Wood Circle, #H Maumee, OH 43537 (419) 891-1090 (800) 638-5253

VideoLabs, Inc. 10925 Bren Rd. East Minneapolis, MN 55343 (612) 988-0055

Videolinx, Inc. 540 N. Santa Cruz Ave., #284 Los Gatos, CA 95030 (800) 245-0930

VideoLogic, Inc. 1001 Bayhill Dr., #310 San Bruno, CA 94066 (800) 245-8587

Videomail, Inc. 568-4 Weddell Dr. Sunnyvale, CA 94089 (408) 747-0223

Videomedia, Inc. 175 Lewis Rd., 423 San Jose, CA 951 11 (408) 227-9977 (800) YES-VLAN

Videonics, Inc. 1370 Dell Ave. Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 866-8300 (800) 338-EDIT

ViewSonic 20480 E. Business Pkwy. Walnut, CA 91789 (909) 869-7976 (800) 888-8383

Virtual Entertainment 200 Highland Ave. Needham, MA 02194 (617) 449-7567

Virtual Reality Labs, Inc. 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (805) 781-2254

Virtus Corp. 118 MacKenan Dr., #250 Cary, NC 27511 (919) 467-9700 (800) 847-8871

Visage, Inc. 1881 Worcester Rd. Framingham, MA 01701 (508) 620-7100

Vision Imaging 10231 Slater Ave., #112 Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 965-7122

Visionetics International 21311 Hawthorne Blvd., #235 Torrance, CA 90503 (213) 316-7940

Vision River PO Box 451148 Atlanta, GA 31145 (404) 394-1000

Visual Software, Inc. 21731 Ventura Blvd., #31 0 Woodland, CA 91364 (818) 883-7900 (800) 669-7318

Vividus Corp. 651 Kendall Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94306 (415) 321-2111

Vocaltec, Inc. 157 Veterans Dr. Northvale, NJ 07647 (201) 768-9400

VTAE One Foundation Circle Waunakee, WI 53597-8914 (608) 849-2424 (800) 821-6313

VTEL Corp. 108 Wild Basin Rd. Austin, TX 78746 (512) 314-2700 (800) 856-VTEL

Waite Group Press 200 Tamal Plaza Cone Madera, CA 94925 (415) 924-2575

Walnut Creek CDROM 4041 Pike Lane, #D Concord, CA 94520 (510) 674-0783 (800) 786-9907

Walt Disney Software 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 (818) 841-3326

Warner New Media 3500 W. Olive Ave., #1050 Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 955-9999 (800) 593-6334

Warren-Forthought, Inc. 1212 N. Zalasco Angleton, TX 77515 (409) 849-1239

Wave Technologies Training 11 West Port Plaza Dr. St. Louis, MO 63146 (800) 828-2050

Wayzata Technology, Inc. 2515 East Highway 2 Grand Rapids, MN 55744 (218) 326-0597 (800) 735-7321

Westwind Media RR#5, Box 5833 Lake Ariel, PA 18436 (717) 937-3000

Wilson Learning Corp. Wilson Learning Multimedia 7500 Flying Cloud Dr. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 (800) 247-7332

WordPerfect Corp. WordPerfect Main Street 1555 N. Technology Way Orem, UT 84057 (800) 451-5151

World Book Educational Products 101 Northwest Point Blvd. Elk Grove, Village, IL 60007 800) 433-6580

World Library, Inc. 2809 Main St. Irvine, CA 92714 (714) 756-9500

Xing Technology Corp. 1540 West Branch St. Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 800) 294-6448

XYXIS Corp. P.O. Box 8156 St. Paul, MN 55108 (612) 378-2464

Yamaha Technology Division 100 Century Center Ct., #800 San Jose, CA 95112 (800) 543-7457

Young Minds, Inc. 191 0 Orange Tree Lane, #300 Redlands, CA 92374 (800) 964-4964

ZeenoMation Multimedia Inc. 200-307 West Broadway Vancourver, BC V5S 3K3 (604) 876-8333

Zenger Media 10200 Jefferson Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 (800) 421-4246

Zenith Data Systems 2150 E. Lake Cook Rd. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 (708) 808-5000 (800) 582-0524

Zero Stantron Cabinets 12224 Montague St. Pacoima, CA 91331 (800) 821-0019

Ztek Co. P.O. Box 1055 Louisville, KY 40201-1055 (502) 584-8505 (800) 247-1603
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Title Annotation:Supplement to T.H.E. Journal
Publication:T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)
Article Type:Buyers Guide
Date:May 1, 1995
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