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Multigrid finite element methods for electromagnetic field modeling.


Multigrid finite element methods for electromagnetic field modeling.

Zhu, Yu and Andreas C. Cangellaris.

Wiley-IEEE Press


408 pages



IEEE Press series on electromagnetic wave theory


Senior consultant Zhu and Cangellaris (electrical and computer engineering, U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne) use concepts from multigrid and multilevel methods for the effective preconditioning of matrices resulting from the approximation of electromagnetic boundary value problems (BVPs) using finite methods. As they simultaneously cover a new computer-aided design technology and give applications, they describe hierarchical basis functions for triangles and tetrahedra, finite element formulations of electromagnetic BVPs, iterative methods, preconditioners, the multigrid, the nested multigrid preconditioner, the nested multigrid vector and scalar potential preconditioner, hierarchical multilevel and hybrid potential preconditioners, Eigenvalue analysis (Krylov-subspace based, two-dimensional analysis of waveguides and three-dimensional analysis of resonators), model order reduction of electromagnetic systems, and finite element analysis of periodic structures. They include a handy appendix on identities and theorems from vector calculus.

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